Monday, December 31, 2012

December Facebook status updates

5 kids up and ready by 7:30 so that we can take Sam to the airport before church

As we pulled up to the curb to drop Sam off at the airport T said: "dad I'm going to miss ..... Your iPad!"

10 December 2012 
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ("HCM") is a primary disease of the myocardium (the muscle of the heart) in which a portion of the myocardium is hypertrophied (thickened) without any obvious cause. It is perhaps best known as a leading cause of sudden cardiac death in young athletes.The occurrence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a significant cause of sudden unexpected cardiac death in any age group and as a cause of disabling cardiac symptoms. Also see this website:

Thank goodness for Pinterst when you've got a minimum of 18 school teachers to consider for Christmas gifts!

"I'm so glad when daddy comes home!" (picture of kids with Sam, he just got back from Chicago)

Can anyone tell me what their favorite holiday work party was like? (please exclude any ideas that were great because they were expensive!)

19 December 2012
After being separated from her husband for 34 years, my grandma went home last not to be with him. I'm happy she can be at rest and in comfort again and that I have so many fun memories with her!

Snow in SoCal....happy to have it just at the park! #freefun #noneedforsnowclothes

Hello everyone! Every year Sam's family does a service project in lieu of gifts to for his dad for Christmas. This year we are donating to a program called Kiva which basically gives loans to people in poor countries to help get their business going. So it is actually a loan that we give and the money will be repaid. I'm just putting this out there in case there is anyone that would like to participate. If so, let me know so that I can include it in the letter that we describe what we did to Sam's dad.

We would love it if any friends want to help just a little bit towards finishing off the loan our own family has picked: and loan to this person specifically, this is a woman in Israel and I picked it because it meant something to me personally

or you could go to the website and pick whichever person you are interested in helping and loan whatever amount you want and it will also be paid back to you that you could always reapply to someone else if you wish

Just please let us know because we consider any help part of his gift!


Introducing great grandma to Gangnam style!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scout trips

Because Sam was the assistant scoutmaster last year, he was able to go on several camp-outs with the boys.  Here are some of the random pictures I found on his phone from some of those trips last year.

 They were working on the fishing merit badge so they spent a lot of time fishing and still most of the boys are yet to catch a fish.  Not for lack of trying, but mostly just bad timing!

 This campout/hike was Jordan's first official one and afterwards he said he would never go on a hike again.  It ended up being a really tough hike and Jordan's pack hurt him and his pants wouldn't stay up!   He really was miserable and Sam said he was crying.  To make it worse, they woke up to rain and snow and had to hike out uphill in their soaking wet clothes in the rain and snow.  Luckily, he forgot that misery and has been on hikes since then!

 (hard to tell, but it is snowing on them in this picture below)

Saturday, December 29, 2012


This is obviously not a picture of Chicago.  It is the morning after Sam left for Chicago and Tucker took it upon himself to fill Sam's spot!  I've mentioned a little bit, but recently Sam's employees and a the employees in a few of the other call centers decided to try and unionize.  It was a very stressful time because there are so many laws and rules preventing Sam and the company from talking much and saying certain things but they were able to bring in some consultants and have a lot of meetings.  Anyway, in the end Sam's center was the only one that didn't pass by a good majority (one other may have tied or barely won but it will be a court battle so we won't know for a while) but he worked hard to educate his employees as much as he was allowed and to really listen and they seemed to come out of it with a good understanding of the effects of their decision.  Because his center was able to manage so well, he was asked to go to Chicago to help educate their center which was voting later.  He went with only a week to go and luckily on his last day there, the day before the planned vote, the union withdrew because of the growing lack of interest.  It's been an especially challenging time because a lot of things had to be put on hold but I was really proud of Sam and the way he handled it out and impressed with his knowledge and skills.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Church Christmas Party

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Star Student

 It was Eden's turn to be student of the week a few weeks ago.  Here is the poster she got to share with her class.

 I am a star because.... "I help."
I show others I care by...."sharing"
1. I love to dase (dance), Sing and act.
2. I now som sinlngwig (know some sign language)
3. I went to howye (Hawaii)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Farley Family Christmas Card 2012

****Scroll down for newer posts, I'm just keeping this post at the top for people that come to the blog because of our Christmas card, but I've still been adding other new posts!*****

I'm assuming that a few people will come check out this blog because of our Christmas card so I wanted to give a general update for our family here.  If you come here regularly, you can just ignore it because it is basically just a recap of what I've posted in the last year.

As we are never one's to hold still, the Farley family has had another busy year.  We've had many visitors, friends and family, too many too count.  One of the perks of living in Southern California and we love it!  We spent many hours at Disneyland with our season passes, as a family and as a frequent fun date night!  We took trips to Sacramento during spring break and Thanksgiving and to Arizona for the Farley Family reunion in the summer.  We moved again and that puts us up to a grand total of 15 moves in the 14 years we've been married!  This time was because the landlord foreclosed and we were forced to find something new fast.  Melinda and the kids went to the beach just about every week throughout the summer and Sam took the kids on a hike to the Hollywood sign.  We also had fun helping a friend a little with his campaign for city council.

Sam continues to work for Purple communications managing one of their call centers so he has about 30 interpreters that work for him doing video relay interpreting for the deaf.  He loves working there and has been able to help out with a lot of special projects as well.  He did just finish a very stressful time where the employees were trying to unionize but luckily his office was the only one that easily voted against it.   He was also able to take the written test for interpreting certification and passed that on the first try.  A quick trip up to Sacramento was on his agenda to take care of our rental house and he also spent a lot of time with the scouts as he is currently serving as the assistant scoutmaster.  Brady enjoys having him there with him and Jordan is excited to be there soon.  He had a lot of fun doing a comedy routine and improv performance for an interpreter conference he helped put on and also some comedy for our ward talent show.  His biggest accomplishment this year was how hard he worked to get healthy.  He was able to lose 135 lbs and counting by doing Medifast and he is so good and disciplined with it!

Melinda keeps busy with all the kids activities and school responsibilities.  She is on the PTA board this year as the room parent coordinator and she also volunteers in Eden's classroom.  She spends a lot of time driving the kids around between the three schools and soccer practices, but was happy to realize her dream of becoming a soccer mom this year for the first time.  She babysat a little boy 2 days a week for most of the year and spent a lot of time with Tucker at the park.  Cub scouts also keeps her busy, as she is still working with the bears.  She was able to get away in the spring and have a fun weekend in San Diego with her roommates from BYU.  She lost a very dear friend quite suddenly and has struggled with that a bit which led to a trip to Sacramento for the funeral, but was able to enjoy some time with many dear friends there.

Brady was promoted from sixth grade to jr. high this year and also became a teenager.  He gets amazing grades and great credit for his hard work at school.  He also loves to serve others by choosing to do things like volunteering to help at chess club, work on the campaign and work in a nursing home.  His first scout camp was fun and he also enjoyed flag football and his first time playing soccer this year.

Jordan continues to entertain everyone and is very fascinated by history and most recently Dr. Who.  He loves to read, especially fantasy and can often be found with his nose in a book or his kindle. He also played flag football and got awards for his good grades.  He has taken to wearing bow ties and suspenders and loves cooking, especially omelets and even joined in with the rest of the family in chess club this year.

Kolby  also played soccer this year although he was a little pushed to do it.  He always appeared to be having fun even if he says he didn't but that is typical for Kolby.  He also did flag football and had fun at cub scout day camp and also won first place with his pinewood derby car.  He gets a lot of attention for his curly hair as usual and also does well in school.  He loves our dog Piper most of all and treats her like his baby and he also loves music and can often be found with an ipod in his ears.

Eden had her first dance recital this year and loved getting her hair and make-up all done up.  She loves to swim and after finishing her swimming lessons this summer, wanted to go to the pool everyday.  She couldn't wait to get going at soccer and turned out to be a pretty decent player, it turns out she is a really fast runner.  She loves spending time with her friends and it also constantly making notes for her teachers and friends. On the weeks at church that we have the opportunity to get up and share our beliefs, she often is ready to participate and share her sweet testimony all on her own.

Tucker started preschool this year.  He got picked to be a peer model for the developmental preschool in the school district and he loves it.  He is quite the chatter-box and tells all about the things he does at school and his friends.  It is fun for him to have his own thing.  He also loves to see his friends from church at the park and to go to his sunbeam class at church.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peak at our family.  If you want to see pictures or more details of this years event feel free to scroll down through the blog!

Here is the story we are sending out this year:

A String and a Tuna Fish Can   By Jeffrey W. Foy

As my first Christmas as missionary in Ecuador approached, was not sure what to expectfew weeks earlier had been transferred to what was up to that point the poorest area to which had been assigned.Without even single paved road, the frequent passing of buses would keep more dust and dirt in the air than what was othe ground, making it next timpossible to see the relatively few Christmas lights that had been hung.
Upon my arrival at my new areawas greeted with letter from home. It included story from my father about how he and his missionary companion, while serving in poor post-war section of Germany, had bought bag of candy and walked the streets on Christmas morning passing it out to childrenHe described the children’s faces as he gave them what was probably one of the few gifts the children had received. Fosome, it was the first piece of candy they had ever had.
After shared the story with my companion, we decided to seout and do the same. As we walked the streets and passed out candy, the children graciously accepted our gifts and ran to show their parents, whose thanks we felt as they nodded their approval. We found, as had my father and grandfather, that the greatest joy at Christmas comes from serving others in whatever manner we can.
We approached happy six-year-old boy playing in the dirt. To our amazement, he declined the piece of candy we offered him. When we asked him whyhe told us he had already been given the best gift ever. Wwere curious and asked him ttell us what it was. He looked at us impatiently and said, “Can’t you see?” Our eyes searched for shiny toy or new clothes—anything that seemed worthy of declining our piece of candy. But we saw nothing. We asked him again to tell us about his great gift.
He stopped playing, looked up at us, and with the biggest smile have ever seen, showed upiece of string. He told uhow much he loved his parentfor teaching him to be good enough for Santa Claus to leavhim the string. He told us his father had helped him put a hole in an empty tuna fish caso the boy could tie it to his string, turning it into dump truck” that he had used all morning to haul rocks acrosthe neighborhood.
“Thanks for the candy,” he said, “but have too much work tdo. have to haul these rocks before it gets too dark to see.”
On Christmases since that day, have seen children show off the gifts they have received for Christmas. But have yet to see evidence of happiness that compares to that of the bowhose joy lay in simple piece of string tied to tuna fish can, gift from his father, who served him as best he could.
(To see this story and the story of his father and grandfather go to: