Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jelly Belly Time

Company in town means a trip to Jelly Belly. We hadn't been for 6 or 7 years so we were due up for another trip anyway. Eden and and Tucker seemed to especially love it.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Eden talked grandpa into playing with her hair, Sam made a delicious dinner with a little help from a few others, visiting with friends and family and looking through the black friday ads, the boys made a huge fort and most of the family went to see Harry Potter! A nice Thanksgiving Day!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving week: the beginning

My brother and his family were able to come out for the whole Thanksgiving week this year and we were able to do several fun things. We met for pizza with the whole family the day we arrived and then we went to play games with mutual friends. On Sunday we had a big family dinner and were able to celebrate Eden and Rob's birthdays. I have no idea why I didn't take any pictures of that! But I did get a few pictures on my phone on Monday. We started out with lunch at the Squeeze-Inn. This is a franchise of the one often featured on food network shows and known for their really good burgers. Too bad Sam and Rob were both sick and didn't get to fully enjoy it, but Brady and Kolby were happy to eat Rob's "Squeeze cheese" for him!

Then we headed to strikes for some bowling time! I had to take pictures of my dad bowling for someone who wanted proof that my dad actually bowled! (I think he even had fun!) I usually get one of the lower scores so I was thrilled to be the high scorer on the second game! I have to mention it here because it is not likely to ever happen again!
That evening we had a cousin/relative dessert potluck! It was only a small portion of our large extended family, but it was fun to get all the cousins together and we're hoping we can get on the ball and have more gatherings like this in the future. We were so busy chatting that I didn't really get many shots of everyone there, just a quick view from where I was sitting but I'm glad everyone could make it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mock Disaster

There was a mock disaster at the older boys school because the 7th and 8th graders do EMT training. Jordan was excited about this for days and the morning of he could hardly contain himself. They were each given a card with their condition and they made sure to get to school early enough to get their make-up done! Apparently Jordan was never even rescued but he still had a great time!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All in less than a day...

The day finally arrived that Eden had been waiting for, for months, her fifth birthday! Ever since we decided on the details of her birthday party she has been quoting the invitation to everyone which said: "Silly Eden is turning 5" and she especially said it all day long on her birthday.
On the morning of her birthday she wanted to go shopping so we headed out and she used a gift card from her grandparents to choose this fun outfit to wear to school that day (the advantages of afternoon kindergarten!). We did a little photo session to model the outfit!

After school, it was on to her silly party, which we did on her birthday because there were very few other times available. She wanted a pizza cake and I think Sam did an excellent job accomplishing that! And the kids at the party thought it was super silly!
We asked all the kids to come in their silliest attire. This is Eden with her first guest showing off their outfits although Eden has already shed some of her specially chosen pieces of clothing. Each kid was also given a new silly name when they came in the door. Eden was sprucka sparkledust. We were amazed that we had 12 kids show up for the party. Usually you count on a few not showing up, but it was great for Eden to have so many friends there! And for such a large group of 5 year olds, they were really well behaved.
They started out by making their silly crowns with feathers, stickers, pom poms and googly eyes. The boys' friends (their sister is Eden's friend and a guest at the party) wanted to stay and help and although I didn't understand why they kept trying to do the little kids activities, they were also a big help.

We moved to the other room where we pushed all the couches away and started with some silly freeze dancing. The kids had such a great time dancing around and even the quietest kids were showing us their moves. We continued to go back to this activity several times throughout the party because they just couldn't get enough.

Then we calmed down for some "stinky, stinky feet" instead of "duck, duck, goose"

And Simon says is always good for a silly activity especially when it is changed to "Sam says..." and then "Eden says..."
We had a little menu of juice and applesauce for snack where they could pick silly things, we ended up with several kids drinking juice out of bowl and eating applesauce with things like wooden spoons and ladels, some of them were pretty handy with those tools!

Eden had a great silly party with her silly friends!
We are celebrating with my family later, but we did have Sam's family and the States over there for pizza and ice cream and she got to open presents from her family. I don't know why I didn't take many pictures but she did love her own little laptop that we got her (and so did Tucker as he enjoyed most of her presents, as she opened presents during the party he kept getting excited and would say "Eden, I can play that with you" or "we can play with that!"), it worked out well for being a last minute present.

