Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday- 1997

Monday, April 14, 2014

Passing Notes...

I was in a PTA meeting putting together some jog-a-thon stuff and Tucker came and stuck this sweet little note in my hand and ran away....

Saturday, April 12, 2014

SeaWorld Take 2

We had another fun day with the Kitchens at SeaWorld.  We got to see a few of the things we didn't make it to last time and a few of the favorites over again.  The older kids were off on their own going on rides most of the time and the little kids would've been content to stay in the play area all day but also got in their requested shows!

The kids had fun experiencing the dolphins but Tucker couldn't reach to touch in time and was pretty sad about that.
These two asked me to take their picture while we waited for a show!
We waited a long time to go on these "sky buckets" and Tucker was a little afraid right at first but then he loved it!  If you notice their foreheads, I taught them to put their hand on their head after we got our stamp to go out and eat our picnic lunch.

It was a nice day and then we stopped by for a nice visit with Grandma Borgia on our way home!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Snips and Snails...

Nicki and her kids came to town for another visit last month and as usual we all had a great time!  The kids all love to spend time on the big hill when they come and Courtney always enlists everyone's help in gathering snails!  They gathered this whole little wagon full and were quite proud of themselves.
The kids also love it when their cousins come to church with them.  I just took this quick picture when the first group of us was ready and waiting for everyone else!


Kolby stayed home sick a couple of days last month. On the second day when he was starting to feel a little better, he said he felt like having croutons so I looked up a recipe for him and he made them for himself for lunch!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Daddy Daughter

Eden always loves to do a little photo shoot before the Daddy Daughter Dance, I only wish I had pulled out the real camera instead of my phone!  She only decided to go last minute, Sam was going to be home late and their was a church Stake Activity Day she was going to go to instead, but on the day of the dance when she heard everyone talking about it, she changed her mind and even though her dad was very tired from a long day, he agreed to take her and they had a good time.

Friday, April 4, 2014


If you ask Eden what she loves she will either say soccer or singing.  I found this voice class at the Fender museum and she was able to get in the low cost spot.  She had been waiting for over a year to get in and was so excited to go to class.  It didn't turn out to be exactly what I expected, she didn't learn much but she did have fun singing and got to sing two songs at her performance. Her favorite was Roar and she practiced all the time, much to her brothers' dismay.  

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Blue & Gold Again

I'm supposed to be done with Blue and Gold dinners for a while since I no longer have a cub scout but Sam is the cubmaster and I am the primary counselor over scouts so we still get to be there! I went to the church earlier in the day to help set-up and Tucker and his friends had fun playing with the pretend fire. I snagged the other two pictures from other people and obviously my older boys did not mind still being at a cub scout activity, especially because there is food and friends involved!

Friday, March 28, 2014

School Daze

Tucker usually does his journal on his own now so it's fun to take a look every once in a while and see what he has written.  The first one says "I played Uno with my family. I wan (won). It is a fun game. And I was just really impressed with his elephant drawing in this other one.
Jordan spent a good 20+ hours on this boxcar derby project for PE.  This still isn't finished, it is a water bottle that still needs a label but I didn't get a final picture since his friend finished it off and took it to school.  They had to do something that related to health and then Jordan sat inside it while his friend pushed him on a little cart.
More awards pictures, Kolby got Math and Language awards along with his highest honor award for straight A's and Tucker was student of the month.
The kindergarten had a boxcar derby during their transportation unit.   I was happy to already have this bus that he and Kolby made a few months ago and almost all the other cars were much more involved but he didn't seem to care, the only thing he said is "my car is smaller than all the other cars."
Brady and Jordan both got "Distinguished Honors" awards for their straight A's at the middle school.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, March 24, 2014

Valentine Spam

In the 10 years I've had kids in school, this is the first time we've had to do a Valentine box.  Tucker liked the idea of having the kids feed him Valentine's so this is what we came up with.

We ad the usual Valentine's and candy hearts on the table when the kids came down.  I also had the cookies with their name because there was a YW from the ward selling them as a fundraiser.  Eden was happy to let me put a heart in her hair this year and the kids enjoyed the strawberries and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
It was my turn to plan our Valentine date which we usually do on another night but this year the only night that worked was that night so in the morning I gave Sam this note but didn't tell him what we would be doing:
it says:
 Hear Ye, Hear Ye 

You are hereby invited this evening to King Arthur's royal feast in Camelot!

Before it begins, feel free to enjoy the knights and as many "ni" as you wish to enjoy and load up your "coconut" with the liquid of "the Lady of the Lake"

As for the feast, we will start with the "not dead yet" and "animal food trough" accompanied by some "lovely filth" along with the option of some "crunchy frog"

We will then move on to the next course with some lovely smelling "elderberries" and "shrubbery" (if you want) that also comes with "a dead parrot"

Make sure you save room for the next course, as you enjoy some "cheese soup" along with "an African Swallow" and the ever popular "Spam".

Finally, you have the option to finish it off with some "wafer" "thin mints" or maybe "she turned me into a newt"

Please join us for this feast....on Second thought, let's not go to Camelot it is a silly place! (report in later for the new location!) And remember, this is supposed to be a happy occasion, let's not bicker and argue about who killed who!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I was able to be at the beginning of Tucker's Valentine party at school because I was doing the kindergarten folders anyway.  He always wants me to do "centers" so he was happy I was there for a few minutes.
We decided to do this fun little Valentine for the grandparents this year.  I thought it turned out pretty cute!
Sam was working late so I knew we wouldn't have time to go out to eat.  All the food on the scroll meant something and we ate in the parking lot outside the play I surprised him with, Spamalot!  He was so excited.  It was too dark to get any good pictures but I had to have something to remember what we did (and we never actually opened the spam, I just had to have it there)!