Monday, April 28, 2008

A simple moment in time

I just finished reading the book Stargirl for a book club and there was a little part about capturing the everyday moments. Today I had a moment and I thought I'd better get it recorded before I forget. I brought out a few summer hats for Eden to pick to wear today. We left the house to go get Kolby from school and Eden found a little sand shovel that one of the boys had left out in the front yard. She picked it up and brought it with her. I made sure to take the dirt path to school and she stopped every 10 feet to scoop up some dirt and toss it somewhere else. She would sometimes say to me "excuse me" which sounded more like "skumay" to get me to stop so should could get her next scoop. We also stopped to smell the weeds that had purple flowers on them and were at least 10 feet away from us, and then the little yellow ones. We watched 2 different squirrels run to their holes. All of this was on the less than a mile walk to school. Near the school I tried to get her to hurry so I pointed out someone from our ward to her that was at the school and said we needed to hurry to see her. By the time we got there, she was gone and Eden said "where Sisser Sales?" I thought she would have forgotten. After we got Kolby, he caught a ladybug and they marveled at that for a while and we were bringing his friend from the ward home that day also. On the way home, Eden would run up behind them and say "Kolby, K-, I coming!" and then later, "Here I come guys, ha, ha! " Then she held both of their hands to cross the street. Not this time, but most of the time when we are out she sings "Fwinkle, Fwinkle, wittle Tar" at the top of her lungs all the way through, sometimes, to "help" with Tucker and sometimes just for spontaneous fun. Its so nice for me to get to take part in such simple joys!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

I know this is not a great picture but we snapped it because it showcases our garage sale finds last Saturday. We didn't get anything of much substance but we did find some fun things for Eden. One house had a ton of little girl things about her size and everything was a quarter so I got 12 items and spent a whopping $3. Where else can you get such fun stuff for so little money?! Included was the Dora nightgown in the picture. I got the horse at another sale and was planning on saving it for something special but I never got it hidden. I wish I had a camera near to catch her expression when she saw it and then again when she realized it made trotting noises (I probably would have thought twice if I realized it made noises when I bought it). She played with it all evening and if you asked her its name, first she said "chka, chka, chka" which was her trotting noise, but later she decided to name it "Naaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Beautiful Spring Day

Today is just turning out to be a beautiful spring day. It is warm with a nice little breeze. We went to the ward park day and someone brought some otter pops that she wanted to get rid of and let the kids have as many as they wanted. I think Eden had at least 10 if not more. I was happy that she was asking so nicely and on her own so I didn't stop her. I don't think you can tell but there are drips all down the front of her shirt.

After the park, we brought one of Kolby's friend's back with us while his mom went to Costco and since it was so nice I brought Tucker out in the bounce seat and sat out and read while they played. Eden is getting pretty good at the scooter, I think she believes she could keep up with her brothers although she is not quite there yet.

She also loves to ride the skateboard, she rolls around on her stomach. I just love a day like this!

Blogging safety?

I've been thinking a lot about blogging safety and am trying to decide what I am comfortable with and what I should change. I still have a hard time believing that anyone is actually interested in what I have to say, but that being said, I do know that there are a few of you out there who actually read this. I like that it is your choice to read it or not, that way I can really write it for me so for that reason I prefer to keep my blog public. At the same time, as a parent I should of course consider how my postings may effect my family. Any suggestions on what is safe and what isn't? I still will continue to post about my everyday life as a mom which includes things about my kids but I may possibly go back and take out there names in the posts. I think I may start using yet-to-be determined nicknames for them in case I decide to make the change but I'm not sure if it matters. Also, if I have your name on our friends list and you want your last name removed, let me know. So let me know if you have any suggestions for me to think about and I may or may not change things. BTW, thank you Beth for making me think about it, I think you felt bad, but it was actually a good thing in my case!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tucker update

I've been meaning to do a Tucker update ever since he turned 3 months old so I'm finally getting to it today. Really, he is a very smiley baby. All of my babies and I think most babies are pretty smiley, and I was thinking he was over the top with his smiles but I thought I was just imagining it but then one day Sam said "he really smiles a lot more than the other kids" so it confirmed my suspicions that Tucker is an extremely smiley kid! The fun part is that he smiles with his hole body, as the smile spreads across his face, his whole body sort of convulses with it, it is so cute! Now that's not to say he is always a happy baby. In fact, I would say he is a fairly fussy baby in the daytime, mostly because he wants constant attention and holding, but when he gets that, boy is he happy. He is also usually a pretty good sleeper, often sleeping 6-8 or hours at night, I think swaddling has a direct correlation to this. We discovered swaddling with Brady and we have done it with every kid but with Eden I discovered these swaddle blankets (pictured below) and I love them. They can't kick out of them and I think it really works to help them sleep longer. Tucker was getting to big for the one we had so I started leaving his arms out and he just wasn't sleeping so I just got this blue one in a bigger size and he is back to sleeping really well again. Another thing that works with Tucker sometimes is singing. Another thing I discovered with Brady is that singing could stall a meltdown when I can't get to him like in the car or when I'm in the shower and back then I developed a repritoire that I sang continuously because if I paused he would cry. I noticed the other day when I was in the shower and Tucker started to fuss I started singing the exact same thing without a thought, my routine of songs is so memorized because I have sung it in that order so many times, it goes like this (those of you who went to girls camp with me will recognize many of the songs): Give Said the Little Stream, If you chance to Meet a Frown, I'm all made of hinges, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, You can Plant a Watermelon, Jr. Birdman, I'm a Nut, The Skunk song, Poor Little Bug on the Wall, I know a weiny man, and then I vary from there but sometimes go into more primary songs or more girls camp songs depending on my mood. It is fun that Tucker gets to share in a little something that has been the same for all 5 kids.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Birthday fun, food and friends

Yesterday was my birthday and it turned out to be a fun one this year. It came at the end of a busy week with a joy school meeting, a stake YW meeting and my brother coming to visit for a couple of hours with his wife Heather. That was a short but nice visit and she cut my hair for me, I'll have to get Sam to take a better picture of it and post it soon.

After the kids got out of school yesterday, I met my mom halfway between here and Sac. and she took all of the kids except Tucker to spend one night with her and one night with Sam's parents. That was probably one of the best birthday gifts of all, to have our family be so willing to help and give me a break, so thank you! Also, thank you for all the calls and well wishes from everyone. But back to my story...we went out to Chevy's with friends from the ward, I actually share a birthday with a good friend here so we celebrated together, our husbands organized it for us. The best part was after dinner when we all came back to our house for games, we were laughing so hard we were crying. You know how Sam gets when he has an audience! Well, he was going strong and had another guy from the ward that he went back and forth with (kinda like Sam and Nate do when they get together) and were just on a roll, good times!! Sam also had us play 2 thruths and a lie which always turns out to be fun even though we grumble about it at first! We decided that next time we play, we will do 2 truths and a lie about our spouse. It really was a fun group last night and I think the people who couldn't make it really missed out!

As for gifts, I told Sam I just wanted to go shopping but he did have the kids help him choose me some little treats and some flowers that we opened yesterday morning and then because we were kidless, we spent the whole today the way I wanted it. I had a bit of an upset stomach all day so I didn't quite get to enjoy it like I planned, but it still was a good time for me. Tracy had a city-wide garage sale today so we went out to some of those this morning. Then we hit several of the newer model homes in Mountain House that we hadn't seen yet. We always have fun looking at the models. I like to see how they decorate and we always choose which one we would pick if we could. Finally we headed up to Brentwood for some clothes shopping and a Winco trip, with some dinner at Mimi's in between. I guess it doesn't sound so exciting but it was just a lot of little things that I never find the time to do and I'm happy to have them done. Now Sam has friends over watching the "Pay-per-view fights" and I'm supposed to be working on my lesson. It will be weird to be at church tomorrow without all the kids, we'll actually be able to listen! but even though it has been a nice break, I'm looking forward to seeing them tomorrow!

Thank you to everyone who had a part in making my day special!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Those crazy kids...

It seems like I am on an emotional roller coaster lately, Tucker has been waking up more than usual at night so I'm sure the sleep deprivation has something to do with it, but these kids moments make up for it! Brady decided to sit in this bucket for FHE, he claims it is comfortable so we had a nice lesson about following the prophet while Brady sat in the bucket the whole time. It was a good lesson, it was a follow-up to conference and the week before we talked about Pres. Monson and how we would be sustaining him and we did a little packet about his life and ask them to pray and ask for their own witness of the prophet as they sustained him. I think conference turned out to be a good experience for them which was my goal!

It has also been really nice that the weather has been beautiful. I've started walking to pick Kolby up and I think it is helping to tire out Eden and Tucker. Friday was an especially great day, we had our ward park day and were able to stay out for a long time, I actually got a little burned and Tucker was so warn out that he fell asleep in the bumbo chair on the counter at home, it is actually a miracle because I have a hard enough time getting him to fall asleep with my help! It was also nice to pull out some of the summer clothes. This weekend was the first time Tucker was able to wear the Steve Young jersey onsie that all our boys have worn. Then, that night we had pizza and hung out with some friends. It was one of those nights when we were getting ready for bed that I told Sam I really wouldn't mind staying here.

Sunday I was at the lower end of the roller coaster for some reason. I couldn't really explain why, just a lot of little things that I let get to me, but luckily I'm past that already and I always have Eden's cute antics since she is at that age. Today, I didn't hear her for a while so of course we all know that is the time to check, but luckily she was just in the bathroom getting into her hair things, she had decided to put all of her headbands on at once and then go sit in her Easter Basket.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stockton's Children Museum

We got back from SF Tuesday afternoon and Sam crashed for a few hours and I almost immediately got started with the unpacking and cleaning up. I wouldn't usually be that on top of things but I knew that I was meeting my friends from Sac. at the children's museum and then they were coming to my house after. I know my friends wouldn't care if my house was a mess but it was going to be the first time that some of them saw it so I wanted to do the extra details, especially since the upstairs needed it badly anyway so I stayed up super late working on it. Then it turned out that no one was able to come down to my house but of course I was glad to have a nice clean house anyway although I probably would have cut the cleaning short an hour earlier if I had known! Oh, well, it's my own fault for worrying about it! The museum was fun for the kids and fun for me to see my friends.

Two of the favorite things were the water table and the mini grocery store, plus a magnet display they opened at the end.

And of course, Kolby always loves art. He spent a good deal of time working on his paintings in the art room. So if you've noticed that three days in a row of museums but the kids didn't care, they loved them, but I was happy to get out to a mother's club dinner that night for a change and the rest of the week was nice and calm. On Thurs. morning we had two boys over from the ward that are Brady and Jordan's age and then we swapped in the afternoon and all 3 boys went to their house, so they had a blast and I got to relax a bit. Friday we found the DVD of all the home videos from 1999 to 2005 so we started watching and kept thinking it would end soon but it turned out to be 7 hours long and we spent the whole day watching it! Talk about a relaxing day, we did almost nothing and the kids loved it! All in all, it was a good spring break and I was sad for it to be over so fast!


Our second day in San Francisco we hit the exploritorium. We didn't get many pictures because we were so busy, there was so much to do and the kids had a blast. The place is huge. I followed Eden around as she zipped from one place to the other and Sam went with the boys a little more slowly as they were amazed by each thing. I wish we could have stayed longer but after over three hours Eden and Tucker were worn out and it got really crowded, but we'll definitely have to do it again sometime. I'm not sure what the boys were doing in their picture but there was air blowing up out of the cone and Eden was throwing it up and watching it float.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Of course we had to eat on our trip so we made a stop at the Rainforest Cafe, Eden was fascinated with the animals, she just sat and stared at some of them. For breakfast the next morning we went to IHOP and Sam and Kolby did this to his hair, I think it is time for a haircut but they both refuse!

