Friday, December 28, 2007

Eden's JCP pictures (not showing in best quality)

No news yet!

I keep getting phone calls so I thought I'd post and let you know there is nothing to tell yet! There are no extra indications or anything to point that the time is at hand, but then again, I never have that! The only thing that may be a sign is that I had an organizing spurt today, that could be some last minute nesting, or it could be that I just finally get fed up with all the Christmas chaos around! I got the boys out and organized the garage a bit and then we put away almost all of the Christmas stuff, we just didn't take down the tree and ornaments or put away the village, but otherwise it is all packed up and I got the rest of the new toys put into containers for storage and finally got the kitchen back to an organized state. I feel a lot better now, I think it was all stressing me out. I am actually aching to get out to the after Christmas clearance sales but at the same time, the thought of walking around that much and fighting the crowds does not seem appealing so I'll probably just have to miss out on the deals this year! It's hard for me to accept, but I just can't do it!!! Anyway, I just wanted to give a little update. We also got Eden's pictures back from JCP so I'll probably put that on a slide and make it another post a little later. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas pictures


Of course I have some new pictures to post from Christmas, although I've never been good at taking Christmas pictures because there is too much going on, so I just try to grab a few in the beginning. I'm posting them on a slide show on a separate post. We did make sure to get one in our striped pajama pants the night before even though I actually bought most of them on clearance last year after Christmas and had no expectations of being pregnant, but I was able to make due with mine and they'll be good in the coming weeks. I also made sure to get a picture of me and my belly in front of the tree on Christmas since it was the day before I was due. So, yes, today is officially my due date! My sister is still here and she keeps hoping for today but I keep telling her that for one, I do not want it to be the day after Christmas and two, I always go into labor in the night so the chances of it happening in the daytime are slim.

We had my sister and Jessica here for Christmas and my parents, my grandma and actually ended up with my Aunt Marla which was fun for us, but it was only because her flight back to Ohio was canceled on Christmas Eve morning and she couldn't get out until 11:00pm on Christmas day. My dad had decided to take us out to eat on Christmas Eve so we drove around to different restaurants and finally found Applebees, our third try, to be open. After we got back, we opened out ornaments and p.j.'s and got the kids off to bed. While we waited for them to really be asleep, we played Apples to Apples and had a fun time. Christmas morning was fun of course, although Kolby did say he hated one of his presents from Santa, but luckily once he started playing with it, he really liked it. The best reaction was the Pokemon Wii game that my parents gave Brady and Jordan, they jumped up and down and screamed. Sam also was shocked and happy to get guitar hero 3 for the Wii and he got me a really nice Ipod which he was able to do because he got up early and went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Of course there were several other nice/fun gifts but I'm not going to list them all, but we had a fun morning. Eden mostly hung out with Grandpa eating candy, but a few times she came up to me very nicely and softly saying "my turn?" For dinner Sam made our second annual tradition of our version of surf and turf. We had crab legs and ribs and they were so good. I wish I had room to eat more, but we do have some leftovers for the next few days.

I also forgot to mention the rest of the 12 days of Christmas. Most of the big days were different types of treats, there's so much that I've hardly had a chance to consume it! On the 4th day I got 4 magazines, the 3rd I got 3 gift cards to Barnes and Noble, the second was 2 Christmas CD's and the best day of all the, 1st day I got a really nice sweet letter which was my absolute favorite gift this year! I must say again, that I am so impressed with the whole thing, it meant a lot to me, he could've given me nothing else for Christmas and I would have been content!

I didn't really get good pictures of Eden in her Christmas dress because we had driven up to Sacramento on Saturday and drove straight to church from Sac. Sunday morning so I just grabbed a few pictures of her in the car, but I'll stick them on the slide anyway.

As for now, I'm just doing the waiting game. I thought I was doing that the last 2 weeks, but now I'm really doing it, I don't have anything else to wait for now that Christmas is done! Hopefully we'll be able to post some news soon!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Baby's blanket

I just thought I'd post a picture of the blanket the boys made and the pillow I made for the baby. It's a cute material isn't it? In the fabric store I asked Eden if I should get the frogs or the dinosaurs and she growled "roar" so that was her contribution to the blanket! I still have some extra material that I'll probably make a hat or some bean bags or some other toy but that involves the sewing maching and may not happen for a while!

