Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Facebook Status Updates

I'll go where you want me to go....

Took the little kids to the pool for the first time this year...we are going to miss the pool!

When Sam told the boys last night that he will be starting a new job just over the hills from Disneyland, Jordan said "cool, we can go to DL when we visit you down there!" It took him a minute to realize that we weren't just sending dad off, but that we are actually all moving down to Corona, CA.

13 years ago today I married my best friend, it has been an amazing 13 years and I can't wait for all the years to come!

We are looking to rent out our house in Lincoln, if you know anyone looking let me know. It is very spacious at 3700 sq ft. with 5 bdrm, 3 bath plus a large bonus/media room and it sits on 1/3 acre in a nice quiet court. It is also part of the Lincoln Crossing association that includes the clubhouse with the pools and workout room, etc.

Can't wait for my favorite show to start tomorrow!

One school is done for the year...but it sure doesn't feel like summer outside!

Sam is iinterpreting for Matt Hamill for the UFC fights this weekend 

I was wishing for something interesting to happen or do this weekend but now that I feel a migraine coming on, maybe it's better that I had nothing to do!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


 We had a garage sale and the kids were a huge help.  Deia and Eli came to help and two of the boys friends came to help and sell some stuff as well.  At one point they decided to set-up a kool-aid stand.  The boys were trying to figure out where to keep the money and Eden rain inside and came out with her little pink cash register.  So sweet!  Eli took a sign out to the corner and started waving it.  People were pulling up and saying that really did get them to stop in at the garage sale!  In the end the boys were really excited to make a grand total of $6.75!
 And we were happy with our results as well even if I had a bit of a miserable day.  My allergies were horrible and I was getting sick but we still managed to sell a lot and we even sold our couch for more than we bought it!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Gold Dust or Bust

 It was Kolby's turn for a class play.  He and Ethan split the part of Samuel Clemens!  He did a great job and he is going to miss these friends!  I'm glad he has had such great friends this year!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Update

Sam started his first week at the new job and came home to his first weekend back completely booked.  It was mostly fun things but hopefully next time he will get a bit of a break. Friday night it was straight to the Father's-and-sons camp-out.  They only got this one picture but they had a "really fun time" according to Tucker.  He had been talking about this camp-out all week and couldn't wait to get to go be with all the boys. This was his first Father's and sons.  Someone in our ward roasted this pig for everyone and Tucker was excited to help.  They all came home tired, dirty and smelling like campfire so I guess it was a success!

In the meantime, Eden was super excited about our girls night.  Every day she kept saying, when is girls' night again?  We joined some friends from our ward at Red Robin and then headed back to someone's house to have Sundaes.  We also stopped by for a little bit with some other friends.  We needed to head home so I could move furniture for carpet cleaning the next morning, but she did not want it to end and go home.  It was around 10 when she was saying that we still needed to go shopping!

As soon as he was home, Sam was off to run an errand with a friend and then straight to the church for the dress rehearsal for the ward talent show since he was the MC.  After the rehearsal he came home to help with our open house to find renters.  When no one showed up in the first half hour I was ready to cry after all the work I had put into getting it ready, but luckily we had a few people show up after that. Still no applications at this point, but we are still hopeful.  He then headed over to someone's house to practice his skit for the talent show and then of course, off to the show!

I couldn't go to the show because Eden had been sick that day, but I heard it was a success.  Jordan found out at the dress rehearsal that he was signed up for a skit so we hurried and threw one together and it sounded like it went well.  He also got a turn to be the MC on the spot for a few minutes when Sam was changing for his skit and I guess that he held his own.  Sam's skit was stick men, I helped them with the choreography from youtube.  Hopefully I can find someone with video and post it here but if not, I'll point you to the video that we copied.  Of course everyone loved it from what I hear and I'm sad that I had to miss it!

