Sunday, July 31, 2011

July Facebook Status Updates

If you are seeing this on your reader, I am backposting all the facebook statuses:

It was a good day, free meals at chick-fil-a, got the little girl's entire room packed, and found out we got a rental house that we want!

I'm not a good-bye person, just prefer to say "see ya later" and not make a big deal of it!

I think that one of the things I'm going to miss the most in leaving Lincoln, is all the sweet older ladies at church....I hope I can be as cool as them when I am their age!

Don't hate me for saying this but I had a really good Monday, I had a really long to do list and I actually crossed off everything on my list! Rare indeed!

So glad one of my favorite people showed up today with her kids and she even made us a yummy dinner!

Perfect weather for cleaning/packing the garage!

First truckload of stuff is off to the new house, now only two more weeks to pack the rest of it! And thanks a ton to the people that helped load up tonight!

Fun times with the kids and friends at comedy sportz...even more fun listening to them do their own improv skits on the way home!

Anybody with a large truck happen to be heading down to So. Cal from Sac. anytime soon?

It's a good thing I finished all the packing before this cold hit me, I'm pretty useless right now!

Yeah, Sam is home....we haven't seen him for 21 days!

Celebrated our last night as a family in Lincoln by hitting Old Town Pizza, and then on to the Farmer's Market where we went to see our good friend jam on his sax!

It's moving day! Who is coming to help tonight at 6?

We made it!

Sly Park

Backtracking a bit, the 5th graders got to go to Sly Park for a week long science camp.  Brady wasn't allowed to bring any electronics including a digital camera so he just had a disposable camera and these are a few that turned out.  He had a great time being with a couple of good friends from his class, especially Patrick.  He learned a lot, did some hikes and played some fun games!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dennis the Menace Park

Being in Monterey, we couldn't miss a stop at the Dennis the Menace Park.  We have a ton of pictures because 1. park pictures are cute, and 2. Sam had the camera who then passed it on to our brother-in-law Chad who went a little crazy on the pictures, not only did he take a lot of his kids and out kids, he took a lot of pictures of random people just because he had our camera!  He did get some really cute ones and I'm sure Nicki will post some of the ones he took of their kids!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium

We weren't planning on going to the aquarium but we changed our minds so the kids could spend some time with their cousins.  It was a little too crowded being a holiday weekend but the kids still really enjoyed it.  The boys were excited to go on their own with Casey and Tyler and we went around with the younger two.

Eden and Tucker liked the penguins the most.  Eden found her little friend named Messi and he actually played with her by following her hand around the glass.

always swimming

We spent a lot of time in the water at the reunions, whether it was in the ocean, at Uncle Scott's house or at the hotel pool, the kids can never get enough of it!  This time they wanted me to get some action shots of them, most didn't turn out, but a couple of them are OK!  Also, Jordan taught Eden to swim in this pool, she knew how at the end of last summer but had forgotten this year but had resisted any of my attempts.  For whatever reason, she decided to let Jordan do it and he was nice and patient with her and she picked it right up!  I was so proud of both of them!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Borgia Reunion

After the Farley reunion we went straight to the Borgia reunion in Morgan Hill.  I didn't get a lot of pictures because my camera battery died so here are a few that I gathered from other people and I may add to it (and I do have a couple of more post coming of some specific things we did), but we always have fun hanging out with the Borgia side.  On Sunday night we did a family night and each family was in charge of some type of activity.  Everyone always loves the candy bar game with the gloves and the fork and the scarf. We also did a people search and an oreo on the forehead game and we ended it with a skit with all of Sam's siblings and spouses.  We were all on the newlywed game and we answered some questions with funny answers and some to give an idea of what is going on with us.  It was a big hit, especially because Deveren wasn't there so Eli acted as Deveren and every answer he gave ended up having to do with Vivent and trying to sell everyone an alarm systerm!  If you have talked to Deveren at all in the last two years then you will get the joke and we missed having him and his family there so it was a fun way to include them!
Some of us headed over to watch the Morgan Hill 4th of July parade despite the heat.  The boys really enjoyed the classic car parade before it started.
And this is just a cute picture of Sabrina and Tucker!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photo shoots

At the end of the Farley reunion we took a bunch of pictures.  My good camera is broken so some of these aren't great, you'll have to see better ones from Nicki!

Asilomar Beach time

These are out of order but they include,....
... the day we got there when our room wasn't ready and so we went to down to the beach without our swim clothes, towels etc. because we thought we were just killing time for a few minutes but ended up waiting at least 2 hours but at least the weather was beautiful
....the planned beach day that was cold and overcast but the boys had fun playing in the water anyway and building dams and Eden had fun checking out the tide pools and being buried in the sand