The answer is....

It is indeed a five flower vase (see two posts ago) and it is the wonderful Christmas gift from Sam's company. It is technically a Dutch tulip vase and maybe it supposed to be really fancy, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I actually think the picture makes it look better, especially with the roses behind it, but when Sam first pulled it out I couldn't believe it. His company is based out of Amsterdam and apparently it was designed by some known designer but I don't know. If anyone else thinks it looks nice or it is sellable on ebay, let me know, although we may just take McKay's suggestion and use it as a toothbrush holder for our 5 kids (Sam got a good chuckle from that one!) I really wish the company would just give us the bonus instead!

Last night the boys had their concert at school, talk about mass chaos, it was probably 300 or more kids, but they were very proud of it and when we could see them (too often they were blocked by parents standing with cameras or holding cameras up) they were very cute. It was too hard to get a picture of them there so I snapped one when we got home in front of the fireplace. Eden had fun waving at them but mostly she could only see them when Sam showed her through the video camera.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Doctors, copays and prescriptions!

I always tell people that it is not that much more expensive to have many kids, but when they get sick it is! On Tuesday, I had to take Jordan in (and pay a $25 copay) for an infected finger, I don't know what I did, but I must have cut it weird. Then we had to get an antibiotic to put on his finger and one to take orally plus some extra band aids as we have to keep redoing it after he soaks it. Then that night, Kolby was up half the night screaming because his ear hurt. So back to the doctor the next day with another copay of course and another trip to the pharmacy for another antibiotic. I also had my appt. that morning so I had to bring Kolby and Eden with me. It's not easy to be checked at the OB when you have 2 little kids with you, but luckily Eden sat next to me on the table and Kolby was curled up on the floor in the corner because he didn't feel good. My midwife figured that I'm about 3 cm or almost but she didn't want to check too much at the risk of stirring things up! I figure that I became that dilated with all the walking during Christmas shopping, but after 4 other pregnancies, I know it doesn't mean much, and I'm still planning on it being after Christmas. In fact, I was telling Sam last night that if it were to happen before Christmas I would not be ready emotionally at all because I don't believe it possible. On the other hand, I'm officially bored now! This happens every time also. I'm all prepared--Christmas, baby, etc. so I don't know what to do with myself. Of course there is always cleaning and minor little projects, but nothing major left and nothing I feel like getting started on now. I did go to the fabric store today to get some fleece for the boys to tie a blanket for the baby. So I do have a new little project to work on, but otherwise I feel like I'm killing time. It sounds horrible doesn't it?!! Anyway, enough blabbing, I'm ready to get started on that blanket.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'll let you guess.........

OK, give me your best guesses on what this is and why we have it!! I'll reveal the truth soon!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Feeling festive

Wow, look at me, I'm posting a lot these days. Maybe its because I know that soon I will probably not get to it often! Our bishopric and families came caroling tonight and it sounded really good and they brought some yummy goodies. I was really impressed with the singing and I can't remember the last time I've had carolers come to the door. Then for family home evening we talked about D&C 136:28 which talks about being merry and singing and we sang Christmas carols. We gave the kids the words and let each person choose a song and we talked about the words and their meanings before we sang each one. The boys were having so much fun with it that we kept going with more songs. So now I'm feeling very festive and Christmasy! I also have one of those secret elf things that our ward is passing around and I need to go secretly deliver to someone else, I've put it off for a few nights because I didn't have any desserts but I think I better get to that soon or they may not be anyone left in the ward! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

