Monday, January 31, 2011

January Facebook Status Updates

January 1, 2011
Enjoying sourdough pancakes! It's what Jordan picked for his birthday dinner.

January 2, 2011
Macaroni and cheese is little T's requested birthday meal today so we had it for lunch and then ice cream sandwiches, cake and Sam's homemade sourdough biscuits for dinner!

January 8, 2011
At Suspects Dinner Theater last night (work party for one of Sam's jobs), he took home the award for "hamming it up" the best, does that surprise anyone?!!!

January 10, 2011
I caved and turned the heater on today...only for about 20 minutes but I couldn't resist!

January 10, 2011
While Kolby was making his own school lunch for tomorrow, he just told me that other kids mom's make their lunches for them and to that I refer to this quote by Abigail Van Buren: "If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders."

January 14, 2011
I will admit defeat on Wii Jeopardy tonight, but as for Wheel of Fortune...I would have won all three games instead of 1 if I played on my own!!!!

January 24, 2011
Sam started his fifth job tonight as a sign language professor at Sac. state and then straight to job number six-freelance interpreting!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pizza Night

I have a lot of things to catch up on this blog but this was easy enough to post. We found that we had an evening with nothing planned one recent weekend and decided to have a family fun night. Sam made each kid their own full pizza to top and they were so excited (Eden and Tucker shared one) and followed it with games!

Kolby actually ate the whole entire pizza. That kid can eat!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

This is for my cousin Katie...

I was talking to my cousin about some of the things I do to organize and she said take a picture and blog about it so I'll remember so here it is plus some extras (only 5 months later, but at least its done!)

I have a lot of fun coming up with new ways to organize things but I can't take credit for the first thing. This menu board was a gift from my amazingly crafty friend, isn't it cute! If she happens to want to make a matching FHE board I wouldn't mind, (hint, hint!!!) It's way cuter than my current FHE system as you'll see later!
I'm constantly changing how we do kids chores, but our system right now has been working pretty well, I print out a checklist before the get home from school so then they can just pick up their clipboards and check off as they go. I know Katie would make some really cute clipboards for this, but I'm just not as crafty!
For Eden's hair things, I keep a little caddy with the basic necessities including baby nail clippers for cutting out hair-bands and some clear hair-bands on a caribeener that can be used with anything.
Then I keep all of the hairbows/ties/flowers/clips sorted by color into ziploc bags in this large bin and I can tell Eden to go grab the purple bag is she is wearing purple and she grabs the caddy and brings them to me so I can do her hair. I also have each color of rubber bands on different caribeeners just like the clear ones and keep them with the like colors. It has made finding matching hair things so much easier since I started this system.
And for FHE, like I said, it's nothing fancy, I find this school schedule magnet board on clearance in the dollar spot one time and turned it into our schedule. I actually planned to make it cuter but I never got there so this works for now!

And we have an FHE box that we pull out when it's time. It has hymn books, extra scriptures, FHE ideas and a grab bag with hymns and primary songs in it so that we can learn a variety of songs.

Finally the back of my car which I think is what prompted this post! I put three crates in the back of the car to not have so much stuff all over the back of the car. One keeps general car things like jumper cables, a thomas guide, an umbrella, etc. One keeps kids things like sand toys, a frisbee, and some things to keep Tucker busy if I have to drag him to a meeting. The third keeps kids supplies like extra clothes, diapers, etc. It has kept the back of my car much cleaner!

So there you have it, some things that have worked for me! I am far from perfect and I have a whole lot of other things that still need organizing, but I do have fun thinking up this stuff and if it can help someone else, all the better!