Sunday, October 28, 2007

Trunk 'r treat pictures

We got dressed up for the ward party last night so here are our cute wizard of oz characters! Brady refused to get a real costume or have his face painted and I pretty much had to force him into wearing the hat but I think it turned out well enough and they were the hit of the party. Sometimes we we would have two of them separate and people would say "all you need is a scarecrow and tinman" and we of course would say, "they are here, just inside the building" or something like that. On the way home Kolby was telling me that several people had told him he had a cute costume and Jordan jumped in and said "only the one time they said scarecrow they were talking about you, the rest of the time they said we were cute, they were talking about me" such humility! (I wonder where he gets that from!)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

pumpkin patch

Here are a few pictures from the scout trip to the pumpkin patch this week.

haircut and pregnant belly

As promised, here is the picture of how big I am today, the baby is definitely preparing me for the end of pregnancy and I'm feeling huge even though I still have 2 months left. Also, you can sort of notice my haircut, I finally broke down and got cut it on Friday, it was down to my shoulder blades and I was just pulling it back everyday, so now it is much lighter and free!

My bar stools

This will probably be one of several posts tonight because I think I have a lot of pictures (if I get to all of them). For my mom--these are the bar stools we got on ebay with the playstation money, just ignore the fact that Brady and Kolby have no shirts on, this is how they look every Sunday because they come home from church and take their shirts off. Also, notice the flowers, Sam was so sweet to bring me flowers yesterday.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kolby's birthday

I told Kolby I would post pictures of him on his birthday with his new bike, he was very excited about it!
We also have a fun story, Sam was called to teach the 14 year old Sunday School class so he started this last Sunday. In the beginning he asked if anyone had any questions for him and there is an autistic girl who asked why he didn't exercise. He said, "I'm really busy with work, but I guess I'm also a little bit lazy" and she said "It shows." It should be a fun class!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Random pictures

I just felt like I didn't have many pictures of the older boys so I wanted to include some. These were all taken one night when everyone was finishing their reading time and the one of Eden is her kicking back on my bed talking to Sam. She has a new thing now where she won't give the phone back, she wants to keep talking and talking.

Another weekend gone by!

I'm trying to make sure I post something at least every week or so, even though I don't feel like I have too much to write about. I did get to have a nice weekend, I left for Sacramento Friday night and came back Saturday night while Sam stayed home with all the kids. It was really nice to have a break but I did feel bad when Sam and Brady woke up Saturday morning not feeling too well, but Sam was so nice, he reminded me how I feel sick most of the time and I still do it. He did manage to feel well enough to take all the kids to the school carnival and got a taste of dealing with 4 kids alone in a crowded place, but he did well, the kids had fun! Meanwhile, I spent the entire day, just about, shopping! Well, first, Friday night, I met with my friends for a nice girls night out and got to see Kristi's new baby. Then Saturday I hit all the stores I've been missing in Sac. and also did some shopping for Kolby's birthday. I ended the day with a trip to IKEA with my mom and sister and niece. That was fun, but IKEA alone is tiring so when I woke up Sunday morning I could hardly walk! Sunday night we had 2 families over for cake and ice cream for Kolby. His birthday is Tuesday but Sam won't be home in the evening so we decided to celebrate on Sunday. Kolby had wanted a transformer cake but that didn't happen so I got some lego fruit snacks and talked him into a lego cake instead. Sam frosted it and arranged the legos but it was so warm that the frosting didn't harden fast enough and they kept slipping down the side and we had to keep pushing them back up. It turned out fine and the kids had fun with it. So one of the pictures is Kolby with his cake and the other is Kolby and Eden after church with Kolby's special birthday crown from primary.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Weekend

Sam's parents and brother and sister (Daya and Eli) came for the weekend and we had a lot of fun. Eden especially loved having everyone here, she especially loves to call for Daya, but during conference she found her own fun, whether is was climbing all over grandma and grandpa or getting into Grandma's make-up as you can see from the picture. The boys were also excited to do their gameboys-Brady with Daya and Jordan and Kolby with Eli to update each other on their pokemon situations which is just like a foreign language to me, but they spent a lot of time doing all kinds of things together and Daya watched all the kids while we went out to eat on Saturday night. They played quite a bit of Wii also and Sam and Daya got really competitive with their bowling game and Daya beat Sam a few times. I didn't bring my camera but there was a fun little harvest festival at the park in our neighborhood that we walked to on Saturday that was completely free, hot dogs, churros, sodas, games everything and we saw half our ward there so Sam got to introduce his family to everyone and the kids had a great time. Daya took Eden in the little petting zoo and she seemed to like petting the animals. So we really had a good confernence weekend and it was fun to have visitors, we welcome anyone else that wants to come (and Sam cooked a lot of good food too!)