Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hobo Day

A few weeks ago, Kolby had 60's/70's day at school. Because of something his teacher said, he was convinced that a hobo outfit applied to this time period. It seemed odd to me, but I wasn't around so maybe it's true! At any rate, he made a really cute hobo!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I learned...

Things I learned this past week:

* I re-organized the pantry and realized I don't ever need to buy a can of green beans again in my lifetime, it took 3 days of pulling it all out covering all the counters and getting it all back in because I could never find a large block of time to work on it continuously but it feels nice to be done

*I decided to be crazy and take eggs from random places in the egg carton, I learned to let go of the need for symmetry

*Sam interviewed with several interesting companies, he will be officially laid off at the end of next week and has been exploring every option and we learned about all the random jobs he is qualified for

*We learned that our crock pot is dead, it never turned on last Sunday, with 2:30 church it is a necessity, I tried to find a cheap one at the thrift store to no avail, so it was fun to choose a new one at the store, especially because it helped make a really good pork for our Cafe Rio style burritos the other night

*had a chance to go the Deaf Branch temple session, always full of learning, fun to see old friends and great to feel the spirit of course

*There are some really great people out there, I did a huge Winco trip the other night, it's been a long time since I stocked up so I had an overflowing cart, the nice teenager behind me loaded the rest of my groceries on the counter for me and then offered to bag everything as well, made me hope I have kids that kind at that age

*Kickboxing is a good workout, no matter how hard you work. I didn't feel so well the morning of my class so I went but took it easy, I could hardly walk for 3 days after that, wonder what it would have been like if I had done it full out!

*Take advantage of small moments! I had the wrong day on the calendar for Parent/teacher conferences so Sam and I took that time to have a mini-date at Brain Freeze without the kids even knowing

*Parent/teacher conferences make me feel a lot better about how good I am doing as a parent than I do on a normal day

*Nobody else is going to decide for me! I'm stressing about a potential school decision for my kids, I know what to do for Brady, but I can't decide for everyone else, I keep talking about it to everyone that will listen or knows about it and that doesn't help me become anymore decisive

*It's fun to get to know other members of my community. I went to a community book club and there was only 8 of us, one who was related to me and two others I brought but it was really neat to meet the other four people. I found the woman who lead the discussion to be fascinating and I'm really glad I went. We read "The Help" and it inspired some great discussion.

*I have weakness for pizza! I'm been trying to be healthier but pizza is my downfall (or at least one of them) but we did get to use our Restaurant.com gift certificate for some good pizza with some fun discussions with friends for FHE

*I'm out of time for working on this post so if I remember anything else, I'll have to add it later, but if I don't post it now, it will never get posted!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jump for Joy

There is a photography blog called I heart faces that posts a different theme each week. I'm not a photographer by any means so I don't even plan on entering their contests but I thought it would be fun to use their theme each week. This week the theme was "Jump for Joy" so I thought I'd try to catch some shots of the kids on the trampoline. Tucker was jumping all over the place but as soon as I got out there with the camera this was all I could get.

The kids had been begging Sam to get the trampoline up since we moved in and since he did a couple of weeks ago, the kids, neighbors included, have been on the trampoline non-stop! It just makes me smile!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday