Friday, March 28, 2008

Eden swingin'

I just have time to do a quick post about Eden. She was swinging at the park with her friend Aidan and we thought it was cute so his mom got some pictures on her phone and it will also be great if on a slight chance they end up together someday, it would be fun to look back. We did realize that their names would be funny together and actually most of the other little kids can't differentiate between the two names. I also realized the chances of Eden marrying a boy named Aiden are very high since it is the number 1 name on the social security name list, I guess we should have considered that when naming her! Oh well, it will make for a fun story!

I do have to remind myself of Eden's cute times because she has had some challenging times lately as well. She has figured out how to open doors finally and has run out the front door and keeps sneaking into Brady's room, where we hid the Easter baskets, to help herself to every one's treats. Sam made cinnamon rolls the other day and she kept trying to get more on the counter. She first pushed a chair over and we moved it away. Then she pushed other chairs so we closed them all (they were folding chairs), so then she pushed a step stool over so Brady put it on the table. We thought we had all our bases covered and she had given up. Then I noticed that she was pulling things out of the kitchen drawers and didn't think much of it because that is her spot to play in the kitchen until I realized that she was emptying all four of them to turn them into a ladder to climb up to the counter. This girl does not give up! I know that when I first started typing this I had some cute things to write that she had said but now I can't remember them so I'll post them later if I think of it, it's just too late at night and I can't think anymore! Good night! (Sam has already been asleep for 2 or 3 hours, he fell asleep in front of the TV sometime while I was doing laundry upstairs which is probably why I actually got more done than I expected tonight and got to this blog, but now I don't know if I should wake him up to tell him to go upstairs or let him sleep in the recliner!)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Green, Green, Green!

We had a great St. Patrick's Day! I took a bunch of pictures but I never got one of me in my shamrock socks. I'll bet my roommates from BYU that read this will laugh at me because I still have them (with one hole in the big toe). I got them for all of us our second Christmas at BYU, they probably don't even remember them, but yes, I still hang on to them 12 years later because it makes me smile to think of the fun times we had. I wore them to the party we went to at my friend's house, she had the whole Mother's Club there, I think she is brave to do that! It was fun, the kids ate green foods and made shamrock necklaces and mostly made a mess of her house. The fun part for me was that I ended up staying all day, I even went and picked up the boys from school and came back. She said we should stay and another friend stayed as well, so hopefully it wasn't an intrusion but it was really nice to have a change from the ordinary routine and the kids had a great time and we sat and talked all afternoon. When we hit 4:30 we realized we really had to end the party so reluctantly we all went home but I had these great plans of a green dinner for the kids. By the time we got home and got the homework and the
chores done I had lost track of time and so we didn't end up eating my green dinner until 7:30 and everything that could go wrong did. When it finally came out we had cucumbers, green applesauce, green mashed

and chicken in a green sauce. The kids ate pretty well, probably because they were starving by then, but Sam could not get the mental idea of the green food out of his mind and struggled to eat it, but even though the dinner had its problems, the kids still thought it was cool and I thought it was a fun day! Thank you Danelle for letting us play all day!

(p.s. I'm trying to do what one of my aforementioned roommates Sandra does on her blog with the big words although my post doesn't look near as cool as hers does!)

My thinking weekend

This was an unusual weekend because I was put in a position to think about a lot of things. We found out on Thursday that Sam's Great Aunt Joan had passed away and the funeral was fairly near us so we found something to do with Eden and Kolby and we went to the funeral. I think funerals lead us to think about things anyway, but this was fairly unusual because I had never met her and all this time didn't even know that she lived so close to us. I felt a little sad too, that there were only a few people there, but it was planned quickly so I know it was too fast for some people and we did still have 12 of us from Sam's family and a few neighborhood people. It just made me think about the impact I make in everyday life. I really hope I'm making a positive impact or that people would remember me positively. I really like doing things with people, Sam and I are both really social in our own ways and together, but for instance, there was a girls night/baby shower the other night for some people in our ward and I was very excited to go and get out and I had a nice time, I talked with different people and what not, but always after something like that I come home and feel insecure, its hard to explain I guess, I feel like I didn't have much to add, I'm definitely not the life of the party and I think that the times I did say things sounded awkward and I go back through what I said and get after myself, if that makes any sense. So at times like that I wonder if I'm really having an impact and intellectually most of the time I think that is really silly. I know I have friends and I know I can have intelligent conversations, so I can't understand why I get so sensitive. It especially seems to be happening a lot lately and I think I can chalk it up to living in a new place and having a newborn. So enough of my ramblings now, I feel like I should go back and delete all of this as I think of all the people that might read it, but I won't, I will leave it here for all to see because to me this has been one of my purposes with this blog, is to let people see the real me since I don't always express it so well. So overall, the funeral was a good experience, I love a chance to do some good deep thinking, plus my lesson the next day was on extended family so it gave me some great examples to share with the girls and finally it was really fun to spend time with Sam's family, we all went to Olive Garden after and we enjoyed getting a little time with his grandparents and Uncle Scott since we don't see them too often. Jordan was very sweet, we were trying to arrange for him to go somewhere on Sat. but things kept falling through and we had one last option and I asked him if he wanted to go with this family from the ward to the Easter Egg hunt and have fun or go to the funeral with the family but it would be pretty boring and he chose the funeral. After we left the funeral he mentioned something about it being boring and I said I had warned him of that and he said "but I did get to be with family, right? So it was still good"

Easter eggs

It really kills me that I'm posting things out of order, but I just figure I've got to do what, I can when I can or I will never get it done. I'm posting the Easter egg one because I just got back from mutual and we made these cupcake/Easter egg/nest things with the girls and I thought I would post the picture and since I'm on an Easter theme here I can include the eggs. We colored eggs with the kids on Sunday because we knew we wouldn't have another chance. Its nice that the boys are all old enough now to have fun and do it without assistance so we let them do it while Eden was asleep and then I helped her do a few after she woke up and of course they all had a great time and came up with some fun looking eggs, unlike my cupcake thingy from mutual, is could have been cute but I think we all just started throwing on as many toppings as we could, just because we could!

Catch up

So I feel like I am way behind on my blogging, so over the next couple of days I'll try and post a bunch of little things to catch up. That's really the problem when I get busy enough to have a lot to post then I also don't have enough time to do it! Anyway, I also have another goal, and that is to try and start commenting on peoples blogs at least with a short message just to say that I've seen it. Its always so fun to read comments on mine but I so rarely comment on others so I'm going to try and catch the blogs I read every once in a while, but I do have one question, what do you do if someone asks you a question on your comments? Do you answer on another comment or on another post or do you just ignore it? I could email some of the people, but sometimes I don't even have their email address and I don't want to publish my email address for the world to see. I guess this question is for those of you more experienced bloggers, let me know!!! These pictures are from the boys awards assemble at school a few weeks ago. My friend Danelle took these for me with their teachers, they both got citizenship awards for getting at least 10 O's (outstandings) on their report card. Oh, and it was twin day at school which is why they are dressed alike, Brady is the first picture with his friend and his teacher and Jordan is the second picture with his teacher.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comb over

Tucker's hair is falling out! I think he is starting to look like a balding old man with a comb over but I am anxious to see what kind of hair grows in. My sister Laura and Jessica were here for the past three days and these are some of the pictures she took.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


So it is no secret to those who know me that I love Winco. I always feel like I save so much money when I'm there and you know how much I love a good deal. Anyway, there is no Winco here but I discovered that there was one in Brentwood 22 miles away, so I talked two friends into making the trek up there with me on Friday night. Of course it was just nice to get out with the girls and have a break from the kids, but I also stocked up! My cart was so full it barely fit and I got 150 items for around $200. I don't know if my friends were as impressed as I always am but it was sitll a fun night out. The only problem was that Sam had convinced me that if I took his car I would have plenty of room, more than in my car. I must have been crazy to believe that because we barely made it. We had the trunk completely shoved full and the front seat had several bags on the floor and the backseat was crammed with bags as well. We will definitely take a van next time! So I guess I'm posting this for Jana and maybe there are a few other super saver shopper types who read this and might also be impressed!

Eden's first braids

I took these a few weeks ago because it was Eden's very first braids. You can't see how bad the part was but maybe you can see how fat one braid is and skinny the other one is! I am to0 impatient to get it right and she is too impatient to let me but the braids were still fun even though they were a bit whacky!

Pointless arguments

I'm not going to sit here and totally analyze the data but it appears that Sam and I each won and lost our arguments a little bit. It all started because Sam wanted me to call around to my friends and see if I could find a food scale to borrow to weigh the pinewood derby car. I didn't want to call because I didn't think anyone would have one, but of course the first person he called, Danelle, had one so he was trying to tell me how common they are and almost everyone has one, he said him mom had like 5! Then he said it was just like a meat thermometer, we only recently got one and that is also something everyone else has. I told him he was wrong on both accounts and that I would start polling people. So it looks like I was wrong on the meat thermometer and he was wrong on the food scale! So like I said, we both win and we both lost and who really cares anyway!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some tidbits from today

I just had some random tidbits to post for today:

  • The boys had crazy hat day at school today so I took the pictures this morning before they left and Eden had to have her "hat" (the clown wig) too.
  • Tucker had his two month appointment today and he is now 12 lbs. 10 oz which puts him in the 75th percentile for weight and 24 1/4 inches long which puts him in the 85th percentile for height. I knew he was pretty tall because he is swimming in the tops/shoulders of 3-6 month one piece outfits yet they are already getting too tight in the length.
  • When we were in the Walmart parking lot today, I said to Eden, "Look at the big truck" and she said "that's daddy's truck" except that her tr is the "f" sound, so I said "what?" and she said it again the same way so I tried to tell her the right way to say it but she just kept saying it over and over and then she started pointing to each truck in the parking lot saying "more truck ...more truck" except with "f" sound still of course, I guess its a good thing she didn't understand why I was laughing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Tucker's blessing

I did not get the kind of pictures I wanted for this blessing. We took a few pictures real fast before we went into church and then never got the camera out again so I feel bad that we didn't get all the people who stood in the circle or one with my dad or with Sam's grandpa plus the ones we took before church are not all the greatest because I thought we would get more later, but at least I have these! The blessing turned out really nicely. On Saturday I had a migraine so I was getting a little worried about not being completely prepared, but we managed to get most of our plans taken care of so things went pretty smoothly. Sam's family came the night before and helped get the food ready in the morning. At the church we met up with my dad, my sister Laura and neice Jessica (my mom was really sick and didn't make it down), Sam's Grandma and Grandpa Farley, Sam's aunt and uncle Mike and Rosalyn and their sons Adam and Drew and our friend Korie and her three kids. It wasn't as many people as we expected, but we were really glad everyone could come down and make it, and it was enough that I still felt bad that I didn't get to spend much time talking to everyone at our house before they had to leave, but we did have a few friends from our ward that stopped by and were able to stay for a while after everyone else left, so it ended up being a nice full day of celebrating Tucker. The blessing itself was really neat, everyone kept telling us to make sure we went home and recorded it, specifically a certain part where he talked about some missionary work for Tucker in the future. It was also fun to have everyone at church with us. In YW they were introducing the new board and we each had to say something that the others wouldn't guess about us so I said that I could do the splits at anytime and anyplace, even when I'm pregnant so of course they wanted me to do it right then, so Kyrie (Korie's daughter), Jessica and Daya got to witness me doing the splits for the Young Women! Overall, I'm happy with the day and how everything went and am grateful for family and friends that love and support us. I think I had more to say but Tucker is now crying again so this is the end!