some questions and answers

Sam is watching the Survivor Finale right now which is a little long for me so I thought I'd take the questions that 2 of my sister-in-laws have done and fill them in for myself.
1. Who’s your man? Samuel Eldon Farley
2. How long have you been together? 13 1/2 years (minus the 2 years he was on his mission)3.How long dated? We dated for 2 years in high school and then 4 months before we got engaged after his mission
4. How old is your man? 31
5. Who eats more? He does, that's a given
6. Who said “I Love You” first? It was so long ago, but it was probably him, he is much more expressive than me
7. Who is taller? He is by 8 inches
8. Who sings better? He does even though I recently discovered that he can't read music either.
9. Who is smarter? I will always answer that I am of course, but he does claim that now that he has a Master's Degree which means more education than me, that he is smarter but its not true, unless we're talking street smarts!
10. Whose temper is worse? It totally depends on the situation, I probably get mad more often over little things, but if/when he explodes, its much worse
11. Who does the laundry? I do, I always have, I don't mind it too much
12. Who does the dishes? He used to do it a lot and probably will more once the baby is born, but lately it has almost always been me
13. Who pays the bills?I do, I need that control!
14. Who is better with the computer? For the most part, it is Sam, he has to a much bigger variety of things than I do all day long with the computer
15. Who mows the lawn? him, I don't even consider it!
16. Who cooks dinner? I do during the week but he is usually not there and he does it on the weekends or when we have guests and his meals are much better and fancier than mine
17. Who drives when you are together? He almost always does.
18. Who pays when you go out? He does.
19. Who is most stubborn? We are both pretty stubborn, it depends on the situation
20. Who is the first to admit when they’re wrong? It's absolutely me, he always has another argument to keep him from being wrong and I am quick to feel bad/guilty
21. Whose parents do you see the most?I think we see his most, at least we used to before we moved because they watched the kids for us a lot, but now is probably close to the same
22. Who kissed who first? He kissed me first, once again, he is much more affectionate than me
23.Who asked who out? He asked me to our Junior Homecoming
24. Who proposed? Sam-he took me trick-or-treating on Halloween where I got a rose at each house until the last house was him with a ring
25. Who is more sensitive? Me--too much most of the time!
26. Who has more friends? Sam, because he is friends with everyone and I tend to keep a smaller group of close friends
27. Who has more siblings? Sam with 7; I have 2.
28. Who wears the pants in the family? This is a toss-up, I think he would like to think he does, but I just let him go on thinking that!
29. How did you meet? A youth conference before we started our Freshman year of high school

The end is in sight...

As of Friday, I can "feel" that the end is in sight! I don't know what changed this weekend, but I'm feeling that uncomfortable, can hardly walk type feeling and my emotions have changed also. Overall, compared to other pregnancies, this one hasn't been too bad in many ways, but no matter what they are all like this at the end!! Friday afternoon I was feeling particulary down. I was sort of feeling lonely with this pregnancy, just because I'm in a new area and all the focus is Christmas (as it really should be!) but I know there are people in the ward that are totally available to me and very helpful, its just so new that I feel bad asking a lot of people. I haven't even asked anyone to watch the kids when we go to the hospital because I feel like I don't want to impose even though I know there are people that are more than willing to help. It's just me! I know, and I need to get on that, it's probably worse hanging over my head than it is to actually ask!! So I'm just venting, and actually I'm feeling a lot better, Friday was just emotional for some reason, but Sam has been very good and sweet. He came home Friday night with a dozen roses. I thought it was just because he could tell how I was feeling and it really helped, but it was actually sweeter than that, the next day I got 11 peppermint patties and today 10 nutty bars, it turns out he decided all on his own to do the 12 days of Christmas for me. I think that is so clever of him, I am impressed and it is probably one of the best Christmas gifts he could ever give me! I can't wait to see what I get tomorrow. Also, today Kolby was coughing a lot so Sam decided to stay home from church with Eden and Kolby and while we were gone he made me some Divinity which I had been asking for and cleaned up the kitchen. He certainly is helping me feel less stressed and emotional, if only he could do something for the muscle pains!! I keep telling everyone that it is so unsual for me, because usually at this point I'm hoping for the baby to come any minute, but I don't want him to come until after Christmas so I don't know what to think. I've even finished all the Christmas shopping and wrapping so I am waiting and yet I'm not!
Anyhow, enough venting, I am very excited for Christmas! I had the boys earn money and I set up my own little store for them to shop for their siblings and Sam (I got the idea from a magazine) and they had a lot of fun with it. Well, Jordan refused to do much so he only earned 4 quarters and was pretty much stuck with one option for each person but I don't think he cared. Kolby and Brady got into it, though, and had fun choosing things for everyone and wrapping them and this way I could sort of tailor the gifts for each person instead of random junk from the dollar store. I think we'll keep doing it this way, because I always have random things I find on clearance to support this. I guess that's about all I have for tonight, I'll try and post a picture of big belly soon and let you know what I get on the rest of my days of Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Counting Down

