Saturday, February 27, 2010


So I know this is a lot of pictures, but I wanted you to get the full view and I couldn't decide which pictures did that best! Eden actually chopped her hair again about a month or two ago. It wasn't as bad as last time, it was a chunk on one side about chin length, but I could deal with it a little bit, but I didn't love it. Last week I decided one morning to spontaneously head down to MH to visit. I didn't tell anyone, I just surprised them by showing up at the playgroup at my friend's house. This is veering off the subject, but that was a lot of fun to see everyone, even though it was short and I didn't get to see everyone I would want to see, but I'm glad I went. Anyway, back to my point, while I was there I was able to have my friend Julie cut Eden's hair. I was waiting to get it cut until we could see Julie again because I knew I could just had Eden over to her and she would make it cute and I think she did such a great job once again! I think Eden looks so sophisticated in a cute, child-like way if that makes any sense! Thank You Julie!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Best in Show

It was time for Sam and the boys to do another cake for Blue and Gold at cub scouts this week. The theme this year was "100 years of cub scouts". Once they finally agreed on how to do the cake after much debate, Sam cut the shape for the cake the night before but had to work the night of the event so the boys decorated it completely by themselves. I thought they did a great job! They always give awards of some nature to all the boys and there were a lot of really impressive cakes, but the boys were excited to learn that they won what seemed to be the top prize, "Best in Show!" Way to go boys!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just a random post of something I wanted to remember! There are some toys that we have had for several years that I'm really glad we have. We have a pirate set (and it includes a castle set and a playmobile treehouse set) that we get out on occasion. This time it overtook our living room for about a week. The kids of all different ages love it and their friends. There are so many small parts that I wouldn't be able to stand to have it out all the time, but I love to see all the kids playing with it when we do. One Sunday after church that week, Tucker went straight too it and I thought he looked so cute!

little ones

More randomness, being 2 and 4 leads to some funny antics from Tucker and Eden. These are just some of the random pictures I had from a few weeks ago! As every two year old does, Tucker was having fun walking around in my shoes....
...and then when Eden saw me taking pictures of Tucker she insisted on posing for some of her own!
In the store one day a couple of months ago, I had some clothes in the shopping cart and they decided to wear them while we shopped....
...and a perfect spot for Tucker!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

There is a dog in my house

Sam has always wanted a dog. When he was around 10, he told his parents that all he wanted for Christmas was a dog. He was so excited when he came out on Christmas morning to find a big box, thinking that he finally got one. He opened it to discover a large stuffed dog! I have never wanted a dog. He has pestered me for years. I have always said no way. I've had a few friends recently that had nothing but trouble with their dogs. I didn't want the extra expense, cleaning, and work it would cause me. Sam assured me that I wouldn't have to worry about any of those things. His latest excuse was that it would force him to walk/run. Granted, I did think that might be a good reason, but I still wasn't sold.

Then in church one Sunday, a couple who recently returned from their mission in Texas told a story from their mission President. To sum it up, this man grew up on a small farm and was the youngest child. His family raised goats and chickens and it was his responsibility to take care of them. After he left for college, he came home and the goats and chickens were gone. He asked his father where they were, saying "I thought that's what are family did, I thought we raised goats!" His father said, "no, I wasn't raising goats, I was raising a boy."

That story stuck with me enough that I gave in on the dog idea. I actually never gave in completely, Sam just saw that I was starting to give and went for it. He found this dog through Craigslist that seemed to fit the things I would agree to, short-hair, already trained. We think he is part Ridgeback with maybe some pointer or boxer in him, but every expert seems to say something different. He is a little bigger than I would choose, but otherwise he really does fit the bill. I'm still not likely to get as attached as the rest of the family, but I'm tolerating and adjusting just fine. Eden and Tucker were dramatically scared at first but now they are comfortable. He does have a strong, whip like tail when he is excited and Tucker is just the right height to get whapped, but he is learning how to avoid it.
So far the kids have been very responsible in taking care of him. He already knows he can count on Brady and Kolby is loving him the most. Sam has lost 2 pounds in the two weeks he has been walking him every morning at 5am for an hour. I guess "Buddy" is working out (although I'm trying to convince them to let me change his name!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pictures from Deia

I snagged these pictures from Deia on facebook. She bought a camera recently so she has been taking lots of pictures when she comes over. It's fun to see what she captures, she got some really cute ones! We're glad she and Eli get to spend more time with us now that we are so close!

These are out of order, but Brady, Jordan and Eli did a combined FHE about the Word of Wisdom and the missionaries were able to join us, after they had a good game of basketball with all the kids out in the court and the rest are just silly or cute pictures!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm not very good at getting actions shots, but here are a few of Brady's basketball game.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cuttle Bunnies and Peagles

For school, Brady and Jordan had to make up a biodome for a new animal they created by combining new animals and then right a report, make a model and do a presentation. Being my children, they like to come up with creative ways of doing this just like I would. Brady chose to combine a cuttle fish and a bunny. The fun part was that he decided to do his model out of treats. All of the other kids were fascinated and drooling over it as he worked and it turned out really cute. If you could see Tucker's face there, he was in deep awe! I forgot to bring the camera to school for the presentations so I didn't capture Jordan's special creativity, but he had done a pig and an eagle combined. They were just asked to get up and tell about it with the use of a note card as needed. Jordan got up and did a rap. It was so fun and the class loved it. He loves being the center of attention. When I first arrived at the classroom, they were finishing their show-and-tell time where the kids usually share a toy from home and it was Jordan's turn. He and his friend got up and acted out Hanz and Franz from Saturday Night Live. I'm not ever sure where they learned of it, but Jordan led them in some weightlifting exercises with a pen. It was pretty funny, and all I could think was "he is his father's son!"

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Update: added more pictures

I have a hard time getting a picture of Jordan and Kolby in their Karate class because I'm always looking at the back of their heads but I wanted to get a picture up here of what their Christmas gift was in case I never get to it. I'll add more pictures if I get any. Kolby loves it, Jordan, not so much! but if you watch, they are both having fun and are both pretty good too!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday