Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Facebook Status Updates

Thursday, November 3, 2011
Having a nice lunch date with little T at a hole in the wall mexican place while I wait to spend an exorbitant amount of money on new tires and brake pads!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

shared a link.
A young bishop in England describes how the Book of Mormon came to life for him and changed his perspective forever.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011
This sweet daddy took his little girl a rose and lunch for her birthday during her lunchtime at school!  &
This little girl was so happy to show everyone at school the birthday flower from her daddy!

Monday, November 28, 2011
surprise Disneyland trip for family night!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011
There is not much better than fresh homemade bread with homemade jam! (thanks Nichole Farley Kitchen for the jam!)


I've got a lot of things to post about but it is that busy time of year so these will probably be out of  date order and instead will probably be the easiest to post first!

This is from the night the boys camped out in the backyard so that Jordan could finish his Arrow of Light.  They had a blast!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


 I found this draft that I guess I never posted from a few months ago.  Sam's company was a sponsor for a movie about a Deaf fighter, the same fighter that Sam interpreted for at the UFC fights, and so we got tickets to go to the Hollywood premier.  I kept asking Sam what to wear and he could never really give me a good answer so I sent him pictures of possible outfits because I would be meeting him at the Long Beach office to head to Hollywood.  The picture above is the one I went with (plus jewelery, make-up etc.) but I ended up bringing my black dress with me too!  I got nervous when I got to the office and the other ladies were all dressed up but I'm glad I didn't change because I was much more comfortable and there were people in all levels of dress including a guy with yellow short shorts, pink gloves, blue tights a cropped jacket and a purse (or something like that, I should've taken a picture!) After driving two hours for just around 30 miles we were happy to finally make it there and it was fun to see the movie.  After the movie they had a meet in greet with the directors and actors and they didn't plan to have an interpreter when they had deaf actors and it several Deaf in the audience so luckily Sam was wearing his Purple shirt and was able to jump in and interpret everything. It was hard to get pictures but this is the best we got!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

So cool!

We took my car to get new tires one day.  Tucker wanted to go out and see the car raised up.  He just stood their for 10 minutes staring and saying "wow, that is so cool" over and over again!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Completely princess

Growing up with older brothers, Eden has not ever been super girly.  She enjoyed the princess stuff when she played with other girls but otherwise didn't put much thought into it.  Well, all of a sudden lately she has turned all girly and wanted everything princess and barbie for her birthday so that is what we did!  She turned 6 this week and had a great time being a princess for two days!  We actually celebrated the night before her birthday because we new we would be at pack meeting on the actual night.  We invited three of her friends families to join us for cake and ice cream.  It turned out that two of the three families had a sick member so only one could join us and Eden said" that's OK then I get a playdate with just that one! but if SHE decided not to come then I would be sad!" Just before our friend's got there she was talking about how this was a princess party and she suddenly stopped and said "I know what I need to wear" and ran upstairs to change into one of my ballet costumes from when I was a kid along with a tiara!
She had quite the loot as she also had gifts from grandma's and an aunt in the pile! She was of course excited to get the barbie scooter that she asked for but also loved among other things, her light up shoes and her matching pajamas for her and her baby doll!

She was determined that she would have a princess cake but with everything going on that week plus my lack of cake decorating skills I just couldn't make that happen.  In the end I found a couple of princess topping things at Michaels and then just made different cakes with different molds and stuck them together.  It is a bit sloppy but it worked!

After the party I still had to get the princess cupcakes ready for school the next day.  Thank goodness Kiara was there to help me frost because that is not one of my favorite things to do! I do think they turned out cuter than I expected thanks to the toppers and the little pearl candy sprinkles that apparently fascinated all the kids in her class.
For breakfast she wanted pancakes which is usually Sam's department but he was already scheduled to get to work early that day and cook pancakes for his staff and he took the skillet with him.  Also, since his car is dead, I had to take him to work so luckily in all the rush Brady volunteered to cook the pancakes if I prepared the batter for him.  He's such a great helper and all the boys helped/had fun by decorating the house with streamers and balloons for Eden to wake up to that morning.

My favorite part of her birthday was that Sam took her a rose and Chik-fil-a for lunch at school.  She loved it and especially loved showing off the rose to all her friends.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Just a week in my life....

