Monday, June 30, 2008

Biggest Loser

Sam was in a biggest Loser competition for 8 weeks and he lost a total of 38 pounds! He actually came in 4th place by percentage so he didn't receive the big prizes but he did actually lose the most pounds and out of 60-70 people in such a short time, that is quite impressive. Here are his before and after pictures, but expect more after pictures in the future as he signs up for the next 8 week session! Way to go Sam!

Thrifty living

I sent Sam off gathering my thrifty finds last Saturday. We bought the little play structure from someone in our ward and the whole family worked to help set it up and I also found the red couch, chair and ottoman on Craiglist for $40. It's not in the greatest shape, but it is super comfy and I've always wanted a red couch. I was really just looking for something for the kids to sit in while they are reading and this is what I stumbled upon, so luckily we have a great friends that let us borrow their truck and Sam grabbed our home teacher and went up to get it for me. Isn't he great?!!! But like I said, it is very comfortable so after he finished all the gathering he fell right to sleep!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer Days

After the reuinion we headed back home to finally begin our normal summer. I guess nothing is ever normal for us and we had to hurry back to write our talks for Father's Day the next day. I was really worried about it because I usually prepare a little more than that, plus we were having the family that was left come down to hear our talks and BBQ that day. It was the first time Deveren and Kiara were seeing our house but it was huge disaster since we had basically been gone for two weeks and although I know they don't care, I was really worried about it. Everything turned out fine of course, well, I'm not sure about my talk, in the beginning I said I would be short and I ended up going on forever plus I totally forgot everything I wanted to say in our intro. so I felt bad and incomplete but Sam did a great job even though I left him very little time. It was fun to have all the visitors with us, Sam had Nate and Deveren and Kiara help him teach his class. After church we hung out and played games and it was really nice to get to spend some time with Deveren and Kiara since it has been so long and we hadn't felt like we spent as much time with them at the reunion as every one else and we were also just meeting their liitle daughter.

We kept Eli here for the week when everyone left and he got to enjoy some of our summer fun. I told the kids that they would earn media points for everytime they read or played outside. They all took it very seriously and started to store up as many minutes as they could, I told Eli he didn't have to, but he wanted to and it took him a while to realize that it wouldn't do him much good to store so many because he would be leaving. By the third day they had around 13 hours and finally started to use up their minutes on 30 minutes of video games here and there but Eli was still hoarding his points. It was nice to see them all spending hours reading together and playing outside. At one point, Brady said to Eli "Can't we just do something that doesn't earn points?!" The excitement has since worn off but the system is still working out pretty well. We all spent some time swimming and going to the park with the water fountains. Jordan wanted me to get a picture of him riding his bike.We look forward to lots of fun summer days.

Floor time

During some of the down time I got some pictures of McKay and Heather's daughter with Tucker but most pictures didn't turn out great because they kept moving!

Borgia Reunion

The main reason we went up to Sac. was for the Borgia Reunion and it was a lot of fun. It felt short but it was fun to see everyone. We had swimming time and a water park and a temple day. For the family night, Sam, his mom and I put together a jeopardy game about his grandpa because he is turning 80 this year and I think the game turned out well. Brady especially liked the question about when G.Grandpa became a great grandfather because it happened to be his own birthday and he knew that answer! I feel like there is a lot more I should have remembered to write about the week but enough time has passed that all I can really remember is that we had fun and the kids really enjoyed all the other kids and we enjoyed spending time with all the aunts and uncles and cousins plus all the extra time with Sam's siblings. We of course still played games most nights after the reunion stuff was done.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"The most perfect day of the year..."

To quote Sam: "Today is the most perfect day to have a birthday...6 months before Christmas and 6 months after Christmas!" So happy birthday to my wonderful dh, Sam! I'm so happy to celebrate another birthday with you, I think this will be the 15th year I've celebrated it with you. You still keep me laughing just the way you did 17 years ago when I met you, has it really been that long?!!! It feels like just yesterday we went to Olive Garden and to see Lion King for your birthday and I think I even made you a mixed tape or there were the times I was putting together packages to mail to you. Even though so many birthdays have passed, you're not really that old, but I guess you do look a bit more grown up from the time I met you which is around the time of this picture below, but I still think of you as the same best friend I met back then. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Daya did a Family Home Evening lesson for everyone on Monday night and all the kids paid attention, and I think that Sam took the rest of the pictures of what everyone else was doing during the lesson (Nate was sick so he has a good excuse!)


After school got out, we headed straight up to Sam's parent's house for the reunion. It didn't officially start for a few days, but his brother Nate was already there with his two kids and his sister Nicki with her four kids so we had several days that we just got to hang out with them. The kids loved spending time with their cousins, Nate's daughter M- was sick in the beginning so Eden and C- (Nicki's) little girl spend a lot of time together and had a great time. Eden keps saying "friend...come see this" or "friend...let's play" and things like that so we kept trying to remind her of her name and that it was her cousin. We got to go to church together and the grown-ups (and Daya one night) stayed up really late every night playing scum and other games and we all went to a park with water fountains one day. These next two pictures are partly for Mandi who wanted to see how small Eden actually is because C- is also really small but a year and a half older.

This last picture is from the night the other Farleys came to dinner and Adam brought his girlfriend. The kids pretty much swarwed him the whole time, whether it was wrestling or just playing guessing games, they were all glued to him.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Alone time

Another fun part of the trip was some alone time. First, Sam and I took a few hours to do some shopping and go out to lunch, which was really nice to have a "date." I also especially liked my time at the hotel during Sam's meetings. I was worried that I would be stuck, but it turned out to be sooooooooooooo nice! I had a whole day of just swimming, and reading and napping and relaxing and then I got to join him for the nice dinner in the hotel. It was so nice to do just do what I felt like at my leisure and all I had to worry about was Tucker. When I went swimming I took him in for a few minutes but then he got tired and I put him to sleep and he stayed there in his stroller while I swam for an hour. I don't think I could do that day all the time, but it sure would be nice to have a day like that every couple of months. The picture is of Tucker in the hotel room which is also showing the beginnings of him sitting up on his own.

The last day of school

We made it back from Arizona in time to be here for the last two days of school. Kolby's kindergarten class did a little performance with several songs so I was able to catch a few pictures and all three boys were excited to be done for the year as was I.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Longtime friends

While we were in Arizona, we didn't have a lot of time, but we wanted to make sure and schedule and evening with friends. It was too bad Sandra wasn't able to make it, but we were really glad to get to see Wendi and Jed and their baby Cole at dinner at B.J.'s and then back to Mandi's for games. It's always fun to see what is going on with old friends. (and I don't mean old in age, just old in that we have history!)

Our wiggle worm

Tucker became a different kid over the two weeks of travels. Before we left, if someone had asked me if he might crawl as early as Eden did (5 months) I would have said "no way, he hardly moves and he still only rolls over one way and doesn't sit up" but now if you ask me, it wouldn't surprise me. He suddenly moves all over the place and sits up, notice the picture above, he is smiling with his pacifier in his mouth. He now scoots backwards and he also gets up on his knees and rocks. The funniest thing is when he wants to get something in front of him, he gets up on his knees and then rocks and then pushes off his toes propelling himself forward. The rest of these pictures are me trying to get him to do it for a picture. Mostly he just sat and laughed at me or rolled or scooted but finally I got one of him up on his knees.

Mandi's family

It was fun to spend time with Mandi's family while we were there. When we first walked in A- said "who are you?" but then she wanted to be around us as much as she could. All the kids seemed to really enjoy Tucker and we got to know the new little A- in the family. We only wished we could have had the rest of our kids there with us to enjoy their cousins but we did talk to them a lot about each other. Also, on Sunday, K- asked Sam to take her up to share her testimony and he enjoyed that, although it did confuse the people in the ward until he spoke after her and explained who he was. The top pictures are obviously Tucker and little A-, at first he was holding her hand and then I think he was trying to cuddle with her and below was when O- was laying on the floor playing with him.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Spending time with Mandi

Most of the time we were in Arizona, we spent with Sam's sister Mandi and her family. We had fun going out to eat and playing games. Mandi and I also got a chance to do a little shopping and hit D.I. , there were so many fun things that we actually ran out of time and I had only made it to the book section! Then Sam and Jason went to see Iron Man that evening. At one point Mandi was driving us somewhere and couldn't figure out what was happening to her car since it had never happened to her, but from past experience Sam knew that it was running out of gas. Luckily we weren't too far from their house and Jason was able to bring a little bit of gas over to get us to the gas station. We were really glad to be able to spend time with them, especially since they couldn't make it to the reunion.