And Sunday morning he was on the road again.  He made it about 15 miles and got a flat tire.  After unsuccessfully trying to find a tire store open on a Sunday he gave up and borrowed his dad's car and luckily his dad agreed to get the tires taken care of for him this week.  Finally after driving all day, he made it to his new digs at 8:00.  We were very lucky to find him a room for him to rent with some members.  There were so many nice people helping us try to find connections.  It makes me grateful for the great network we have in the church!

So now we are in a waiting game, Sam is working and loving it and I'm trying to find renters.  I'm not going to lie and say it is easy, I'm a bit lonely and we miss Sam and I'm also very anxious to have things figured out, but in the meantime, I am grateful for the things that have fallen into place already!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Swimming time

 A few weeks ago, we actually had a warm week and I took the kids for their first swim of the season.  I took the little ones before I had to take Eden to afternoon kindergarten and they had the whole pool to themselves almost the whole time!  I took the boys and some friends in the afternoon and I'm looking for lots of fun swimming this summer....we just need it to actually warm up and stay that way!

Mother's day

I just realized that I had this post saved as a draft that I never finished, so here is a quick recap... Mother's Day was the same day as our anniversary so I was doubly spoiled!  Really, we had already celebrated our anniversary so I  mostly got to enjoy Mother's Day.  Of course there was a nice breakfast in bed and two sets of flowers (for both occasions) and some homemade gifts!  I really enjoyed just relaxing with the family in the afternoon with the TV off and singing together.  We also had Sam's family and the missionaries over for dinner and the missionaries made their calls to their moms.  Before that, the kids had a big pillow fight with one of the elders which they loved and Tucker just loves to hang with them.  Whenever he sees them, whether at church or at our house he says "hey guys!" The best part was a nice gift Sam made me, it was very sweet and I'll try to add a picture here at some point.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Science project

 Brady decided to see how blood pressure is influenced by video game play.  His friends and family all got to play different video games to test for results.  It was a little bit more work than we expected, but there were some fun times with the video games!
 and I totally killed Sam at Just Dance 2 even if our blood pressures both went up!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Living History

I got to travel back in time to help with Kolby's field trip.  We were at a museum which is an old house dating from the 1800's up in Auburn.  I worked at the laundry station which proved to be the kids' favorite station, they got to do the whole process from pumping water, grating soap, using the washboard, to dasher, to ringer to hanging the clothes to dry over and over again and they loved it.  They also got to bake biscuits, make leather pouches, a fruit crate and a button and string game and they tried plowing and a few other things. It was really a neat experience!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is this what you've been wanting to know..."

Yes, it is true, we are moving again!  
Sam has been doing so many different things it has been crazy so when this company approached him about coming to work for them, we didn't think much about it at first but the more time went on and the more we thought and prayed about it the more it seemed right to at least look into it.  They really were pushing hard to get Sam there, they had interviewed him for a different position about a year ago and actually offered him a job, but then it had to be put on hold and he just started working on all those other opportunities, but as soon as they could hire again, they didn't forget him!  They paid for us to go down to Southern California and check it out so we turned it into a little anniversary trip since we are celebrating 13 years this coming weekend.  Sam interviewed and the first thing he said we he came out was "dang it, I liked it!"  I think we were sort of hoping for some sort of sign that it wasn't right because we knew it would be a hassle to move, but in the end it is a great job for a great company and he is really excited about it, plus we are excited to be back to a regular full-time, paying job, instead of the stress of 6 part-time jobs and other stresses!  We are not necessarily excited to physically move or to be away from friends and family but we are never ones to shy away from a new opportunity or adventure!  This will be our 14th move in the 13 years we've been married!

I loved the design of this hotel lobby so we had to get a picture of it.  We were able to have a pretty nice weekend, we drove all over the different areas looking at neighborhoods.  We also attempted to go to the Redlands temple.  I say attempted because we were there inside, but didn't actually make it through a session.   Right before it started, I was already seated but I was not feeling good so I was praying to feel better and be fine, but I kept feeling like "no, you need to get out of here" so when they were almost ready to start, I grabbed Sam and got up and told them I had to leave.  I made almost all the way to the gate to leave the temple grounds but I couldn't make it and threw-up in the flowers.  I was just glad no one was around to see it and lucky enough that I was fine the next day! 

