Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sneaky boy

I left the room for 2 minutes at most and Tucker wasn't even in this room. This is what I found when I came back!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Apple Crisp

Apples are so cheap right now, we just had to make some apple crisp. Eden loved peeling/coring/slicing the apples all by herself!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another wedding

Sam and I actually got to spend sometime without kids the weekend we moved out. He was officiating the wedding of a former employee....its becoming a regular gig! The funniest thing is to hear people call him the reverend or the minister. The fun part for me was that I forgot to leave some dress clothes out when I packed, it was general conference weekend at church so I was thinking I didn't need any church clothes, so of course I had to run to the store and find something to wear! The best part, that you can't see, was the cute pink shoes I found for ten bucks!
I was a little nervous about Sam performing the wedding, because this wasn't like my brother's relaxed, just family wedding, this was a bunch of people he didn't know with a bunch of different beliefs, but it was all scripted and the only part that he did without notes was the prayer and he did a great job all around.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I was just trying to get a picture of Tucker...

The two older boys were at my sister's and I had fun with Tucker's hair that day so I tried to take a picture of him but they would not let that be...we had fun trying to get one that looked right!

Family party for Kolby

Sunday night we had the family party with the grandparents, cousin, and aunts and uncle.
One of his gifts was the Mickey slippers he is wearing...he chose those as his souvenir from Disneyland.
Kolby being silly with his new scooter from Grandma. He also got some Pokemon cards and binder and pages to keep them in, a gameboy game, a book, some gift cards and a webkinz. He loved it all! And Deia made the star cake for him!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kolby's magical day

We obviously couldn't surprise Kolby for his birthday because he already knew about Brady's birthday, but he was still super excited. I was supposed to go too this time, but he didn't want me to, he wanted do it exactly like Brady did. I don't have explanations for these pictures since they only got home today, but I think you can figure them out!


I don’t want to write how I feel because I don’t have any intentions of making anyone feel bad or to discredit what has been done for me, but I just felt like releasing a stream of consciousness for a few minutes:

This afternoon I’ve been feeling really sad. I know it’s partly because some plans were cancelled that were beyond anyone’s control, but I was sad before that. I miss my friends that I just moved away from and I also felt sad that everyone was so busy that there was never any kind of good-bye get-together, but I guess there never has been one any of the times I moved. I would love for people to come visit me, but I know that doesn’t really happen much, at least last time, hardly anyone came to visit so I’m afraid I won’t see most of those people again. I also have hardly seen my husband in months, my friends here have changed of course as anyone will when time passes, but also they’re a part of something that I’m not and I’m a bit on the outside. This house that the bank was supposed to have cleaned is filthy in some places and there are spider webs and these little black beetles everywhere. The dishwasher sprays out into the sink and the doorbell gets stuck on in a low buzz and none of the outlets work in the kitchen. One of my past YW is saying she isn't "very active" anymore. Mostly because the closing costs kept going up, we are in debt up to our eyeballs. Now our DVR is broken and we’ll lose all our recorded shows! The baby is into everything and the preschooler is being whiney and snotty. I’ve been sick, just a little bit, for over a week and have a ton more unpacking to do. I can’t find the spices anywhere and I have tons of laundry to do.

So now that I’ve had a good cry and got that out of my system, here’s how I really feel:

I have really great friends in MH who watched my kids and fed me dinner while I was getting ready to move. I have a wonderful husband who works hard so that we can repay the debt soon and family who have helped watch the kids and get into this house and have done so much more that I can’t even put into words. My friends here take me back just as I am, I don’t feel like I have to be any different. We have this wonderful, huge house and big backyard and a big pantry and big garage, that is on a fun court with a whole bunch of kids. Brady and the neighbor boy are already fast friends and they are in our ward as well. Even Eden just can’t wait to get out to her friends, even though they are all a couple of years older than her. I have 5 amazing kids that can also be so sweet. I’m finally getting over being sick and the bedrooms and kitchen are mostly unpacked. I know of so many others who have much more challenging situations than me right now so I’ll accept my challenges and my blessings and hope that I can give back because I’ve been given so much. Most of all I have the gospel in my life and I know I don’t have to face all of those things listed above, alone, the Lord knows how I feel and he can take it from me. Even just now, when I went from writing my negatives to writing my blessings, I feel such joy. Thank you for all the friends and family who have put up with us!

Now I just need to find the spices….

Thursday, October 1, 2009

For Good

So we are moving tomorrow. I am quite a mix of emotions. For one, I am extremely sad. I have loved it here. I really liked the ward here, I’ve enjoyed being part of the community here, and I especially love the wonderful friends we have made here. I had every intention of staying and raising my kids here. At the same time, I feel guilty feeling sad because we are going home. I have family and great friends there and I’m excited to be with those people again. I’m excited that we will be in our own, new to us, house again, instead of renting. I’m excited to go to a new ward and meet new friends. I’m excited to have lots of options for stores again and to have them nearby, which I haven’t had for the last two years. I’m excited to go to book club and the park with my friends and to have Sunday dinners with family. I love the boys news school and their wonderful teachers and the smallness of the school and lack of much homework.

But I’m still sad.

In my ideal world I could have both of those worlds in the same place, but I can’t. I’m going to miss, the Sunday dinners we sometimes had with friends. I’m going to miss the date nights and the grown-up parties we had. I’m going to miss, being pushed to at first and then willingly going to community events and meetings and even volunteering at them. I’m going to miss being a part of the beginnings of a wonderful community. I’m going to miss being in Mother’s club, something I would never have done anywhere else, but helped me get to know so many people around me. I’m going to miss seeing Eden in joy school with all her favorite friends, and the boys talking Pokemon with their favorite friends here. I’m going to miss Central Park and trying to decide if its warm enough to put the kids in their swimsuits. I’m going to miss swimming on hot days with friends and I’m going to miss hanging out chatting with friends for hours. I’m going to miss the youth Sam and I worked with in the ward and the many wonderful people we know from church. I’m going to miss the wonderful school teachers the boys had here. I’m going to miss the wind…well not really, except that it’s a part of here but I’m going to miss the windmills and the farms. I’m going to miss the amazing friends that have made me a better person and that I knew I could call on at anytime.

I’m going to miss a lot.

I know some of these things will come up again or evolve to something else in the place that we move to, but I’m still going to miss it here and even though I’m still excited, I’m also sad for the moment. I truly believe that I was here for these two years for a reason, it was actually such a short time, but it has made a world of difference. Thank you Chester Ward, thank you friends, thank you Mountain House!

This song from Wicked portrays how I feel: