Friday, June 26, 2009

Ramona Quimby aka Eden

When Eden wakes up in the morning she usually comes into my room and has me turn on her show and I doze for a few more minutes. Today was the same until I woke up and hear noises in the bathroom. I asked her what she was doing and she said "I just wanted my hair to be cut!" I jumped up as quick as I could and this is what I found on the floor along with a trail across the bathroom.

I guess that just about every girl does this at some point, some worse than others. Luckily hers was not too bad! Our hairdress friend Julie said she looked like a rocker girl, she actually did a good job if that had been what she was going for. She only did a small section on top almost down to the roots, the rest was different chunks spread around between shoulder and neck level and her hair was already pretty long, almost the 10 inches I was aiming for. I didn't event take a picture because it blended in well enough that you couldn't really tell unless you were looking closely.
Luckily we have a good friend, Julie, who is a hairdresser and she was able to turn it into something really cute. I just think she looks a bit like Ramona Quimby now, from the Beverly Cleary books!

It really is a cute look, she looks so much older to me and she was so exited about it. Most of the time she was getting it cut, she was trying to hold in a huge smile. And Julie talked to her about the fact that she needed to see her if she wants a haircut in the future instead of doing it herself!

Sam had a birthday...

Shout Hurray! Yesterday was Sam's birthday, I'm afraid I wasn't very good at celebrating it, but we did manage to have cake and singing that night and we all gave him some golf related gifts. Eden was determined to make him a cake. We also got a babysitter and had a nice little date out to dinner. We still have a bit more celebrating to do so there will be another post soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Great Grandparents

We made a last minute trip down to see Sam's grandparents on Sunday. Sam had seen on facebook that his cousin was there visiting and decided it would be a great time to get over there especially since we won't always be as close as we are now.

We had dinner and a nice visit and the kids had fun watching the dog do tricks. Tucker and Eden were really scared at first, but they warmed up a bit. They also had fun drawing and Eden made about 20 pictures for Great Grandma.

Monday, June 15, 2009


If you would like to know a recent update in our lives, checkout my status on facebook or email me and here are some pictures just for fun!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Out of the mouth...

I had been fed up with all the whining and complaining and yelling. With summer coming up, I wanted to start out on the right food so I came up with the idea to do these marble jars. I've done marble jars before for various things, hence the letters "B" "J" and "K" already on the jars, but this time I used them for what comes out of our mouths. We had a lesson about the good and bad things that we can say or sound like and then I introduced the jars. We decided that the K would represent "Kind" and the B would represent "Bad." Everytime we had a kind word or sound (that was genuine) we could take a marble from the middle jar and drop it in the kind jar and everytime we yell or whine or say a mean thing or anything like that it goes in the bad jar. If we fill up the kind jar first we will go to John's Incredible pizza, but if we fill up the bad jar first, we will have to start all over until we get it right! So far its working pretty well, the kind jar is still a little lower but we are adding to both jars each day, so I'm hopeful that we will be playing at John's by the end of the summer!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tie swap

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Sunday. When they arrived, Eden was wearing the tie Tucker had worn to church. The Elder asked her if she wanted to trade and she thought that was a great idea! So silly!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

San Jose Children's Discovery Museum

I took a lot of pictures at the museum, but most of them are in the little kid's room because the older boys were off on their own a lot of the time. Eden and Tucker had a lot of fun in this room. Tucker spent the first 20 minutes chasing after balls and dropping them in. He couldn't have cared less about the rest of the world going on around him.

I just had to take this picture of Eden when she was in the pretend play section. She was pretending the wall was a fridge and was pushing a button to fill up her water cup. I just laughed because it is a "modern" moment, I would never have thought to get my water like that when I was her age!
It was nice that the boys are old enough to go off on their own. They had a lot of fun together and at one point I snuck up on them and caught this picture of them working so well together.

Tucker loved this truck, you should've seen his face when he first took to the wheel! I had to pry him off to move onto something else!
There was a special curious George exhibit that was especially fun for Eden, but all the kids seemed to enjoy it too.

