Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

**added the above picture from my friend's blog that she took of Eden with her friends on the field trip
Sorry, I can't decide which picture I like best from the day Eden went on her field trip to the pumpkin patch, maybe you can vote, but I just wanted to say Happy Halloween from the Farley's!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party Time

We were lucky enough to be invited to an amazing Halloween party last weekend. These people go all out on their costumes! There were so many good ones that I couldn't even possible post them all, and I hope these people don't mind that I snagged there pictures from facebook because I wanted to show you a few of our favorites. Of course, hopefully you can tell that we went as peas and carrots with the States and at the last minute Sam and Arnie decided they would be "black eyed peas!" I had to search all over town for orange pants on my already crazy day because we all decided on this costume at 11:00 the night before but we had fun with it and I think the boys make really cute peas!

This is the host of the party and they are about the nicest people ever, she even roped me into learned the Hannah Montana Hoedown Throwdown to perform at the party. I had a little less than an hour to work on it so I was a flop, especially the first time around but the second time when no one was there to see, I think I had it down! Either way, it was really fun, I always love doing a fun dance!
This big bad wolf was so good that we didn't even recognize him until he told us who he was and of course Kolby got a kick out of seeing his best friend's parents dressed up when I showed him the picture!
Apparently this guy goes all out every year, we were impressed!
Some friends from our ward...or should I say Jersey Shore!
We thought this was fun too, when I told her I was impressed that she convinced him to do it, she said he decided if he was going to do it, he was going to go all out!
We actually discussed being Chilean miners, but we could not have pulled it off as well as this guy, I don't know if you can tell clearly but he was in a tube made of chicken wire.
This is the idea that I wished I had thought of, if you're not from around here, then I should tell you that our mall had a major fire this week that started in Gamestop so they are mall shoppers with gamestop bags!
Another favorite of ours...the husband and wives from the "Sister Wife" show on TLC
This is obviously Wayne and Garth, they look so perfect, but I also had to show them because they are the wives of the next two people....
The old man and the scout from "Up", this was our favorite costume of the night! Our hats went off to them!
And here we are again, just in case you forgot us! We had so much fun and our already putting on our thinking caps for next year!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I know when I am baptized...

Kolby's baptism was a very special day. We were excited to see so many friends and family and Kolby was particulary excited that his school teacher was able to come. He asked Brady and Eli to give prayers, Aunt Heather to play the piano and Grandma Farley to lead the music. Grandma Farley also filled in at the last minute with the baptism talk and Grandpa Farley gave the Holy Ghost talk. He asked Uncle McKay and Great Grandpa Astle to be witnesses. He also asked Eden and Deia to sing a song and they sang "I Like to Look For Rainbows" (that's actually the first line, not the title) and everyone that participated did a great job. I was really proud of Eden, she memorized the song and she did it loud and well and I was really proud of Kolby for the decision he made and for excitment for the day.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Are you ready for some football...

Getting ready to start their first game...
Deia made signs for their own little cheering section, Tucker's sign said "Go Brady" and he was so cute with his tiny voice trying to yell "Go Brady!"
Brady in position as the snapper (Sam says he is more of a snapper/receiver as opposed to Center since they don't really need Centers in flag football)

Sam and Arnie just say football coach over them in my opinion, especially Sam's expressions in these pictures and the clipboard in hand!

I only managed to get one picture of Brady and Eli playing on the field together so this will have to do.
They started the season with a double header and they lost the first and won the second but no matter what, Sam and Brady are both having a blast doing flag football and I'm thankful they get to have this experience together!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's Lego Time

Kolby decided he wanted a lego party a couple of weeks before his birthday and we brainstormed a few ideas but by chance a friend blogged about the lego party she just threw and we were able to get some great ideas from her. She had ordered some cute lego bags and we looked at those and realized we could make them ourselves, arn't the lego head bags so cute?

Another friend blogged about how she always has kids pop balloons with stuff inside them at parties instead of a pinata and that gave me the inspiration to come up with the balloon game. We divided the kids into three teams and they had to pop balloons to gather legos that were inside and then each team had to come up with a cool creation. I was pretty impressed with what they were able to come up with! It was hard to get a good picture of them in action because they went so fast and had so much fun but you can get the idea!

Don't look to closely at my attempt at the cake, that is usually Sam's department. I made the cakes ahead of time and he was supposed to get home in time for the party but he got stuck somewhere and only made it for the last 20 minutes or so of the party so I had to frost the cake really fast...not a strength of mine, but luckily the kids still thought it was great!
The table shows the aftermath of a couple of different games. They each had to make their own creation when the party started and were all given some type of award (think cub scout like awards!). They also played lego bingo and we used fruit loops as their bingo markers.
Kolby loved having all his friends over, mostly kids from school and this is him with his best bud Ethan!

It turned out to be a great party because we were never lacking for something for the kids to do, all the boys loved just playing with the legos and eating the lego candies. I think Kolby had a great birthday party!

Just the details...(skip this if you only care about pictures!)

I've been hearing that I need to update here! I've begun my crazy season around here so I have much to blog, but little time to do it. I'll give you the run down here and then do the pictures on separate posts for each event.

It starts with last weekend. It was Kolby's eighth birthday and we realized the only time we could do his birthday party was the day before. I also had a friend in town so I managed to get Kolby to an earlier party with friends before and Eden to a friends house while I went to playgroup to visit with my friend and then hurry home to do Kolby's fun lego party with his friends. Then back to a get together and girls night with that same friend. Then Saturday was Kolby's baptism and we celebrated his birthday after. Then Brady had two flag football games and we had an Eagle court of honor to attend. It was a busy weekend but a wonderful weekend.

I won't even go into the busty details of meetings and working in the classrooms during the week, but I did make it to the next weekend where I was in charge of our Super Saturday activity, but I also squeezed in time that day to search 7 different stores for orange sweat pants, make it to a flag football game in the rain, drop the kids off a the primary practice program and then come back to help the boys do a game as part of their Faith in God requirements, and then make it to a Halloween party. Once again, a fun weekend, but I am certainly looking forward to a low key weekend.

So now that the boring details are for the pictures in the coming days!

Yogurt time

I was so proud of myself that I had to post this! I made homemade yogurt. Ever since I saw this recipe for yogurt in the crockpot I've been wanting to try it and I finally did the other day. I was worried that the kids wouldn't like it, but they loved it, especially Tucker and Kolby, but even my pickiest eaters liked it. We tried a couple of mix-ins, the pureed strawberries from our friends garden was the biggest hit, but the vanilla and honey also worked as well. This might become a regular staple around our house because it was so easy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

bucket bike

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes There is a contest for one of these bikes in the link and I would love to have one so this is my way of entering!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today I am grateful for experiences....

(this picture is not actually our house, it is just the same model and looks identical except for the landscaping)

I can’t believe a whole year has gone by. A year ago this last weekend, we moved into this house. Many things are definitely different than I expected them to be, for good and bad. I still miss our last area and friends a ton. I especially miss having close friends that I saw almost daily, that actually knew what is going on with my day-to-day life and when I needed help or just a chat and that I knew I could call up at get together at any given moment, that transition has been the hardest. But there are some great things about moving here. We have so many available options for school and have been able to pick and choose. We have a nice big house with plenty of space to spread out and make it how we want as we go through the years. We have wonderful neighbors that the kids can go out and play with on our court and we have family nearby as well. Book clubs galore, I love book clubs and the people I get to see when I attend them! New friends that we are just getting to know and because there are so many wards in the area, we have been able to branch out and know people in the other wards at church too. We have a temple for our church nearby that we get to visit and we get to run into lots of wonderful people that we’ve known throughout our lives at the temple and around the community. It was hard to move back when I was so happy with where I was but I know there is a reason for us to be here and I’m so grateful for the wonderful experiences and opportunities that have come our way. Even though some of these recent things that I am grateful for are already changing again, I'm grateful for the experiences while we had them and look forward to new ones to come.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Exercise for fun

It is really cute to see Sam so excited about coaching Brady and Eli's flag football team. He and Arnie agreed to coach at the last minute and they spent a lot of time preparing and working on their plays with fun names like "the burp" and "phineas" and "ferb"! I believe Brady and Eli are really enjoying having them as their coaches and the are definitely enjoying practice. Each time they come home from their two hour practice they continue to do exercises in the living room. This week they got Kolby and Tucker in on their "after-practice" practice.

Meanwhile, Jordan, who is not generally enthused by athletic endeavors, spent his time just watching and reading the latest Fablehaven book!