Friday, September 28, 2007

adventures in parenthood

Since we moved, the boys have discovered the joys of neighborhood friends. There wasn't anyone near at our old house, but now we have two boys across the street that are 6 and 8 so they match well with our three boys. On the other hand, our boys, Jordan, in particular, are a little too anxious to spend all of their time with them, running over there as often as they can. Last Saturday, it was raining and he came to me with his rain jacket and rain boots on and said he finished all his chores and was ready to go play and I said fine. He and Kolby went over there and played for almost three hours and when they came home Jordan was wearing his rain jacket but it wasn't buttoned up anymore and you could see that he wasn't wearing a shirt! The whole time he had been over there without a shirt on! I can't imagine what the boys mother thought, I don't know her well yet, I've only talked to her briefly a few times! I did apologize the next time I saw her of course, but that was two days later! It's one of those funny stories we can look back on I guess.

The other funny story of the week is Eden last night at Pack Meeting. Actually, most of pack meeting wasn't funny, it was a pain, I was doing the single parent thing as usual and the kids were off the wall because it was their bedtime. This was our first pack meeting and I had no idea how long they are. To make it worse, Sam was supposed to interpret at the college that night but his student hadn't shown up. I was so excited to not have to be a single parent for the evening because he was now on his way but as I was just pulling into the church he called and said he had run out of gas about 20 minutes away. So at the beginning of pack meeting I was trying to keep track of Eden, help Brady with a little project the scouts were doing and run around and find phone numbers for Sam and even though we were in the church, there was not a stake/ward directory to be found and the numbers we did figure out turned out to be answering machines. Finally, he got a hold of someone from work and I got to calm down a bit and people didn't seem to mind that Eden was all over the place. Brady got his bobcat patch and that went smoothly but then someone opened the side door and I had to chase Eden down again. The funny part was when they were going over with the scouts the process of the flag ceremony/color guard duties. They were slowly talking about each part so the boys were standing with the flag right over the stand but not putting it in yet, Eden went up to them and was trying to tell them to put it in the hole and when they wouldn't listen, she was trying to push it in herself! The poor eight year old boys did not know what to do with her! Needless to say, I look forward to the day when Sam can actually be home in the evenings and do the scout thing!

Friday, September 21, 2007

New look

I just wanted to make sure you all notice the new look to our blog. Sam's cousin Beth so graciously did her digital magic to make it look much cooler! You can click on the link to her blog under Beth Summers or check her credits at the bottome. Have a great weekend! I'll just attach one picture because I can't resist, yesterday at the boys school, everyone told me how cute Eden was so I had to take a picture and let you see.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A's game

Sam's company had a charity event last weekend at the A's game and he was able to take Brady. These are a few pictures from that game. I stayed back with the other kids and took them to Burger King

and the dollar store which they were very excited about! We also had the missionaries for dinner Fri. night, but otherwise I didn't really see people all weekend except for church of course and so we decided to have a few families from our ward over for ice cream. We are almost all new in the ward because Mountain House is so new so we're all trying to get to know each other better. We ended up with all families that have nursery age kids so the boys were not as excited, but there really isn't anyone else in Mountain House that has older kids except for a couple of families where there 8 year old is their youngest. There is a family that has there oldest daughter in Jordan's class but they couldn't make it. It's alright though, because every once is so new there are a lot of fun things going on and everyone is so nice and friendly and although we miss everyone in Sac. we are starting to enjoy it here. And of course I can still go up there when I need to, in fact, I'm going tonight for Book Club, which is my favorite thing and just can't stand the thought of missing it even though I had to arrange a babysitter and a way to get Brady to scouts and have Sam go to work late in the morning so he can take the kids to school and meet my mom to watch Eden! It's all worth it! OK, I'm rambling now, but I thought I'd try to use this blog to tell what's going on a little bit, at least so it is not only pictures!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Baby Name Poll

I'm actually doing a post without pictures! This is just a quick note to remind you to do our baby name poll if you haven't already, the link is:
It seems like everyone is having fun with this and if you just can't decide, you can vote more than once.

I'm just getting going on this blog thing so I'm sorry its a bit haphazard but also check back in the future because I'm planning on having Sam's cousin Beth help me make it look better if I can ever decide what I want it to look like! Thanks for looking, though, its fun to hear from people, even though I am horrible at leaving comments myself!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


We have been doing a bit of the ebay thing lately, and most recently Sam decided to sell his playstation 3 and get a Wii instead. He really wasn't having much of a chance to play it and it wasn't super kid friendly, but we had heard a lot about how fun the Wii is. We actually sold the PS3 which was a gift and a cell phone that we paid only $30 for that sold for $130 and were able to use the money to get the Wii, a cub scout shirt for Brady and 4 bar stools shipped to us all on ebay with a total investment of $30, I think that was a pretty good return! Anyway, I'll stick on some pictures of the family getting started with the Wii. The first is Eden helping Sam set it up, the second is Kolby trying the golf game, third is Jordan pitching at baseball, and the fourth is Brady in a tennis match!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dancing Machine

Eden seems to be our little performer these days! She loves to stand in front of the fireplace and dance and sing (nonsense songs) as in the first picture. There was also one day recently where she was throwing a bit of a fit and for some other reason Brady mentioned the title "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" And she was instantly happy and dropped down to her toes. We have sung this with her before but not recently and so we realized that she has been singing it in nursery. It is now a favorite and she requests it all the time so last night I captured some pictures through the process. I meant to make it cute and small in a strip of pictures to follow but I am clueless on how to do much with the blog/pictures (maybe Beth can share some insights!) but I still thought is was fun, at least I like to look at it!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sam's new car

So Sam's Jeep had finally had it and so we broke down and got a new car. It actually makes sense with the commute he has and was only getting 14mpg, plus the transmission, radiator, AC and tires were shot. In the long run, we actually save money this way, we are saving more in gas than we are spending on the new car payment. I still have a hard time with the idea of adding more debt, but it really does make sense. He ended up with a 2001 BMW which is old, but still looks nice enough for picking up clients. The pictures are of him and Brady about to head to the driving range in the new car.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Beach Day

For Labor Day, we went to the beach, sorry, I'm postinog a lot of pictures because I love Beach pictures.

Boys hard at work

The boys had been trying to make things out of random wood pieces and nails in the garage so Sam took them to home depot and they got some wood and made this table. The boys did all the sanding and drilled the holes.

Recent updates--Baptism, school images

So, in the last few weeks we started school, with Brady in 2nd, Jordan in 1st and Kolby in Kindergarten, plus we had Brady's baptism on Sept. 1 which turned out well and it was fun to have friends and family come visit at our house afterwards. I'm going to post a few pictures from the first day of school and the baptism.