Just before we left the museum the kids discoverd the face painting room so they all painted themselves to the extreme. It was probably a funny sight to see them all out eating their picnic lunch in front of the museum.

Monday, June 8, 2009

School's Out For Summer

We had a busy but great first week of summer, I hope it’s an indication of the whole summer to come (warning: this is a bit long, I just felt like I wanted to remember this week so skip over if you don’t want all the details!):

The Weekend: We had an ice cream social in our friends court after school on Friday and a long, lazy afternoon of hanging out and bike riding (I loved it), followed by an evening at the pizza parlor. Saturday a picnic at the park and Sunday Sam gave the boys their summer haircuts…not my favorite but I can deal with it if it is only for the summer

Monday: We did some projects and then I just let the boys have one day to relax and watch movies and whatever without much restriction. They watched Karate Kid and it’s always fun to see movies you saw as a kid through your kids’ eyes. After the movie, Jordan and Kolby tried out some moves and Brady was their “master.” We also had a good fhe that night but I’ll talk about that in another post.
(I had a big pile of tiny different color hairbands for Eden, Jordan was working on sorting them for me this week)
Tuesday: We walked/biked to the Mother’s Club Park Day and then walked/biked to the library afterwards. They all picked several books and spent the rest of the afternoon reading them. It was great! I’m sure it helped that I had instituted our point system that day. They get a point for every minute they read (among other things) and then they can use the points for media or save them up for other things. I also made a list of books I would like them to read and they earn extra points for finishing those books. It so fun to see them get excited about so many books.
(the point system clipboard and notebook)
Wednesday: This was another day full of reading, maybe we did more, I can’t remember, but I remember thinking that day, that it had been a wonderful week and I was really enjoying the summer so far. Then we bought a car that night! More on that later.

Thursday: We headed to the San Jose Children’s Museum. It was a long drive but the kids had a great time and it was fun to go with friends. A few of us have tried to set up a schedule to do something almost every Thursday with our kids this summer. I’m glad to have good friends to do this with me and keep me motivated in giving my kids these experiences. I’m exited for the fun things we have planned. (and we had joy school graduation that night)

Friday: I drove to Sac. with all the kids. I had some business to take care of with our credit union and at the last minute, realized that it would be the park day for all my friends up there. I had fun surprising all of them and only wished I could stay longer to chat with everyone. As I drove in, I was realizing that it seemed like I had been gone longer than 2 years, it feels like a lifetime away, it’s probably because my kids are not even little anymore, but they were when we left. At the same time, I felt right at home. I’m so glad that I can still go home to such great friends! I hurried home from Sac. just in time to head out with the Young Women and Primary Presidency to the Oakland temple. It is always nice to be in the temple and then we had fun hanging out at TGIFriday’s on the way home. It was a great group to be with.

I waited too long to type this so I’m sure there are things I forgot to include, but all week I kept thinking I have to get this in a post because it is so great! Now that I read it, it sounds pretty normal I guess but sometimes normal is what makes life so great!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Oh boy, I've got joy!

Eden finished her first year of joy school and we celebrated with a BBQ and a little graduation. It does seem crazy to me to do a graduation after the first year of preschool or during preschool at all for that matter, but it was still cute. She just loves her friends from joy school and has talked about them all the time all year long.

They sang for us, the picture shows her moves to "Oh boy, I've got joy"

I took me several tries to get a shot with the hat actually in the air, but she had fun trying it over and over again!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The first swim

It finally got hot around here for a few days so we went for our first swim of the season last week! Always fun of course, now I just need to get the younger two more comfortable.

I'm so thankful that my friend let's us invite ourselves over when the boys are begging to swim. She is such a great friend.

I don't have pictures, but we were also able to swim the next day for a RS outing at another pool. We spent almost the entire day in the pool and Eden even went down the slide. She said she wanted to but when she got up there she started to change her mind, but luckily she was already on Meilani's lap and M didn't give her a choice. I was there to catch her and she seemed a bit shocked to go under the water but we all cheered and told her how brave she was and she started to become proud of herself.

Tucker mostly wanted to stay out of the pool at both places and eat snacks. This is him with his little friend B sharing some crackers.

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