Thursday, August 26, 2010

ABC's and 123's

Is that wonderful and sad time of year again! The kids started school on Monday. We had a lot of fun this summer and I was really sad to see it end but it is nice to get back into a routine and the kids were excited to see their friends. Eden was especially excited to start kindergarten and had her outfit picked out and ready. Tucker was excited to put on a backpack and take pictures with them!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snippets of Jordan

Jordan is just cracking us up as usual. He often quotes funny lines from movies and witty moments. He says he wants to be a late night talk show host when he grows up and if not that, then a stand-up comedian or an actor in "one of those funny PG-13 movies" and if not one of those, then a writer. Where he gets the info, most of the time we have no idea, but he is constantly coming up with new things. He really does enjoy being the center of attention too. He also loves to read, he will hide away reading for hours, partly to get out of doing his chores, but partly because he can't put a book down once he starts reading. He recently read all of the Harry Potter books and a series called Percy Jackson that is about Greek Mythology so he has been really into Mythology and he makes up elaborate imaginary stories about mythology characters with drawings included. He does get in trouble for talking to much, but he does well in school and is really well liked by the other kids. He is sometimes too smart for his own good but if we can harness that, I think he will turn into a great adult like his dad! He is doesn't seem to enjoy being really active or doing sports, he prefers to be comfortable, but he loves video games and making up elaborate fantasy games with Kolby and his friends. There is never a dull moment when Jordan is around and we are so thankful for the spirit and fun he brings to our family!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I was not good at taking pictures for Brady's celebrations this year. The first picture is the cake we made for his friend party and that is the only picture I took, beautiful isn't it?!!! I didn't plan on decorating it, I was just putting sprinkles on it and decided to try and turn it into a football field, it's not great like my cake decorating friends would do, but for spur of the moment and limited supplies, I was just happy the Brady recognized what it was! He had a great time having a few friends over eating pizza and playing video games and they didn't care what the cake looked like!
On Sunday we had the family party. It was a little crazy because we don't get home from church until 5:30 and we needed to hurry and have the rib dinner he requested and before we could even finish, the family started showing up, but it was all fun, especially because Sam's brother McKay and family suprised us and drove up as well. Brady is so easy going that he was grateful for everything and enjoyed the weekend a lot and we were grateful to all the friends and family that helped us celebrate!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Snippets of Brady

Since we are celebrating Brady this weekend, it seemed appropriate for me tell you about how wonderful he is. Thank goodness we have Brady in our family. I can always count on him, he does what is expected of him and often much more. He is so willing to help and he always wants to be in the right. He is such a great example of humility and service. He doesn’t like to be the center of attention, in fact he would prefer to be on the outside just observing. He does really well at school and church and his teachers and leaders always tell us how well behaved and attentive he is. He loves to spend his time playing sports or on video games or hanging out with the neighbor kids except when they play imagination games. He likes things to be real. He often has a very mature way of looking at things and notices a lot which is great in helping take care of the younger kids but a challenge sometimes when he pays too much attention to the grown-up talk. He asks a lot of questions about what is going on because he really wants to know and understand all situations. The younger kids know that they can count on him as well and often prefer him to help them with things. We are sad to have our first baby growing up but are so happy to see how he is turning out so far, he is a great example to us and we’re so happy to celebrate his 11th birthday this weekend!
p.s. the pictures are the best I could get from Brady, it's part of his hating attention on himself, he has never liked having his picture taken, these are a couple of weeks after his haircut so his hair was growing in, Brady wanted this haircut and I am not a fan but since he is such a good kid all the time, I decided that he was entitled to be a little crazy for once and it is only for the summer anyway!

Friday, August 20, 2010


A couple of weeks ago my dad took Sam and the boys fishing. The boys used to be scared of the boat, but now the enjoy it and had a great time!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Snippets of Eden

It’s Eden’s turn and she is so easy to write about because she is so full of personality! She is a girl that knows what she wants and what she likes and won’t settle for less, for good or for bad! She loves her friends and almost anyone she meets is her friends. If we are around other little girls, I don’t see her because she is too busy being social! She is actually not super girly, but she does have her girly moments. She loves to wear skirts and is sometimes concerned about her hair and every Sunday she has to show daddy her dress so that he can tell her she is beautiful! But she is also not super particular about her clothes or girly things. She seems to just mesh with whoever she is around, with the boys she can hold her own but then turn on her girlishness when with her little friends.

She does have a few favorites. She loves cereal and she will eat it every morning of course, but then she will often tell me later in the day that she never had breakfast just so that she can have some cereal again. She has her favorite fish joke to tell and she also loves to sing and dance and will usually perform those for people whether they are asking for it or not. We also discovered at dinner one night that she does some very good Spongebob impressions of all the different characters from the show.

Eden does seem to be a bright girl and I think she will do well in kindergarten this year even though she’ll be one of the youngest kids and she can’t wait for it to start. She has been asking if it was her turn to start ever since she got her kindergarten shots at the doctor’s in March. She has been really interested in learning to read and so I’ve taught her in the last year and she feels really proud about how far she has gotten.

She also internalizes the lessons we teach her or that she hears from church really well. I hope this sticks! One day she put a white shirt under a dress that she was wearing that was already modest and I told her she didn’t have to wear the whit shirt, but she said “mom, Heavenly Father doesn’t want us to show our bodies, remember?!”

Also, a couple of months ago, it was fast and testimony meeting at church and we had been talking about testimonies in Family Home Evening so I was asking the boys on the way to church if they would share their testimony that day. None of the boys wanted to but Eden said she would. I was skeptical but I asked her what she would say, figuring that she would chicken out or forget by the time it started. As soon the testimony portion started she was ready to go, but I put her off thinking she would lose her courage. It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to go, but I thought she would be too afraid when she got up there, but she persisted and we headed up there. She was shy for just a second but then she said some of her own things and when she forgot, I reminded her of some other things that she told me in the car and she did a great job. I don’t know if it was because of her or not, but a couple of her little girlfriends got up after her that day. If it was because of her example, I hope she can continue to be a strong spirit for good and example among her friends as she grows older. She definitely has that talent in her and she brings so much joy and fun in our lives!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stepping into the dark...

"When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly." by Edward Teller

This quote is how I feel today. We've had several months leading up to this point, but today it is decided that I will act completely on faith without actually knowing what the result will be! Fortunately I can handle this, it's not the first time I've been acting as such so I know that the end will be better, but let me back up because I can finally write about the last few months, I know this is not news to most of you, but I haven't been able to put it out there until today...

Let's back up to February, Sam found out that he would probably be laid off, his company was going to be consolidating and basically cutting out middle management, his managers were trying to keep him as long as possible and he actually quickly found another job offer and we weren't too worried, but that job fell through and he soon found out that he would be laid off at the end of March. They were really great in letting him stay as long as he did and helping him job search but no strong leads came up because his industry was really hurting in this economy. He was able to beef up his interpreting hours and he found a part-time job as an adjunct professor at a college teaching a career development class. We knew this would be tight but we could get by on that but we also realized that we needed to sell our house in CH. Even though we had renters, their rent did not come close to covering the mortgage payments and it was becoming a financial hardship. Luckily our renters were great about it and we have a great agent.

Sometime during that period Sam heard of a friend he'd known for several years that was starting an interpreting agency called Say-Hey. He agreed to work with his friend to start up the community interpreting side of the company. He told him he couldn't be involved in the Video Interpreting side because that would be in conflict with his other interpreting job. So he has spent many hours, without pay, putting out feelers and submitting bids to get the community interpreting side going. Of course it is a bit of a challenge to do it without pay yet, but he is having a lot of fun doing it because everything he has done in his past has led him to this job. It is also nice because it is so flexible, he mostly works from home, and he has been able to work it around his other two jobs and Say-Hey seems like its going to be a really great company, it's Deaf owned, and has the goal of being very deaf friendly.

He has been very quiet about it, though, because he didn't want to cause any conflict, which has been a challenge to him because his natural tool for work would be networking, but it just wasn't appropriate at the time. Well, today his other interpreting company let him go. We knew it was possible even though he wasn't working on the competing side, but the leadership of the company still didn't think it was OK. His direct boss was sad because he had been a great interpreter but it was time. This is where the faith comes in, I know that soon we will be in a great place, Say Hey has a lot of great things being set up in the near future and Sam will be able to interpret there as well and I know it's the place to be, the faith comes in for the next few weeks or so until things really get set-up. I wish I could say I have 100% complete faith, and actually I do in the eventual outcome, but I'm 99% there for the next few weeks. I'm really not worried, it't just like the quote from the beginning, I'm taking that step into the darkness, I just have absolutely not concept of whether there will be a step there or I'll be flying, I'll just trust that one or the other will be there!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visitors are so fun

We were so happy to have so many visitors the week before last. It was a little bit crazy because it made for a busy week but we wouldn't change a thing! We were having too much fun to take pictures, I only took one the entire week (the first one) so I'll just have to say it in words even though I know most of you just scan through the pictures!

Monday: My friend Tanya, that I grew up with, was in town from Ohio so she came over with her kids and our other friend Kendra. We had a great time visiting and Eden and her little girl Talia were instant friends. They were performing musical numbers for us and Eden invited her to her birthday party which isn't until November! It's too bad we can't really get the girls together more often and I have such a great time with Tanya, I wish we could get together more often too!

Tuesday: I took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda at the free movies and then Tanya texted that her plans fell through so we were lucky enough to spend a second day with her and with Wendi at the park. I love that we can always get together even though we haven't seen each other in a while and reminisce about the old days!

Wednesday: I wish I took a picture but I was just too busy having so much fun with one of my best friends, she came up and spent the entire day just hanging out and chatting and a little bit of swimming. We could have talked forever if she didn't have to finally drive home. Our kids get along so well and we just seem to see so many things the same way. I wish we could get together more often because I just feel so at home when we are together.

While I was visiting with my friend, Sam was at a taping for Man Vs. Food. Our friend Arnie has a hot dog named after him at Parker's hot dogs in Roseville so he brought Sam along. If you don't know what the show is, this guy goes around the country trying food challenges and it airs on the travel channel. They interviewed Arnie about his hot dog and Arnie's wife Emily was a patron in the restaurant trying the challenge before the big event. We don't know if Sam will actually appear unless he is in the background somewhere but you can still watch on Sept. 29 and know that he was there! They had a lot of fun seeing the set-up and chatting with the crew.
Thursday: We headed to the State Fair. We realized that it had been about 8 years since we last went so we jumped at the chance when Arnie and Emily offered us tickets to go with them. We ate some fun fair foods and saw the crew taping for another segment of Man vs. Food and walked around some exhibits and hit the hypnotist show. Sam was picked to participate so I'll tell more about that when I get those pictures from Emily, but I'll just say I tried to hide a few times! And then I hurried home to the stake Relief Society activity.
Friday: After playgroup in the daytime, I hosted a shelf reliance party that evening so it was fun to have a few friends over but also our friend Jeremy came up to visit and stay the night. He and Sam left to hang out during the party and then they all came back and we stayed up late and had a good time catching up. We only wished we had more time to visit!

Saturday I was dead, but the fun week was worth it, we love to visit with friends old and new!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday 1994

Wednesday, August 4, 2010