 Other than that, we had a nice time relaxing at the hotel, eating out and doing a little shopping.  We were very thankful to both our parents for watching the kids while were gone. The boys had fun with Sam's dad and Deia and Eli.  The spent a lot of time playing Just Dance 2 and had fun painting bleachers at the service project.  The most exciting thing I heard was that Grandpa opened his candy drawer and let them have at whatever they wanted because he can't have it anymore.  Eden and Tucker had a lot of fun with my parents and were especially excited to get to see "Hop" with Grandpa which their brothers did not get to see!!

We announced the move to the boys and Eden last night.  Sam told them that he would be working at a place not too far from Disneyland.  Jordan said "cool, when we come down to visit you, we can go to Disneyland!" He actually thought that we were sending Sam off without us!  They were a little sad to not see a few friends and family all the time anymore, but otherwise they were excited.  Eden and I were discussing how she wouldn't be going to school with a certain friend next year like she thought and she said, that yes she would be sad to not see her, but it's cool because she will make a bunch of new friends!  Such a great example, I'm trying to focus on it that same way!  

So that is our update for now, I'll update as we go because that is about all I know for now!

dinner time

Every year Sam signs the National Anthem at a dinner for the organization he belongs to.  I was able to attend with him again this year and it was fun to have a nice night out together.  Pictured above is Sam with Pam, his friend that sings it and Kelly Brothers from the local TV station that MC's.  The three of them have done this together for several years so it is fun to catch up with them as we all sit and eat.  I have to say I've been very impressed with how gracious Kelly is.  He always remembers us and our kids and we have a nice chat about his kids and he also goes around and introduces himself to the other people that are near.
These pictures are on Sam's cell phone so they are not great, but I wanted to remember the night!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Break

After our trip, we still had all week of spring break open to us.  Of course Monday was my birthday so Sam took me out to lunch and shopping and to his class and then we got together with friends for dinner. We took it easy and unpacked on Tuesday and then Wednesday I was able to go shopping most of the day and spend my birthday money.  I really only go shopping for myself once a year so this is an event for me!  Thursday I took the boys roller skating with their friend and Deia and Eli and Friday we went to see a Shakespeare play, "The Tempest" that some of their friends were a part of.  I think we can call it a good spring break!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


After the afternoon in San Diego, we hurried back to try and catch the sunset from Grandma Borgia's patio.  We barely caught the tail-end but I also thought the kids were so cute watching it!
I know we had several moments being there, too miss Grandma Borgia, especially Sam with all his memories there.  On the first day after we were all settled, Eden said to Grandma, "Where's Grandpa?"  Now mind you, she was at the funeral but I know it is hard for her little mind to comprehend and it was very sweet.  Grandma told her that he died and went to be with Heavenly Father, he just went a little to early and didn't wait for her but he would be waiting for us when we get there.  Sweet innocence and great understanding from Grandma made the moment just right and we are really glad we got the chance to go down and spend time there with the kids.

Mormon Batallion

After the beach, we headed down to San Diego for a fun afternoon and evening. We were able to show the kids the San Diego temple that Grandma Borgia has been working in for 17 years. Then we headed to downtown San Diego. The church has a really neat, interactive Mormon Batallion Museum that they have recently redone.  I was really impressed with it.
Jordan was picked to demonstrate the uniform.
And the kids especially loved the activities at the end of the tour.  The got to pan for gold...

....and Tucker loved the water pump.  He and Eden washed laundry and he also washed the sister missionaries hands and his own several times!

We stopped in for dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant.  

We enjoyed spending this time with Grandma and would love to go back to San Diego sometime to spend more time downtown!