Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Facebook Status Updates

Saturday, February 4
Date night plan B: Disneyland

Monday, February 6
Why do I feel like most days I can hardly think of anything at all to say to people and then every once in a while on a rare day like today and I feel like I talk way too much?!!!

Monday, February 6
I almost cried at the middle school orientation meeting tonight...I'm not ready for him to be this old and it is still 6 months away!

Tuesday, February 14
Great Valentine's date last night, Sam Farley made me a sweet breakfast this morning and the kids have a fun Valentine's lunch's looking like a good Valentine's Day so far!

Friday, February 17
Made it through 2 hours of school assemblies with a 4 year old in tow but it was fun to see my kids get all their awards, the three older boys with highest honors (straight A's) and also E and J with Toucan of the month for their classes.

Saturday, February 18
Jumped on the Downton Abbey bandwagon and stayed up way to late last night watching the first 3 episodes, I am hooked.

Sunday, February 19
You know you have a great friend when they come into town and you haven't seen them in at least six years, but you still pick up right where you left off and the kids too....even the ones that never met each other before! — with Stephanie Ann Belnap andRhett Belnap.

Thursday, February 23
Such a nice day that that we decided to meet Sam for a picnic lunch at the Dos Lagos playground!

Thursday, February 23
I'm so happy to have a book club again and to have people who will put up with me! I'm excited for this year of books!

Friday, February 24
Their second choice at Disneyland today...(Eden and Tucker on the teacups)

Cake time

 It was blue and gold time again and this year we had a "President's Day" theme.  Kolby and Sam didn't have a lot of time to work on their cake but they chose to make a constitution cake.
 And here are a few of our other favorites for the night:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Valentine's Day Photos

I didn't get a picture until they were almost done but they found the table covered in candy hearts and a box of chocolates for each of them when they came down in the morning.  They were also excited to find a box of lucky charms.
Eden just got a quick heart in her hair this year because we were running out of time.
For lunch I cut salami into heart shapes and put it in their lunches with crackers and cheese along with a red powerade, some strawberries, a red jello fruit cup and a red packaged mini granola bar.
We did go all out for dinner with tablecloth, cloth napkins, and candles and we had pot roast, asparagus, strawberries and blueberries, heart shaped biscuits, tomato and cucumber salad, and mashed potatoes and gravy.  The kids were pretty excited about it.

And another breakfast picture out of order!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


We decided that this year I would plan our Valentine's Date and Sam would plan our Anniversary.  I decided to do it the night before Valentine's day to avoid the crowds and sadly I didn't take any pictures.  I made a little "Choose Your Own Adventure" date based off those books I used to like when I was a kid.  We ended up going to a thrift store and then TGI Fridays (I had a gift card from one of my online survey sites!) where I had a list of 100 questions that we randomly answered by using a random number generator.  Then we headed over to see Mission Impossible and were able to use the gift card from Sam's parents.  So we had another great date night that was free except for the tip dinner and also had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Girl

Eden could hardly wait for the Father/Daughter dance at school.  Everyday for two weeks she had to confirm that Sam was still coming.  One day she mentioned that he might not want to wear his glasses to the dance because they might fall off while he is dancing.  She was also worried about his diet and if that might somehow effect his ability to come to the dance. There were several more random comments like those throughout the week, so she was very happy when he night finally arrived.  We had to go through all her dresses and several times changing her mind before she decided on this blue dress.
She loved posing in it and having her hair curled. But then she took a break to go out and ride her scooter for a big!

She loved getting a corsage!

And when Sam asked her what she wanted to do for dinner she said she didn't care except that she wanted to have ice cream.
At the dance she was excited to see her friends and had fun dancing with her dad but her favorite part was all the goodies and candy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jumping Beans

Tucker and Eden had friends over from church one Saturday.  These two were having so much fun jumping from the ottoman to the bean bag that I had to try and get some pictures.  They were too fast to get much but they were very cute together. First they were pushing each other off.
Then they decided they had to close their eyes while the other one pushed.
Then they were holding hands and jumping together and much more for a good 15 minutes!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Plan B

We have been trying to get to know different people in the ward and have had a few people over for dinner but with Sam getting busy with Long Beach, it was hard to find time so we didn't get very far down our list. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling really down about not having a lot to do and having some close friends to hang out with so I decided that rather than wallowing in it, I would try and invite some people from church over to play games and get to know them and when they weren't available I tried others that we've been wanting to get to know, but it just turned out to be an all around bad night for everyone and I know it wasn't anyone's fault but I was a little bummed.  Sam was quickly trying to think of something we could do but our finances are really tight but suddenly at about 4:45 I remembered that we have some Disney dollars plus we have Disneyland passes.  So at 5:00 we hopped in the car to have our date night at Disneyland and we had a ton of fun.  We kept saying things like "the tram is so much easier without a stroller" and "wow, we actually get to sit together on a ride" so needless to say it was fun to go without kids for once and to have a nice dinner there and for me to beat Sam's score on the Buzz Lightyear ride over and over again!  We will definitely be doing that date night again and all it cost was the gas to get over there!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

One night...

