Saturday, December 31, 2011

December Facebook Status Updates

I was reminded last night about how fragile life is and how one can be taken at anytime, I hope I can remember that and be more grateful in my life. 

At michael's with two 3 year olds and they both fell asleep in the in the seat and one in the basket!

Just got back from a quick trip to Disneyland with Tucker and our friends, I know we are so lucky! — with Natalie Brown.

Christmas card and most packages mailed today with a sigh of relief, but please let me know if you get our card and what kind of condition it is in, I tried and experiment this year (and if you don't get our card and want one let me know)!

We had a great time at the ugly Sweater/White elephant party tonight! — withSam Farley.

Disneyland is packed today!

Family skating and pizza!

The beach on Christmas eve might have to become a new's beautiful today!

It stinks to have your vacuum break right before you have a bunch of company coming to stay for a week or two! I apologize in advance to those staying with us!


21 kids (all but one 12 and under) + 11 adults + 3 days + 1 house = craziness (and fun!) 

San diego

Sam's parents came a couple of days after Christmas and we spent one day down in San Diego.  We had fun visiting the Mormon Batallion Museum again and the kids loved being a part of the demonstration.

They discovered these horses just before we left (for some reason the two other pictures would only load at the end of this post!)

Next to this museum is a big grassy hill, Tucker insisted on this picture on a rock and then most of the kids tried to roll down the hill.  When they were done, Tucker decided to run down it as fast as he could and Jordan went to run with him!

We also made a stop at the San Diego Mission for Kolby to earn some extra credit and then we stopped to visit Sam's Grandma and have dinner with her....nice ending for a nice day!

A slice of Christmas...

Just had the thought that I've never really taken a picture of all of our Christmas decorations and want to remember these in years to come....

The two Nativities that I made are pictured above and below and not only am I thankful for the good people that shared their talents for the RS activity a couple of years ago but also it reminds me of some great friends from that time period!
Above is our Christmas card wall and below is the advent Sam had as a child and now our kids are just as excited to use it!
Pictured below was our very first Christmas decoration, we picked it out at a craft fair when we were first married!
Some of my special nativities, the middle one is the from Mexico that Deveren brought back for me from his mission and on the right is one that I picked up in Hawaii!
I loved the perspective of how the kids set up these next two nativities, especially in the Jerusalem one from Sam's grandparents where they have everyone circled around baby Jesus!

And the last one is very special to me, it is the one I chose while I was in Jerusalem and is also a music box that plays Silent Night!  (plus I think it is cool that the book "The Road Less Travelled" stands out behind it in the picture!

Big Chess

Tucker gave Brady this big chess set for Christmas so they kids had a lot of fun playing with it and Brady had fun playing against Grandma as well (and I had fun messing around with my new camera's settings to take these pictures!) Oh and read the title of this post like "Big Trak" as in the Kid History Christmas videos on youtube, those videos were quoted constantly during this Christmas break!

Sam's present

Sam has always wanted one of these, they are called "Love Sac's" and I found him one on Craigslist.  It ended up being a lot bigger than I expected and it was quite an ordeal to get it home, get it hidden in the garage by myself and then get it into the house before Christmas so I could wash the cover.  I ended up wrapping the cover and he was really confused when he pulled it out, but very excited when we took him to what it went with!  This is his first time trying it out,
ready, set....

and everyone piles on!
Kolby really enjoys it as well, he is constantly jumping into it or sitting on it.  This is him putting the scripture stickers from his stocking to use!