Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunnyvale and around

Sam's grandma probably doesn't have a lot of time left on this earth so he and his sisters wanted to make sure and get a trip up there to see her.  They also stopped at Pixar to meet up with Mckay and have a tour and then met up with their parents for lunch and to see some of their old stomping grounds in Palo Alto.   Then of course they had a nice visit with their grandparents.  Sam said she wasn't able to communicate much but she did smile every once in a while when they told stories and they were all able to go on a walk. They also got to see some cousins and aunts and uncles and they made a stop at their Grandpa Borgia's grave.  These are all the pictures I got between the three of them.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer arrived!

At the beginning of summer we had Kyren with us unexpectedly for a few days.  Eden especially loved having her older girl cousin around! One thing Kyren really wanted to do was go to the beach on a day that was actually sunny so we headed to Balboa!  You can see how excited she was in the picture above.
We brought along the boys friend Josh and they got to work on building something!

We tried to take some jumping pictures, I wasn't very good at that!

Tucker avoided the water as usual, but at the end he finally decided the bribe of a new toy was worth the risk of putting his foot in.  He walked out there holding tight to my hand and eventually made it there and even stood for a few minutes.  He has decided that he will be brave this summer and after the first day of screaming at swim lessons, he finally relented and by the last day he was loving it, doing cannon balls over and over again into the water!  I'm just happy that this summer he will finally touch water!

I got fried at the beach, I did start putting sunscreen on but then got distracted with one of the kids and never finished my face, plus I forgot and pulled up my capri leg a little higher and got a nice burn stripe under each of my knees!

The next day we took Kyren to the Long Beach airport it was a long day in the car with all the traffic too and from, but it was nice to stop and enjoy some In-N-Out!  We are glad we got to spend some time with Kyren even if it wasn't very long and we didn't have a chance to plan a lot of fun things...next time will be even more fun!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Book time

We were trying to unpack the books but it took a long time because they had to stop and read so many things, they especially enjoyed looking through our old yearbooks.  Tucker also discovered the Magic Treehouse books and hasn't been able to put the down.  He started one night and first thing the next morning he came to me to read it to me!

I love spying my kids reading all over the house!

Monday, July 14, 2014


On the same day as the kindergarten promotion, we also had 6th grade and 8th grade promotions.  It was a busy day but we are proud of all that these kids have accomplished and the good friends they have surrounded themselves with! Kolby also received a few extra awards that day, the Presidential award and he was chosen as the recipient of another special award for being a good student and person and he got the Kiwanis certificate for service.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kinder happenings

Kindergarten also makes a big deal about promotion so they had a busy month too.  I didn't make the water party because it was right after we moved but a friend took these and it looks like Tucker had a lot of fun with his friends!

I really should have brought the good camera to these events, but this is all I have.  Tucker is next to his friend Mackenzie who he has pretty much been next to all year!  The sang some really cute songs and I bawled, it was hard to think this was my last little one finishing up kindergarten.  He also had the sweetest teacher and so many good little friends!