Thursday, February 4, 2016

Great to be 8

Tucker turned 8!  We also kept the day light, he mostly just wanted to play his new Disney Infinity game but we did go to breakfast before Sam went to work and then had cake when Sam got home.  Tucker was also very adamant that he wanted Five Guys for dinner, so a few us were willing to oblige!  We also did a little photo shoot to use on his baptism invitation.

Monday, February 1, 2016

New Years Babe

Jordan had sort of a low key birthday this year. Since he went to the dance, we didn't do his gifts at midnight that night.  That morning he was most surprised to open his gift of tickets to see Brian Regan, one of his favorite comedians, I think you can see in his face how excited he was.  He was expected to get a new iphone 5 (to be used as an ipod) and since he knew that was a big gift, I don't think he was expecting much more so it was a fun surprise.  Sam did wrap up the ipod several times to throw him off and he had fun going through the layers!  He said he wanted steak for his birthday meal and decided that Sizzler would work so we all headed there for lunch and then he had a few friends over for games.  He wanted to do some strategy games first so he had the boys come earlier for that but not the girls who would be a distraction for those kind of games and then invited the girls after for some party type games.  One of their friends has the same birthday as him so he was able to celebrate with her too.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Mini Golf day

This is reverse order, it was New Year's Eve Eve, the night ended with Brady and Jordan and their friends going to Scandia for a youth dance, but first they met at the church to ride together where they took this picture that I stole from Josh's Instagram and then In 'N Out and then mini golf and rides at the "dance."  Earlier that day we also went miniature golfing.  When your friend says they have free passes that are expiring the next day, you can't turn that down and Tucker was too young to even remember the last time we miniature golfed so it was like a first to him, I think he had fun.  Everyone had friends so that's always nice!

The boys took off on a different course than us and managed to go through two different courses in the time it took us to do one with the younger kids and of course there were 6 of us to their 4.  We didn't keep score, just had fun trying and Eden nailed 3 or 4 holes in one!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Kory and Crystal

As soon as we finished opening presents on Christmas morning, had breakfast and cleaned up we headed off to Arizona.  The kids were a little disappointed to not get to play with their new toys, even though Eden took half of hers in the car with her, but it gave them something to look forward to when we got home.  We headed to AZ for Sam's cousin's wedding.  There was an open house that night before at his aunt and uncle's house for the family and friends to get to meet Crystal and they had a hot chocolate bar and gelato.  The kids loved the gelato, but I stuck to the hot chocolate and the fire because it was freezing outside but it was fun to get to visit with everyone and also to spend some extra time with Sam's sisters and their family and his parents!  The next day we went to a candy store, lunch and then their wedding at the Gilbert temple and it was so neat to be a part of it.  That evening we headed to a very fancy, formal reception that was beautiful and got to know her family a little better and we feel like they are family all ready!  It was a great dinner and I got to dance with Sam and Eli and visit with his aunts and uncles.  They had these Macaroons and other little treats that looked amazing and were all made by the bride's father.  Her family was from Brazil and her cute grandfather gave a speech that made us all feel welcome.  I loved all the appetizers and getting to dress up too and especially her beautiful dress for the reception that was made by her mom and hand beaded with tons of Swarovski crystals.   I've stolen most of these pictures from other people mostly so you can see the dress!

Of course the kids were back with the cousins and they had a great time together, these two were excited to see that they got the exact same pajamas for Christmas.

There were a lot of new blankets to go around for Christmas so these kids made up a blanket sliding game on the Kitchen's new floor along with other games!

Now back to wedding pictures, open house pictures and random pictures from Sam's phone

Sam probably shouldn't hand the phone to his sister to take pictures after he has been teasing her or this is what you'll get, but of course she did get some good ones as well.