Fisherman's wharf

To continue...I took Brady and Jordan and Tucker to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum which they were fascinated by and Sam took Kolby and Eden and the camera to the aquarium and then we all met up & walked around Pier 39.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A hotel!

Sam decided to take the Monday and Tuesday off for Sring Break so we headed up to San Francisco and stayed in a hotel for the night. The kids were so excited to stay at a hotel and just about the first thing they did was about the same thing they would want to do home, sit in front of the TV! It was cute that they were all sitting together so we had to take the picture. We didn't sit for long, we took this picture in front of the statue that was in front of our hotel, then we set off for the wharf and then when we got back in the evening the boys had to go for a swim. It was so windy that I was freezing while I sat and watched them swim in the heated pool but they had such a good time that they didn't mind getting out in the cold at the end.

More Easter Pictures

I just had a few more pictures from Easter. We spent the day at my parents house and the kids did the Easter egg hunt after church in my parents backyard but I forgot to bring the Easter baskets up there so brown bags had to do and Eden used Jessica's basket. It was a fun, relaxed day with a yummy dinner and hanging out and then we headed back to Sam's parents house at bedtime and snuck in a game of Rook after the kids were all settled. Overall it was a pretty restful weekend and the kids had a great time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Organizing Unnecessary Things

I must interject into my spring break log to talk about today. I feel pretty proud of myself for getting some things organized. Of course it is nothing that needed to be organized like my messy closet under the stairs, but it still feels good because I've been meaning to do them for a long time plus I enjoy organizing these kinds of things. Really, it was a bunch of binders! The kids have a binder that lists their chores for the day and things like that and I made a cute cover and back for the binder. Then I printed out the March postings on this blog and put them in a new binder with a coverings for that as well. Finally, I have always saved things from magazines for future reference but have never organized and I finally took one magazine and put each page I wanted to save in sheet protectors and put them into a binder. I've been meaning to do that for years and now it will be easier to add to it and I do feel quite accomplished. The best thing was when the boys looked through the blog postings which go back to last July, they really liked it and Kolby said "Is this all about our family?" I love that he was excited about it and I felt like I'm actually doing some family history for our family. It also makes this blog that much more important to me. Thank you to all of you who read it enough to keep me at it, all the while preserving memories for my family!

Easter weekend

To continue with my spring break posting...Friday night Sam and I and his mom (and Tucker) went out to sushi. I'm getting more into the sushi thing every time I go! Sam's dad doesn't like Sushi so his mom was so glad to have someone to go with and Tucker did well. Then we headed back to their house for a night of Phase 10.

Saturday ended up being really laid back. I didn't realize that there would be nothing going on so I probably could have planned some things with some friends. Sam had to go do a little work out our Citrus Heights house but I did run out and do a little shopping in the afternoon. I headed over to Once Upon A Child because we don't have those down here and stocked up on some summer clothes for the kids. It's a good thing I did too, Tucker kept having blow outs the rest of the weekend, one while I was there in the store, and I hadn't packed enough clothes for that many changes! I used three of the 4 outfits I bought for him! I would have shopped some more but he wouldn't have it so we headed back up to Sam's parent's house. We did go to Leatherby's that night with a couple of friends that happened to be the ones Sam and his mom worked with for a short while so we had a great time laugh about those few months and it was nice to be able to leave Tucker who was already asleep.

Easter morning was rushed but fun. The kids got their baskets after the boys were all ready for church because we planned to be at my mom's ward at 9:00 and it was almost an hour away. We did have a chance to take a bunch of pictures in the morning before we left which is good because by the time we got to my mom's house after church they were too anxious to get out and do the Easter egg hunt so we only managed to get one picture that I will include in the next post.

These are a bunch of the pictures we took that morning including the silly one they wanted to take with Daya and Eli and don't forget to see the cute pictures of Tucker alone that morning 2 posts past!