Now I am just counting down! I am counting down to Christmas as well, but mostly I'm counting down to baby! My due date is in two weeks and two days and I'm finally feeling the closeness. I think that I had willed myself to not notice until we finished up our white elephant party on Saturday night but now that it is over and I'm into the waiting stage as that was our last big event besides Christmas. The white elephant party was a lot of fun, it's our first one here in Mountain House of course, but we were really impressed with the quality of gag gifts! There were some really creative ideas and we had 22 people from our ward turn out and a ton of food. We asked everyone to bring appetizers and they brought some good ones, but also Sam and I got worried before that there wouldn't be enough because it was the dinner hour so we did too much on our part also, we even had one dessert we forgot to bring out. That ended up well because it prompted me to go ahead and do our goodie plates yesterday and which in turn made it nice to have another thing crossed off my list. I'm trying to hard to get things done as soon as possible, but at the same time I don't want to sacrifice too many traditions. It was the easiest delivery of goodie plates I've ever had, it was a few friends and visiting teaching and home teaching families, but it was so easy because everyone is less than a mile away! Now I'm just trying to focus on our Christmas card, I actually got that all set today on the Costco website but I can't make it follow through for some reason, so we'll see if that happens.

I'm trying to remember if there is anything else I wanted to get back to during the time I was posting all of the Hawaii stuff. The only major thing I can think of is that we did our Christmas decorations Dec. 1. We broke down and got a fake tree this year. Both of us vowed never to do this a few years back but when we started calculating the cost each year, it just made sense. We still went out to breakfast for our tradition but then went to Costco to pick up our tree.

Eden had troubles with decorating or should I say "un-decorating" the tree so we let her do a few ornaments and then put her to bed, but it just so happened to be the day she decided to climb out of her crib. We've never had a kid do this before so it caught us unaware. I put her up in the top bunk of the boys bed without a ladder as I have done with the kids on occasion in the past and I opened the trundle just in case and left her there while we finished decorating. A few minutes later we hear a thump upstairs and down the stairs she came! We couldn't believe she jumped out of the top bunk. Luckily the trundle was out! So she is now officially in a big girl bed. Actually, each time we give her the option, the baby bid (crib), the spiderman couch (a little fold-out couch of Brady's or the big bed that is already in her room. At first she picked the spiderman couch but lately she has been picking the big bed and we just have to leave her in there and close the door, she does cry sometimes but she actually doesn't seem to get up and play much at all so it is working out for the most part.

So I guess that's our update for now, I'm just trying to finish the Christmas loose ends and waiting!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hawaii Good-bye!

OK, we're finally to the last day! We took a bunch of pictures in the morning before heading out to the airport and the flight home wasn't as bad since Eden had her own seat. Overall, we had a wonderful time and the kids talk about moving back there when they are adults. Thank you for enjoying our pictures with us and hopefully you will have a chance to go there sometime too!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Hawaii Day 7

We had fun on our last full day in Hawaii. We headed out to Hanauma Bay for some snorkeling and Sam remembered when he had been there 20 years previously as an 11 year old that he could bring frozen peas to attract the fish so we had to stop and buy three bags of frozen peas. Well, things have changed a bit in the last 20 years and you know have to watch a video before you snorkel and it clearly says "no feeding the fish" so we were stuck with three bags of thawing frozen peas! Anyway, snorkeling was fun. Brady and Jordan played with the gear a bit but didn't want to try and Jordan did give it a good shot but wasn't a strong enough swimmer to go out where the fish were but they all still enjoyed it and saw a few fish. When we first got to the beach, Eden walked over to the sand and planted her face in it, I'm not sure why but it appeared she was eating the sand and then she did it again. Crazy! You can see a bit of the sand still on her face in one of the pictures. That evening my sister and parents were nice enough to watch all the kids so that Sam and I and my brother and his wife were able to go to the temple. It was neat to see such an old temple, it was smaller than I expected and we got some fun pictures in front after the session. We then went to visit Matt and Yvonne at their apartment. We felt bad because we kept Yvonne up late (she is pregnant with twins) and drug Rob and Heather with us but we had such a fun visit, we didn't want to leave except that we felt bad for everyone else involved, including the babysitters back at the hotel. It is just so fun to have friends that you can get along with so well even if you haven't seen them in 8 or 9 years. We hope to spend more time with them in future years!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hawaii - Eden's birthday

Hawaii Day 6

This was a full day so there are a lot of pictures. It was also Eden's birthday but I'll post that separately. In the morning I got up and swam with Brady, my mom, Laura and Jessica and they all had been doing it most days, but I actually braved it and it was pretty warm. I haven't been adding the times we've gone to the pool or beach in the morning or evening but it was nice that it was always just there when we wanted! Anyway, we headed off to the Dole Plantation which ended up not being really exciting but the kids liked the train ride through the plantation and a huge maze and we also got to eat Dole Whips. Then we headed to a place called Sea Life which we probably would have spent more time at but we had realized that it was a whole park with many activities, we just went to swim with the dolphins. I had planned to go and take Eden in but they wouldn't let me because I was pregnant and my dad stayed out to hold my brother's baby and Brady refused to try it, but everyone else did it and had a good time. Well, Eden did it for a few minutes but didn't last long and Kolby was in an out because he couldn't make up his mind but he was happy to feed and touch the dolphin. Anyway, it was a really neat experience for those who had the chance. That night Sam and I took a walk down to the beach after the kids were down and sat and talked for over an hour, it was really nice to just relax and look out over the ocean in the moonlight.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hawaii Day 5

Sorry for those of you who are tired of our Hawaii stuff but I'm just doing this for our own sake and maybe the people that were with us! This day I don't have a lot of pictures to show because it was really just a shopping day. My dad, sister and Jessica went to Pearl Harbor but Sam and I had already been so we spent the morning at the swap meet which was fun and the best deals but very tiring, it goes all the way around the parking lot of a stadium and after you've been down a few stalls you've mostly seen all there is to see, but we still made it all the way around and found some good deals. The boys got some Hang Loose visors and shark's tooth necklaces and we got some other souvenirs to bring back for people. At least I had fun, I think Sam and the kids were pretty exhausted. After we finished with the swap meet we stopped at a Jack in the box for lunch and the kids thought it was pretty funny to see that it was raining on one side of the building as we looked at that window but when we looked at the other side it was sunny and dry. We then continued on to the Waikiki aquarium which was pretty small but the kids still liked it. Kolby especially liked the little phone they gave each of us to listen to the narration on the fish. He listened carefully to each one and was telling Sam all the facts he was learning, he was very excited about it. From there, the men and kids went home (except my dad who drove us) and the women went for some more shopping! By that point, I could hardly walk, but I wasn't about to miss a shopping experience. We went to the Alamoana (sp?) shopping center and then ate at Bubba Gump's and then went to the International Market where we made sure to hit a few ABC stores to get the full Hawaiian tourist experience!!! It was a nice little getaway from the kids for the evening. Heather and I tried on the sunglasses in one of the little stores in the International Market.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hawaii Day 4

The Polynesian Cultural Center was the second favorite day of the kids. I had so many pictures that day that it was tough to choose which ones to narrow down for the slide but I think the captions tell enough details, the only thing I don't have is pictures from the Luau and night show. Jordan loved the night show, especially the fire dancers but Brady and Kolby were so warn out they both fell asleep during the show even though they enjoyed what they saw of it.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hawaii Day 3

The kids said this was their favorite day in Hawaii. Matt brought us to their favorite beach with boogie boards and surf boards. The boys loved boogie boarding and spent most of their time with that and Jessica and my brother Rob got to try some surfing. Eden, and the other hand, wouldn't go near the water, but she had a great time eating all the snacks we brought and playing in the sand. On the way home we stopped in Haleiwa to eat and Jordan was excited to see a little gecko in the restaurant.