Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hawaii-Day 2

The second day in Hawaii started out slow, we all woke up around 6:00am because we were 2 hours behind California time so we just took it easy all morning. Then we headed out to meet our friends Matt and Yvonne Anderson at their ward, they are in charge of the Deaf group that meets with that ward. It was really fun to see them, we haven't seen them in at least 7 years but Matt was a close friend when I was at BYU and Yvonne served a sign language mission like Sam so we have much in common! After church we took a scenic drive up through the jungle, it was fun to see all the different types of trees and the boys talked about being like Tarzan with all the vines hanging around and we stopped at a lookout point and got some family pictures. After the drive it was back to the hotel for some fun beach time. I guess I didn't take many pictures at the beach that day, but I've included what I have in the slide show.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hawaii-Day 1

OK, I figure the only way to do this is to tackle it day by day, we did this on Jordan's poster for school. Most of the first day was spent on the airplane and in airports and it was a long flight with Eden. She didn't have her own seat so she was all over the place and didn't want to sit down and do anything, but the boys all seemed to enjoy their first airplane ride. By the time we got out at the Honolulu airport I could barely walk, my feet were so swollen and the baggage was like a mile away, I was getting really nervous for the rest of the trip being almost 8 months pregnant, (but luckily I wasn't that bad the rest of the time). When we finally got going we had a good drive to our hotel which was at a really nice Marriott resort in Ko Olina. The first picture is the kids (my four kids, by brother's daughter Brooklynn and my sister's daughter Jessica) on the balcony of my parent's room. The second picture is the view from a nice little lagoon/beach looking up at our resort so we at dinner at the restaurant that looks over that beach, it was a great buffet with some delicious crab legs. Brady wouldn't eat the crab legs but he had fun cracking mine open for me and pulling out the meat. There was also a really nice pool that the kids got to swim in.

Monday, November 26, 2007

2 year old quirks

Another post I've been meaning to get to before I get onto the Hawaii journal is some of the funny things Eden has been up to as she has been approaching 2 and actually turned two while we were in Hawaii. Of course her tantrums can be out of control, worse than any of our other kids, I don't know if it's her personality or just because she's a girl, but probably both, but she also does some really funny things. For instance, she is really attached to a girl named Abby in our ward, I think it started just because she could say her name really easily but now its every time we are going to leave she says "Abby? Abby?" I hear that about 100 times a day, although it switched to "Laura" (my sister) in Hawaii and Daya (Sam's sister) in Tahoe (we went there for Thanksgiving with Sam's family). She has also picked up a new phrase "me too" which I also hear 100 times a day and of course is used when she wants to do what her brothers or anyone else is doing, but also it means something like "me do it" like other 2 year olds say.

Here are some of the pictures epitomizing her age:
-the first is when she hear me say it was time to set the table she went to the cupboard and got 12 tiny paper cups and set them all around the edge for everyone
-the second is Eden on her new potty, she has never actually properly used it, but she has taken to stripping lately and uses it as an excuse to take off all of her clothes
-the third was in a store in Hawaii, she decided she needed to wear everything we had in the cart at once
-the fourth is on Sunday's after church as soon as we start to pull into the driveway she starts saying "me too, me too" because she wants to be the one to go pick up the newspaper at the end of the driveway (even though there is no one fighting her to get it!)
-the last pictures is our favorite, while driving home from our trip to Tahoe, she fell asleep with her finger in her nose!

So You Think You Can Dance

Before I post all the other things I want to post, I just want to add that we went to see the tour of So You Think You Can Dance on Saturday night. We took Sam's mom as her Christmas present plus Kendra and Karl and Shamay and her two sister-in-laws got tickets with us. It was a lot of fun but of course I love that show and Sam was just excited to know someone in the show. There were a few times when it was a little disappointing because you could tell they had already been doing it for 10 weeks and the energy wasn't quite there, but it was still fun to see some of our favorite dances and some new ones and of course it was fun to know Dominic's family and get some of the inside scoop. We met up with them before the show and Big Dominic (his uncle) told us some stories he's heard from the tour and also when Dominic mooned the audience Sam called Big D to hear the family's reaction. We probably won't ever go again, but I'm glad we had the chance to go this time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


We just got back from Hawaii today and we had a great time! I have a lot of pictures and stories to post so I will try and do a little at at time, but I just wanted to do a quick post to let you know where I've been or to let you know to skip over most of my next few posts if you don't want to hear/see so much of our trip, even though I think the pictures are really cool!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The earthquake