A random evening, after we had FHE.  We had talked about the ward goal to have every family read the Book of Mormon all the way through this year.  Brady and Jordan especially were very excited to take on the challenge and went straight up to their rooms to start reading (Brady is reading on his ipod) and it was a great example to me.  Kolby went to work on his Valentine's and I found Eden reading to Tucker in his bed. Just a little moment in time I want to remember!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Long Beach

As I said before, Sam has been splitting his time between the office here and the Long Beach office.  Last week he ended up in a nice Marriott with and indoor pool so we all hopped in the car to join in him one evening and luckily traffic wasn't too bad going that way! Eden was pretty much glued to Sam the whole evening, before and after she changed into her swimsuit!
We got all ready to swim but by then the kids had gotten into a movie that was on TV so we just relaxed and watched the rest of the movie together and then headed down to the pool.  It was especially fun because it happened to be a really cold and rainy day outside. The whole side and ceiling was glass so Eden and Tucker liked looking up and seeing their reflections in the windows on the ceiling and see the planes fly over from the nearby airport.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Future Jordan

I found this essay Jordan wrote at the beginning of the school year and we got a big kick out of it.  I retyped it just as he had it. I just love how his mind works and this picture captures him too!
The Future of Jordan Farley

By: Jordan Farley

      My future is going to be filled with money, fame, and fantasy.  The three jobs I have in mind are a CEO, actor, and author.

       One job I want to have is to be a CEO of an awesome video gaming company; I will be head of cartoon drawing.  I love drawing cartoons, and the best part about it is I can’t mess up.  Any mess up that I draw I can build off of.  Another reason I loving drawing cartoons is that it can express ones emotions.  I can draw cartoons very angry or very happy.  I can even draw my interests.  One more reason is I am smart and creative and that gives me the qualities of a CEO.  For example, I was the second person to pass my multiplication quiz. I love numbers because they have a numeral order and place.  I’m smart because both of my parents are smart.  My mom was a straight A student, and my dad received a masters degree in organizational development.  Another reason I should be a cartoonist is I am full of a lot of creativity.  I daydream about money and being a CEO.

        Another career I want to be is an actor, because I’m great at acting. I’m a great voice impersonator; I can do impersonations of Yogi Bear or any emotion such as sad, happy, or angry. I am great at accents I can do British and Irish.  I love acting as other people because I’m great in performances.  I have been in two plays here’s an interesting thing: they were both the same play (pirates of grammar island) I just did them on different years.  I also love working with a crew, and that will help me in life because I will have to work with other people.  I act as other people all the time; for example, I switch to Harry Potter’s British accent constantly.  I love watching plays because in plays everybody is not who they really are.

     Finally, I want to be an author, and one reason I want to be one is because I have a wild imagination.  I’ve had a story in my head for about a year now, and it is about a wizard named Jacob Nomma (the reason I chose Nomma is because it is my best friend’s name backwards). Another quality that an author needs is to love books, and I love books.  One reason I love books is because I read the Harry Potter series and loved it.  Books can be any shape and size and that’s fun.  The last reason I love books is because they are interesting.  A book I read called Atherton was very mysterious because there were a lot of secrets.  Boooks can be funny, sad, or weird.

    In conclusion, will have a life filled with riches, fans, or fiction.  I hope to be a cartoonist/CEO, actor, or author.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Singing and scum

One of the nights when Eli was here we taught the boys to play scum.  We have taught them all before but I guess they forgot or at least this was the first time that they really got it.  They loved it so much that they continued to play it over and over again for the rest of the time that Eli was here even if only 3 of them were playing!
Before we played cards we had some fun at dinner that night. Eden missed out on our little party because she was playing with her friend next door, but we all had a party at dinner.  It started by doing what we do every night, we say what our best and worst of the day was and what we did for someone that day.  The boys had been singing something so I declared that they had to say those things in song.  I think Brady was first so he sang his best and then started to do his worst and Sam told him the music had to change to sad music.  So we all sang our best with a happy tune, our worst with a sad tune and what we did for someone with our interpretation of an adventurous tune, it was quite funny but everyone did it!  When Sam did his turn he decided to look for some background music on his phone and then when he finished we were all dancing in our seats to the music he played on his phone.  Once everyone finished they were up dancing by Sam while he played more music.  It was just one of those spontaneous fun family moments!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Purple People Party

Sam decided to have his office "Holiday" party in January just to avoid the chaos of the holiday season.  He was given a small budget to plan it so he rented the clubhouse in our neighborhood and spent the bulk of the money on the catering from Wood Ranch which is an amazing restaurant.  He also decided that we would do a white elephant gift exchange and that is about as far as we got, so of course I stepped in and filled in the difference.   
 If you know me, you know I'm not super crafty but I knew they needed something so I did about as much craftiness/decorating I as I could handle. I made the banners and the flowers that I put in vases with gumballs for filler.  And if you didn't know it already, the name of Sam's company is "Purple!"
Also, if you know me, I do love games so I made sure we had more going on, I gave Sam some choices and we decided on the nametag on the back game and a door prize type game where they could earn raffle tickets for all kinds of random things like who came the farthest and who came in the oldest car and many more.  They also got 5 raffle tickets when they came in and we had bags with 10 different cards that they could drop in to try and win.  They also could win some raffle tickets during the gift exchange.
Originally Sam didn't have any kind of theme so I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to decorate with only "purple" in mind but then I found these star candy dishes at the dollar store and called Sam and said, "You now have a star theme!" and then we had fun working that out and realizing that was a good way to thank the employees who are the "stars of the team!"  We filled the stars with purple candy of course and sprinkled the star confetti around.  We brought Brady, Kolby and Eli over to help set-up and they were happy to get some of the extra candy!
We cut these stars out and put an employees name on each one and plastered them around the room.

One person won that bear hat/scarf in the gift exchange, I was jealous!

And they were all super excited to see if they won any of the raffle prizes, it was funny to see someone scream and cheer so loud for something like a $20 Starbucks gift card!

In the end everyone said that they had a really great time and I was just glad that all the work paid off.  It was fun to meet so many of Sam's employees and get to know them better and to give them this party as a thanks for all their hard work!