Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family reading

Sam now has to spend most of his time in Long Beach again so starting last week he was gone all week.  I decided to go simple for FHE that night and just declared it a family reading night.  It was great!  First Jordan read to Tucker for a while and Eden and I worked on her chapter book and then when the two little ones went to bed, the rest of us sat and read for another hour.  It was so nice and peaceful to all do it at the same time and to see my kids loving books as much as I do!

January Facebook Status Updates

Sunday January 1
Welcomed in the new year by singing Happy Birthday to our now 11 year old Jordan and Sam's grandma after consuming tons of great food, enjoying game time and laughing so hard we cried!
Monday January 2
Celebrating the birthday of one very excited 4 year old today after saying good-bye to the second set of visiting family members for the holidays and waiting for the third set to arrive this afternoon!
Wednesday January 4
Beautiful day at balboa beach!
Thursday January 12
I just did the splits tonight twice in front of the Relief Society (the woman's organization at church)!
Friday January 13
So true!

Friday January 27 

I love my family! We always tell our best and worst moments of the day at dinner and something we've done for someone...but tonight we all did it in song...including happy music, sad music and adventurous tunes and then it led to an impromptu dance party while all still sitting at the table! — with Sam Farley. 

Monday, January 30, 2012


 I decided I was going to do a photo challenge where there is a topic or theme for each day, I didn't last long with the challenge, but the first one was joy and Jordan heard me say it so above is his interpretation of joy!  Later I decided that all my children are a joy to me so I went around and took a picture of each of them at that moment! No claims to be a photographer here, just have fun thinking about the themes and maybe I'll get to a few more of them here and there!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Young Minds

Sometimes I am amazed at what the kids come up with and sometimes I wonder where it comes from.  Here are a few recent projects...

When Jordan went back to school after the break his teacher did a little unit on goals, this is what I found in Jordan's papers, a few things to notice....he wishes to try bacon covered donuts, and a strange talent to pick up reads "dangling a loogie"!
On the front of the paper he talked about somethings from the previous year...the one to notice (especially to the family members that were in Arizona at the time of this event) "Never give a wet willie to a sleeping bear a.k.e my dad."  Obviously he has a bad experience with this in AZ!

Brady just finished an Egyptian unit and got to pick from a list of projects.  He chose to make the cartouche  and carved a symbol out of soap.  He decided to copy the style from my bookmarks from Egypt so we got paper that looked like papyrus and he painted them.  His teacher was very impressed because none of the other kids had a design around the oval and there was not a lot of color.  He wanted to know where Brady got the idea.  You can tell the size compared the nail clippers in the side of the picture and the soap was a normal bar of soap.

I painted this frame with chalkboard paint while I was making chalkboard necklaces for Christmas.  It is just one of those cheap 8x10 plastic frames.  Eden loves to color on it with chalk and this is what I found the other day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A sunbeam

It is so weird to no longer have any kids in nursery!  Tucker is officially a sunbeam.  He has been excited to go to the big primary with Eden and enjoyed visiting it the last few weeks in December but when the actual day came he said he wanted to go to his old class.  He still went to his class and loved it.  His teacher said he did great and he was so proud to hang onto his Book of Mormon from his nursery teachers.  Below is his first picture from class, I was amazed to learn he actually knows how to draw a person now.  I asked him about his guy and he said "that's ME! and I have a hat on!"

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hollywood, check!

With Laura and Jessica here, we realized that it would be a good time to check Hollywood off my to do list!  We did have a good time, but I have to say that one time is enough and I don't really need to go back again! We had to take pictures at the theater of course!
We had a nice lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe
Horrible picture with my eyes, closed but the best picture we could get of us with the Hollywood sign way in the background.  Laura and the kids went up the stairs higher to get a better picture but we stayed at this level with the stroller.

We also made a stop at the Universal walk.  Sam and I had fun showing them the It's Sugar store that is the same as the one in Arizona.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Yes again

Yes of course we had to go again when Laura and Jessica were here.  They spent most of the day with the boys and we met up with Deveren and Kiara who were also still in town.  It was a bit crowded but I think we all had a great time!  Eden went on Splash Mountain for the first time and loved it!
Tucker freaked out during the Bugs Life 3D movie and I had to take him out but Eden and Bailie had fun!

And notice my score below....one of the top scores of the day, Deveren taught me some of his tricks! (and it didn't hurt that the ride stopped for a minute near a very high valued target!)

I'm sure there were more fun things that day, but I've totally forgotten, so I will just say it was nice to get to spend time with everyone that day!

Friday, January 13, 2012


 Laura and Jessica took Jordan to see the Adventures of Tintin for his birthday.  He LOVES to get to do things on his own without the other siblings!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


We found a new career for Jessica!  When she was here she was very excited to help out with piper...at least this part of it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Balboa Beach again

We made another trip out to Balboa Beach again when Laura and Jessica were here and it was another gorgeous day.  Beach pictures are always fun and I enjoyed messing around with my camera settings again, I couldn't actually see what I was taking because of the glare so I just took a ton in all the different settings and these are my favorites so warning, long post with too many pictures, just scroll through fast!

I love that I caught his "working" expression in this next picture!

And of course we had to end with some shakes on the top of Ruby's diner!

As we were walking down the pier Tucker started laughing and said it looked like we were holding hands.  I finally realized he meant our shadows because our hands weren't actually touching!
And after a great day at the beach everyone was worn out....especially Tucker!