We had a super crazy week this last week, some really fun things and a few challenges and now that it is calmed down I told my sister I would blog about it to say what has been going on but it is probably pretty boring to most of you so you might want to skip it, but here is the list in order during the week of November 8-November 15:

  • Sam is in the middle of a huge project at work, he is the project manager for opening a new center about an hour away, we are not seeing him much
  • the dryer breaks, it is under warranty but the first time I can match up a schedule with the repairman is the following Monday
  • my first night of cub scouts but it is also one of the days I babysit so I'm not feeling as prepared as I would like to be
  • Sam mentions that he might be going to lunch with his mom the next day, he texts and she says she is on her way to our house from Disneyland, he then remembers that he forgot to tell me she was spending the night at our house!  It's OK because we are happy to see her but we do need to clean up the room she will be sleeping in a bit!
  • Sam gets ready to leave for work Wednesday morning and his car won't start, he is supposed to head to long beach that afternoon (an hour away) and stay there for 4 days straight so I take him to work here first (his scooter battery is also already dead so that is not an option either) and we decide to think about how to figure out the rest later
  • Tucker and I go with Sam's mom to Tom's farm and then meet Sam for a really, really nice lunch! I also find out that he forgot to tell me that Deveren and Kiara are staying at our house that weekend!  He really has been that busy...we hardly get a chance to talk during this project!
  • We decide that I need to take Sam to Long Beach and just hope that I make it back in time to get the kids to piano and ballet
  • I think of a friend who could take the kids and thankfully when I finally get a hold of her she agrees to help because once in long beach I realize that I need to drive Sam around to take care of  couple of things and get him checked into his hotel
  • We meet Deveren and Kiara for dinner,  it was really nice that I got to join them since I ended up being out in Long Beach, Tucker and Bailie were so cute together chatting the whole time and gave each other hugs when we said good-bye (pictured above)
  • I drive Sam back to his hotel and head home to the boys who have set up the tent in the backyard for a campout so Jordan can finish his last arrow of light achievement
  • Thursday we meet up with some friends from our ward to see Puss 'N Boots, Brady's bracket from his braces pops off while eating his popcorn and we are stuck in major traffic on the way home but we did have fun going to the movie with new friends 
  • I make it home just in time to head to the Relief Society dinner/activitiy, I tell the boys the each need to choose one part of dinner to make for all the kids, Brady opens a can of fruit cocktail, Kolby heats up meatballs and Jordan makes mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Friday I put the kids to work cleaning and Jordan has to do laundry even though the dryer is broken so he has his clothes spread all over the place to dry and then he goes to a new friends house and teaches him tricks with his wii and I take Brady to the orthodontist which he is very nervous because of his broken bracket but it is all fine
  • Saturday I brave taking all 5 kids to the big library.  It is cool but a hassle at the same time.
  • I realize that evening, that I won't have a chance to go to the store again until Wednesday so I make my list and prepare to head to Walmart.  Sam calls to say he is on his way home at about 6 and to just wait for him to go to Walmart. I'm surprised he wants to go since he is so tired.
  • At 8:30 I realize Sam is still not home and it turns out his phone has died and they stopped for dinner.  I go to pick him up at his office and we head to Walmart and dash around trying to get everything we need as fast as we can.  While there he tells me he has invited 5 more people for dinner than the one extra I was planning on.  It's all good but a little more notice is always a little more helpful.  We hurry home because Deveren and Kiara are set to arrive any minute.
  • Deveren and family arrives just before us and we all get to visit but Sam falls asleep within 5 minutes.  I have fun staying up late visiting with them!
  • Sunday morning we get everyone ready and head off to church.  While there, Sam gets a text from Deveren saying that our kitchen sink is clogged.  Deveren tries to fix it but it is deeper than he can get to.  They have to leave but they did clean up a bunch of stuff for us before they nice!
  • We have Sam's boss, who is in town, over for dinner along with a few other people that Sam works with.  Sam's boss is great but it is still stressful to think of having your husband's boss over for dinner, especially for the first time!  Sam makes some great ribs and my salad fails but we still have a great dinner and fun playing apples to apples. (pictures to come)
  • Deveren gets back for the evening but this time he falls asleep in 5 minutes so we don't get to visit much that evening.
  • Monday the kids are off to school and  we make Deveren take Sam to work. Tucker is playing with the kid I babysit and I am trying to clean up and get ready for Eden's party that evening but we can't do any dishes from our dinner party because of the clogged sink, however we do get the dryer repaired that day and I start getting to the piles of laundry.
  • We have Eden's party and  that turned out well enough and the kids had fun playing with their friends. After the party we get the cupcakes ready for her to take to school the next day.  Sam has had a situation come up with his project that he needs to deal with so he is working like crazy up on his computer.
  • Tuesday is Eden's birthday so you can read that post but I also babysit and we head to the grocery store two different times to get things I forgot, one of which is the treat I'm supposed to bring to pack meeting since Jordan is getting his arrow of light. We also head to Target because Tucker is insistent that he get Eden a present, he chooses squinkies.
  • I take Sam to work in the morning and then I have to go pick up the flower, lunch and him to enable his plan of taking these to Eden at school since he has no car available and then I take him back to work.
  • The plumber comes and fixes the sink although the price is a lot more than I expected, but at least it is done and I can get to work on the piles of dishes
  • Eden wants tacos for her birthday so we stop at Tom's farm for Taco Tuesday, however they are not crunchy tacos and she is very unhappy.
  • We pick up Sam and head to the church for pack meeting just a few minutes late, I do the skit with my bears and Jordan gets his arrow of light. We are proud of Jordan.
  • I finally feel like I can relax a bit and I fall asleep almost as soon as we get home, we don't even visit with Deveren and Kiara that night but we do get to say good-bye in the morning as they head home!  We are really glad we got to spend time with them even if it was just bits here and there, and I especially enjoyed finding out how much I have in common with Kiara!
So overall it was a really good week, it was just a lot thrown together at once but I wouldn't change any of it except for the dryer, the car and the sink part!!!  This last picture was just cute when one morning I came down and found Tucker cuddling with Deveren.  I think Tucker and Eden had the most fun of all having their cousins around all the time.  Tucker would ask every night when his cousins would be back!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Forts and video games = brothers!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Miguels Jr.