I forgot to mention the earthquake that was near here the other day. Brady was helping me with Eden in the bath and Jordan was already in bed downstairs and he came up and said "mom, a meteor just went by our house" and at first I thought he was just being silly but when I realized he was serious I said, "oh, it was probably just an earthquake" and sent him back to bed, and at the same time I was thinking he was just imagining it or maybe a big truck drove by. Then two hours later, Sam called as usual on his way home from interpreting and said "did you hear the news? There was an earthquake around 8:00!" I was completely shocked, he had of course felt it, because the college he interprets at is much closer to San Jose but I wasn't even serious when I told Jordan that it was an earthquake. I was also disappointed that I didn't feel it, I've always wanted to feel an earthquake (not a major one of course, just exactly what Jordan felt!) The next morning Jordan was very proud to know that he had really experienced it.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Guests and visitors

We've had a lot of guests in the last week which has been fun. We had my sister and niece here last Sunday and Monday and that was nice because they really like to spend time with the kids. Sam and I were able to go to a get-to-together without the kids and I was able to get some things done on Monday. Last night my friend Kendra and her family were in town so they stopped by for a couple hours and we had a great time visiting with them and the boys/men all played the Wii. Kolby was particularly excited to see his buddy Derek.

Saturday night we had 3 couples over for a How to Host a Murder party and that was a lot of fun. We have done several of these throughout the years and they are always a good time just like this one. It was set in an English Manor in the 1930's so we all dressed up a little and Sam researched and made a British dinner. He has a client that is from England so he picked her brain and being his mother's son, he planned way too much food! We had a couple bring an appetizer and then we had a course with split pea soup and Sam prepared several toppings to add and he made rolls. For the main course he made roast beef and asparagus in Parmesan cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. It was all so good even though he didn't think the meat turned out good enough, but everyone loved it and was absolutely stuffed. He had intended to a cheese platter with crackers, bread, grapes, pears and of course several kinds of cheese for the next course but everyone was so full we couldn't even think of it and we still had dessert that a couple brought. Anyway, we meant to take pictures of the food because my simple descriptions do not do it justice but all I managed to get was a picture of the aftermath. The next day at church one of the guys that was there was telling Sam he had done way too much, but Sam told him that it was really not a big deal to us, we love doing things like that and we had a really good time so it was worth it. The only hard part for us what having to choose only 3 couples, it was tough to narrow it down!!! So we will make sure and have a Christmas party that we can invite everyone to. Besides, we have to save all those cheeses for something!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Final Halloween pictures!!!

I swear these are the last Halloween pictures! Jordan also decided not to be the lion for school because it wasn't "cool" so at 7:30 the night before Halloween he told me he wanted to be a ninja. I said he could be something different but it had to be something we had all the parts for because I wasn't about to start creating a new costume the night before. We pulled all the dress-ups out and I kept showing him ideas and nothing was "cool" enough until we got to the clown. I have no idea why he considers a clown cooler than a lion but at least he finally decided and since they were already ready, Brady and Jordan stuck with those for trick-r-treating that night--the first picture shows Sam with the kids getting ready to go out. Eden did well with it, she kept up with the other kids and she said something that sounded like "wee, weet" at each of the houses and she even signed every time and sometimes voiced "thank you!" (side note, I finally got some curtains up in the family room, you can see them in the background of the first picture although the picture makes them look metallic and they really don't look like that)

Brady's Halloween then and now...

Brady didn't want to be the tinman for school so he decided to be a football player instead. Later I remembered that he had been Steve Young for his first Halloween (with a head bandage as it was the year of all of Steve Young's concussions) so I thought it was fun to compare the two photos.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Super Saturday crafts

Two weeks ago we had a Super Saturday craft day and I was pretty proud of the work I did so I took a few pictures. One thing I can't show because it is a Christmas gift for someone, but the others are the turkey feathers which was a fun little project and the glass etching was a long and tedious 3 hour project but I think it was worth it in the end and it was nice to spend a good day away working on something productive! (The glass etching is hard to see with the camera so I stuck some pillows behind it, but I think you can tell it is a nativity scene, right?!)

Remember when......

Sam sent me this email today with these pictures so I thought it would be fun to post as we're getting ready for the next one to come soon: "I was looking at some old files and found these..."