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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

We had a nice Christmas day!  Jordan displayed his poncho that he got from his grandparents and Eden showing her soccer barbie along with her pajamas from Tucker and her ballet skirt from Santa.

Tucker and Kolby set to work on Tucker's lego sets right away!
Eden loved her dance bar that dad made and I painted!

They were ready to come down the stairs!

Tucker loves his new robe!

I think they enjoyed the signs I made talking about what we love about them.

We saved the Santa presents for last this year. Tucker was surprised that Santa knew he wanted the little superhero toys.
Kolby always gives the best reaction like he did here when he saw his 2DS, I didn't get a picture of Jordan opening his GoPro.
Brady was completely shocked and excited to get a laptop.
I sent Sam on a scavenger hunt for his big present....first stop was the car.

It was a great Christmas!

Christmas Eve 2014

I was a little sad coming up on Christmas Eve realizing that we didn't have any other people to be with.  We haven't always had family around, but in the past we always had friends that were like family but we just haven't had that down here.  I wanted to go to the beach of somewhere fun but Sam had been so busy with work that we just stayed home.  Instead we played games and watched a Christmas movie and acted out the nativity together and it turned out to be a really nice day. We started out with the intention of letting each kid take a turn at choosing a game but we only made it to 2 or 3 games if you count Heads Up.  Tucker chose Bubble Talk and Eden chose Life.

We had some of our traditional Christmas Eve Food, Italian Sausage sandwiches, deviled eggs and we made pickle dip instead of other dips that only Sam would've eaten!  

Sam also made some Sfinci's and we enjoyed some Stephen's Mint Hot Chocolate!

Of course we opened our pajamas with a very obvious theme.....

....and ornaments!

Tucker got a swimming ornament because he got over his fear of the water this year and became a full swimming, loving the water!

Eden got a microphone because of her voice lessons and singing performance this year and her obvious love of hearing her own voice!
Kolby's is a kitchenaid mixer because he discovered that he loves to bake and many Sunday afternoons were spent mixing cookie dough in the mixer!

Jordan's computer screen represents his non-stop chatting of all things related to his computer class and his favorite teacher. He really has found a true passion!

Brady's BYU ornament is for his first year at EFY on the BYU campus.

Sam's is a boat for cruise ships

The family has a whale for all the Sea World trips.

There were also some bowling ones for the kids this year because we spent so much of the summer at the bowling alley.