I'm told this place is just a Corona staple!  This was my third time going but the boys first.  The second time I went (and Sam's first time) we saw 3 members of the church along with our missionaries within in the first 5 minutes of being there, now that is huge when we hardly knew anyone here yet!  One Saturday I had a couple of errands to run with the boys and we had to work at a school carnival for a cub scout fundraiser so we stopped by and they loved it!

As I was telling the boy about all the church people we had seen there or had told me about it, I looked down at the receipt and saw the "CTR"...I'm not sure if that is on every receipt or just happened to be on ours for the day but we took that as a funny sign!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Apparently the PTA has an art contest every year, you can choose from a variety of mediums and Eden and Kolby both decided they wanted to participate.  Eden actually wants to participate in anything offered no matter what it is and Kolby just loves art.  The theme was diversity and Kolby chose to paint a diversity of food but then chose the title "Everyone Bring Something to the Table" to tie it all together.  Eden made several drawings and paintings but ended up using this drawing which I think she called "Birds Flying" if I remember right.  It ended up being a little more work than I expected to get the pictures mounted and labeled correctly and all the right paperwork but I'm really glad that they chose to use their talents and participate in the program!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Brace Face

So it finally happened...these two boys got braces!  They had both been pretty excited about it, the dentists have been telling us that Brady needed them for at least 3 years but this is the first time we finally had insurance to cover some of it.  Brady got his first, before Halloween, and when he came home with the list of things he is not allowed to eat, Jordan said "nevermind, I don't want them anymore!"  Of course that was not an option but he did realize that he would get to go to the trunk 'r treat before he got them on, even if he didn't make it to Halloween, he did get a chance to pig out on chewy candy for one night!  They just have the top teeth for now and will get the bottom ones added in a few months.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Skate park

 The kids had minimum days last week and some friends from the ward invited us to head over to the skate park with them.  It was a little last minute so I threw everything together and made it over there, I think this is only the 2nd time anyone in the ward has invited me to do something so there was no way I was going to miss out!  I was a bit of a downer I think (turns out I was getting sick but just didn't know it yet) but the kids had a blast.  The were taking the scooters all over the park and Tucker loved sliding down on his bum and then getting stuck and getting someone to pull him up!  I'm really glad we got to go!