Sunday, February 24, 2008

I made it!

I made it through this weekend, but most importantly, I made it through today, barely, but I did it! Sam was out of town, it wasn't really a long time, its just the fact that it was a weekend that made it difficult. A few weeks ago, when I realized that he would be out of town I decided to plan a girls' night to make the weekend more interesting because I thought nothing would be happening. That was before I got the YW calling and before Kolby had a talk assignment and before I realized that it was Pinewood Derby weekend. Most of those things are not even a big deal individually, but combined together presented their own challenges. First of all, I started stressing about the Girls's night of all things. I was worried that as a host, I would be too boring plus it didn't seem that many people would be able to come. In the end it turned out to be really fun, I may still have been boring, but we did have a lot of fun people and we played some games and ate a bunch of food and it was just nice to get to know some of the girls a lot better.

The Pinewood Derby, on the other hand, didn't go as well. Eden kept trying to cross the line and get to the track and she was fast, I had Tucker in the baby bjorn and I had to try and chase her down and then carry her away on my hip. She also tried to take off around the building a few times. Also, Brady's car weighed 4.88 oz and he could go up to 5 and I saw all these dad's adding weight to their kids cars but I had no idea if I should or what I should do so I just left it. Then he got called up because his car had weights on the bottom and your not supposed to do that either and of course once again I had no idea what to do, but one dad did tighten it up for him to help but I think Brady was a little shaken by the potential problem. Then in his first heats, he came in last place and he was upset and started crying and was wishing he had raced his other car instead. He got over it after a bit, but I felt so bad, luckily in the 4th place heat he came in second so he felt better, plus he got the prize for most Original design (the first picture) which was very exciting. In the end he was able to race both his cars and luckily he had picked the faster car to race so he could feel better about that. I just vowed that I will never do that without dad or a grandpa or someone around to help and we do have many more years of Pinewood Derby cars!

So today was just crazy because I stress out too much. Kolby was assigned to do a talk in primary which is in the third hour and then I found out Thursday night that I needed to teach my first lesson in YW on Sunday which I normally would have chosen more time to prepare just because it was my first lesson in YW in this ward, but also I wasn't sure how I would do that with Kolby's talk and Tucker and not have Sam around to help. In the end I found enough time to prepare the lesson so I think it went pretty decently and Kolby agreed to let the primary leaders help him with talk, so after I got everyone ready this morning and we were getting ready to walk out the door, Brady was doubled over with a stomach ache. I finally decided to let him stay home and I called and checked on him several times. Of course he did fine and I don't think he is even sick but there has been a flu going around and I didn't want to risk it. Then as I was driving to church, running late having been dealing with Brady, I realized that I forgot Kolby's talk on the kitchen counter, but it was too late to turn around and get it. By the time we got to church it was full and they had opened the overflow into the gym which always makes me feel like my kids are 10 times louder. They started doing a baby blessing and Eden started screaming because she wanted to eat her lunch that was for nursery, so I pulled all the kids back out and we spent the rest of Sacrament meeting in the foyer where I also rewrote Kolby's talk! I think the rest of the day went fairly smoothly, they said Kolby did a good job on his talk and Tucker slept straight through my lesson in another leaders arms. Really it is only 3:30 now but I feel like the day is done and I am so glad that Sam will be home within the hour. I really hope he doesn't have to go out of town on a weekend for a long time!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our debate

Sam and I were having a discussion last night about 2 items and how common they are in peoples' homes. Please answer our poll questions on the right side of the blog, as ridiculous as they sound, to help us end our discussion!

Ponderings or not

Over the weekend when I think about my blog, I always think about these great things I'm going to say. As I'm pondering different things in my mind like I imagine this great script to include, especially as I hear of more and more people that read this, I think I need to give you more substance, because I can't imagine that my writing is that interesting and I know my photography is not outstanding even though I do have some really cute kids to see! By the time I get to actually writing it, though, I don't feel like ranting anymore, all I can come up with is my weekend report or copying ideas from others so that's about all I've got for you today plus my recent snapshots! The first two pictures are of the Kolby and Eden loving Tucker and the third is obviously me and Tucker in our BYU sweatshirts.

This weekend actually ended up being Valentine's weekend for us. Sam and I had agreed to not spend any money so I splurged and got him some beef jerky! As usual, he paid no attention to our agreement and got me a massage. This was arranged with some friends of ours so the other wife also got a massage and they planned a double dinner date for Saturday evening. We went to get our massages in the afternoon, I was a little bit nervous because I had never had one before, but it turned out to be pretty nice. Its probably not something I would want to do often but I could handle it every once in a while. Then we shared a babysitter for our kids and headed up to Livermore to the Zephyr Grill which was really nice. We were impressed with our husbands iniative and planning and we had a great time.

Sunday, Sam stayed home from church with Eden who had been sick so I got to go to church with all the boys. Tucker stayed awake almost the whole 3 hours so it was a pretty challenging week plus I was substituting for the 10-11 year old girls again and I got called to be the mia maid advisor so I went to Young Women's. I am excited about the calling, I always enjoy working with the Young Women even though they intimadate me a bit, but I think it will be fun. I've never actually been an advisor, only other things in the presidency so it means actually preparing lessons most weeks, but believe it or not, I actually like teaching so I look forward to it.

Monday, the kids were off school for Presidents day but they ended up playing outside almost the whole day again. There is a new kid around the corner that they are starting to play with and I'm a little nervous about it because I can't see the house plus they like to play in the creekbed across the street from it. I like that they are being boys and exploring but it still makes me nervous but I finally decided to give them a talk about the rules and then let them do it as long as they stay together. It was nice for me to have them out all day because I got a lot of cleaning done. I've been needing to get to it and just could never get going, but I just cleaned all day and deep cleaned the kitchen. It feels good so hopefully I can keep the streak going. We have our friend Jeremy here for a few nights while he does some training so we stayed up chatting with him for a while and it also gives me more incentive to keep going on the cleaning even though I know he doesn't care.

So that's whats been happening there, no deep thoughts about making friends in a new area or why we as woman are more sensitive, or how to get organized or developing in callings or any of the other subjects I've been pondering more deeply in the last few days while I took a shower or before I fell asleep at night or any other spare moment I found to ponder things but maybe someday I'll get to it, but for now I need to run upstairs and get my crying baby and then get Eden down for her nap!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

What do you love?

Since Laura asked on her blog...I guess I should answer, plus it seems to be the thing to do on blogs, I must have some type of Valentine Post! I guess I'll include some pictures of Tucker smiling since that is one of the things I love!
Tucker: I love his smile and that he is so pure and innocent right now and I love the anticpation of what he will become.
Eden: I love her feistiness and she is so friendly and unafraid of anything
Kolby: I love that he is so sweet and sensitive, he loves to cuddle and loves the younger kids and is very sensitive when someone is upset and I also love that he is so excited about things like art
Jordan: I love his sense of humor, he has such a quick wit and is also so friendly and outgoing, its the same things I love about his dad
Brady: I love that he is so dependable and trustworthy and I also love that he is very observant and thinks things through and works hard at whatever he does
Sam: I love his sense of humor and his friendliness and willingness to help everyone, I love that he is strong in the gospel and also works hard in the workworld, I also love the things he helps out with at home--especially the food!
Friends: Sam and I really enjoy being around people, we love our friends from the past and the new ones we've made, I appreciate the fact that they know me for who I am and that we can always have a good time
Family: I love all our extended family, its so nice when we do get to see them and they are always a great help to us too
Learning: I love learning about new things, that is why I love going to school and reading and researching things online
There are so many more things that I love but I think this post is getting to long so I'll just name a few and leave it at that:
the gospel and all that it entails, childrens' laughter, sweet treats, vacations, clothes, shopping for deals, taking a shower, dancing and watching dancing, playing games, analyzing people's families, peppermint patties, no-bake cookies, going to restaurants, date night, watching Sam and the kids play, Christmas, the smell of a baby after a bath, homemade bread, surprises for myself and doing it for others, house hunting, making lists, girls nights, a back rub, and I could go on but those are just a few of the things I love (and this is starting to sound like a familiar song!)
Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I guess that since I am so new to the blog world, this is my first Tag so let me give it a shot:

10 years ago... I was engaged to Sam. He was in Rexberg and I was in Provo trying to plan a wedding in California and keep up on classes at the same time. There were a lot of lot of long distance phone calls and yet I had my best semester at BYU. Sam was down almost every weekend and we spent a lot of time with friends and roommates.

Things on my to do list...(your probably don't really want to know because I'm a list maker and make really long lists, but here is a glimpse)

  • Make the boys lunches
  • Start planning a possible baby shower (or call to see if its happening)
  • Mail Tucker's announcement from the newspaper to family members
  • Find and then check mortgage papers to see when it adjusts (I'm a little nervous about this one)
  • Make a secret Valentine packet for Brady's teacher to put on his desk
  • Make some Valentine decorations to put out for the kids after they go to sleep
  • Check email
  • Blog
  • Pick up Kolby from school and his friend Katelynn and don't forget to turn in Brady's secret desk Valentine while I'm there
  • a load of laundry
  • plan something for dinner ahead of time
  • any cleaning I can talk myself into
  • help boys with homework
  • help boys get their chores done

If I were suddenly a billionaire... I would first hire someone to clean my house. Then I would pay off our house and buy another one and get a bigger car. I would clear up any other debt of course, maybe get a new wardrobe and take the family on a nice vacation. From there on out I would try to help others and start shopping at the Whole Foods store and hopefully become a really good investor.

3 Bad Habits ...

  1. I bite my nails
  2. I am also really bad about hanging up clothes, they just stay in no-so-neat piles in my closet
  3. Not sure if this is a habit, but I avoid calling people at almost all costs, I'm really uncomfortable on the phone

3 Places I have lived...

  1. Utah (springville and Provo)
  2. California (Sacramento area, Bay area, and Mountain House)
  3. Jerusalem

5 Jobs I've had...

  1. Sizzler
  2. BYU bookstore
  3. Medical billing and data entry for a Podiatrist
  4. Summer care for the school district
  5. Distance Learning at DeAnza College

5 Things people don't know about me...

  1. I'm quite anxious or afraid of one on one situations
  2. I was once told by the dentist that I have excessive saliva
  3. As a kid I used to say I could pop every joint in my body, I probably still can
  4. I love school, I wish I could be a full-time student
  5. I have eaten camel meat

That's about it, I just did it off the cuff so I probably will think of better answers later but now I tag: Laura, Cameo and Jana

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ordinary weekend happenings

I think it was just a pretty average weekend. It actually started on Thursday with Kolby being sick. He was laying down, so Eden insisted that she was sick and tried to lay down with Kolby but eventually got her own blanket and lay down on the other couch, but of course that only lasted about 5 minutes!
Friday, I kept Kolby home even though he seemed fine so we did go to the ward park day and he and Eden both had a great time and it was nice for me to get out too. That night I got a babysitter and Sam and I went out to Olive Garden with one of our nice gift cards. The great thing was that Tucker stayed contently in his carseat the entire time. He usually hates his carseat, but the best part was that he eventually fell asleep in his seat and stayed there until 10:30 pm. I hope this is a new trend.
Saturday, Sam and Brady started the pinewood derby car. At one point Sam actually broke it so they went to get another kit (pre-cut) at Michaels and when they got back the other one that had been glued seemed pretty solid so now they are doing both to see which one is faster. I think they are having a good time working on it. The neighbor boy was over and excited to help with it too. In the afternoon I went to Safeway and saved $113! I was pretty proud of myself but maybe I'm just a little crazy. I really only bought the sale items. As I was stacking the cake mixes and brownie mixes on the counter (they were only 69 cents), the lady in front of me said "I'm coming to your house for dinner!" I don't know how long these will last me, but I can tell you we are set on desserts for food storage! That's not the only thing I bought, but I'm trying harder to be more careful with groceries and to stock up on the sale items that we really do use. Its kind of fun to see peoples reactions to what I buy! Anyway, that night we had three families over from the ward to play games. That was 13 kids all together but they actually did pretty well, not too much damage left to clean up and the adults had fun playing catch phrase. And I made brownies of course!
Sunday was church, of course, always a nice place to be! I was substituting for the 10 and 11 year old girls. It went alright, Tucker was pretty fussy, but the girls were really good and I could nurse him if I needed. Kolby started acting sick at church so he went to Sam's classes with him. He had been scheduled to do the scripture in primary that day so I asked Jordan to do it for him. At first he said no but I told him to think about what would be the right thing to do and at the end of Sacrament meeting he told me he would do it. He got up and read it really well without ever having looked at it. I was pretty proud of him. After church Sam played Book of Mormon match game with the boys and then Apples to Apples Jr. The boys had so much fun playing with dad and I loved to see that when it happens. Later he was cooking dinner and Eden insisted on helping and insisted on wearing her rainboots at the same time. I thought the boots looked lovely with her dress so I had to take the picture. The last picture is one the boys insisted on taking and setting up this pose.
Now we're back to the regular week. Yesterday there was no school so I expected to get a lot done with the boys but Kolby was acting sick again and Brady and Jordan played outside with the neighbors most of the day. Which sounds good but for some reason it was a really long day and it didn't help that Sam was gone to Atlanta, but today is a lot better. We were able to go to the park and everything just seems much smoother, I guess its because we're back to our regular routine. Anyway, all in all it was a very ordinary weekend, in the future I would probably barely remember it so I wanted to have record of our everyday life.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sam at work

I was just noticing that I haven't posted anything in a while and I do have some stuff to write about and I don't feel like it right now, but I did notice that Sam took a bunch of pictures at work for a company event so I thought I would post a few. He does work really hard and seems to be good at it so I am extremely grateful for his hard work for our family.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Thank You Aunt Nicki

Sometimes people give you gifts that just end up being perfect. One such gift is this little gymboree dinosaur outfit that Sam's sister Nicki gave us for Brady when he was born. As you can see it has lasted for all four boys and still looks cute. I think it has even been worn by two of my friends little boys, Kristi's son Baird and I think maybe Shamay's son Tyce. So thank you Nicki, it has been a great present! (and I had to include this last picture because his expression is just too funny, these pictures of Tucker happened when I was trying to recreate Kolby's picture with Tucker in a similar pose)

Friday, February 1, 2008

Blue and Gold Dinner

Brady has his first blue and gold dinner for cub scouts last night and he and Sam were supposed to make a cake together. They decided on going with the "blue and gold" theme so they won the award for the cake that "most represents the scouting program"
Everyone got a medal but Sam thinks he, I mean, "they" might have recieved a better award if the judges had known the cake was blue and gold inside also. He really did let Brady help, but he did take on a lot of it. Now we have the pinewood derby coming up, lets see how that goes!!!