This was probably the most unprepared birthday I have done for my kids, up until 9:00 the evening before, all I had done was send out the invitations and copy a few ideas from a website once. I'm amazed that we were able to plan games, clean-up, gather goodie-bags and items, make a cake, gather supplies and find a birthday present because I had no idea what I was going to get her up to 2 hours before her party, in less than one days time, but it all worked out as it always does! And I think a good time was had by all!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Flowers and boots

As I'm typing this I just have a few more minutes left of Eden's birthday, she is fast asleep of course, but I just wanted to say one last happy birthday to our sweet, silly, happy, zany, boisterous, frienldy, dramatic, joyful little 5 year old girl! The pictures are from a really fun cowgirl party she went to a few days ago but it is just so her that I thought they were the perfect pictures to say Happy Birthday Eden!

A slice of pumpkin pie

**if you saw an incomplete post here, I accidentally hit publish post before I was finished, sorry about that!

I don't know if everyone is like me, but when I finish a big event, such as a child's birthday party, I just want to go into hibernation for a few days. Eden's party was today and it turned out great and I'll post about that sometime soon, but I've just been messing around on the computer tonight taking care of a few things, cleaning up some emails when I came across one that tells me Brady is assigned to bring pumpkin pie to school on Friday. Bringing pie in and of itself is a hard thing for me. I don't really feel like a can go out and buy a pie and I have never made a pie since I don't really love pies. That being said I would probably try and figure something out so I went to put it on the calendar and I realized that I don't even know if I can squeeze it in. But who assigns a family to bring a pie without asking anyway and with very short notice and why aren't we the ones that ended up with a can of olives? Is it just me or is that a little unusual?

Anyway, I have my brother's family coming this weekend to stay with us for Thanksgiving week. I have a guest room that needs a major overhaul before they get here. I will have to donate more than a few minutes to that project which is how I was planning on spending the majority of my week.

Then as I looked more closely at the calendar I realized that on Tuesday, (that is tomorrow from whence I am writing and I don't even know if that sentence is proper grammar but it is too late at night for me to care and I thought it sounded cool anyway!) I have a school meeting scheduled at my house that I forgot about, but hopefully everyone else will forget too! I have to get to the library to return the books I was supposed to return today, get Kolby to call some cub scouts to help him when I get him there early to set-up, I also need to do some follow up cub scout assignments with both Jordan and Kolby before they go to scouts and Jordan told me today that he has a rough draft due on Thursday for his mission report that we better get started on. Brady has his first math olympiad test after school and so I'll need to make a trip out there to pick him up because he is done later than the carpool.

Luckily Wednesday is light with only a school meeting, football practice, delivering goodies for Visiting Teaching and book club, oh and working on a mission report. I guess that will be the day I tackle the guest room! With maybe a little time on Thursday because all I have to do that day is work in the kindergarten classroom, bring a snack to Kolby's class, and get Eden and Kolby out of school early to go to the dentist and attempt to make a pumpkin pie!

Then comes Friday....hopefully I will have a completed pie to deliver and will also have delivered popcorn to Kolby's class for their movie day. I will help with the field trip for Jordan's class and the one for Brady's class and then pick up Tucker from whomever I've found to watch him and head to playgroup along with the main dish that I found to prepare at some point. And then hurry back to pick up Eden and Kolby from school. Then drive somewhere to meet my sister to watch the little kids and take the rest of the kids to see Deia in Savior of the World and then back to meet my sister to pick them up.

When I type it all out, it doesn't seem as bad as I thought, I guess I have a week like this at least once a month if not more, but this blog is a journal of my everday life and this is certainly a sliver of that pie. On days when my kids are grown and I'm missing them, I want to remember the busy, crazy chaos that went along with that too!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Silly Eden (and Tucker)

Eden decided that she wanted to plan a "silly party" for her birthday. I told her to get dressed in silly clothes so we could take a picture to put on her invitation. This is what she came up with and we took a bu
nch of silly pictures, she did not have a hard time striking some silly poses!
And Tucker wanted to have a silly pose of his own!
And we deemed this final picture the silliest and used it for the invitation!