Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Facebook Status Updates

April 1, 2011
I think I'm going to walk to the park, anyone around here want to join me?

April 18, 2011
Spending part of my birthday sitting in sam's sign language class he is teaching at sac state, but it is fun to read all the birthday greetings while I wait!!! Thanks everyone!

April 29, 2011
What is worse than getting sick on vacation? Could be throwing up on the flowers on temple grounds on that vacation!

Beach time

We were lucky enough to stay at Sam's Grandma's house and we got to spend the next day with her.  The first stop was the beach and the kids loved it.  Although the water was freezing, we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

The kids had a lot of fun playing on this hill.  Tucker was sliding and eventually jumping off.  Kolby and especially Jordan spent a good amount of time building things into the walls of the cliff.

And then I tried to get some fun pictures like I've seen on blogs.  Although they are not "photographer" quality, we did have fun trying to get some good shots!

I enjoyed chatting with Grandma Borgia while everyone played, but I did manage to get this cute shot of Sam and Grandma together!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lego gift!

We were lucky enough to get a great gift from my parents for Christmas this year.  They gave us a family trip to Legoland.  We were able to head down there the weekend starting spring break and we had a great time. Jordan and Kolby wanted to pose at every lego statue they saw so there are a lot of pictures and this is the cut-back version!
They all loved driving the boats, even Eden who didn't mind when everyone lapped her!

All Tucker could talk about before we went was the fact that he would get to drive a car.  He was so excited to finally get that chance and I was impressed at how well he actually did, other than turning the steering wheel back and forth really fast the whole time, he knew how to maneuver it.  Of course, the boys enjoyed the older course as well!

We have a picture of Eden in this same spot when she was a baby so I'll have to dig it up and compare!
Jordan searched all day for something Lego Harry Potter so he was thrilled to finally find these in a store.

They all enjoyed creating cars to race!

We really enjoyed Legoland and our so thankful for such a wonderful gift.  The kids were the perfect age for this park.  They also really enjoyed the mini-land USA and Eden and Tucker loved the roller coaster type rides.  We found that Brady and Jordan are actually a little scared of those kind of rides, but Eden is not afraid at all.  Kolby is a little afraid at first but usually ends up doing it and loving it.  I think we are going to have to watch out for that little girl that is not afraid to try things, but also she makes everything a lot of fun!  It was also a lot of fun for them to get to experience it all with Grandma!
The boys thought these lego people in the parking lot were really cool!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!