Monday, April 30, 2012

It wouldn't be Easter without Egg pictures!

We had so many kids that we had to do it in two waves and even with all those eggs there were still only 5 or 6 for each kid but they still had fun!

April Facebook Status Updates

Wednesday, April 4
Tonight I realized that I completely live in SoCal now...I drove too and from Disneyland without using the GPS or even having to think about where I was driving.

Sunday, April 8  I am so thankful for his Easter gift!

Thursday, April 12
It is now confirmed, the house is going to auction tomorrow and our landlord is refusing to give us our deposit back....that's a lot of money we will never see!

Tuesday, April 17
My second birthday gift this year and it's not even my birthday yet! (yellow flowers)

Tuesday, April 17
First time at the pool this year... 

Tuesday, April 17
Sam surprised me for my birthday tomorrow and came home tonight instead of tomorrow afternoon and it is especially amazing because he is never able to surpise me!

Wednesday, April 18
My house is turning into a regular garden, I love it! (red roses)

Wednesday, April 18
We decided to run over to Big Thunder Ranch BBQ at Disneyland for my birthday dinner!

Wednesday, April 18
Finishing up my birthday with a giant Mickey Cookie on Main st

Tuesday, April 24
Time to start packing, AGAIN!

Saturday, April 28
Celebrating my birthday 10 days late! — at Battle of the Dance

Saturday, April 28
I didn't get to do many of the things I wanted to do today like help with the service project or go to the beach with friends, but I did get the garage ready for packing and and I did have a fun date with my husband!

Sunday, April 29
Relief! We signed papers for a rental here in our neighborhood, now I have 24 days to pack our whole house!

Monday, April 30
Usually when I pack I leave the boxes in the garage for last and so I never end up really sorting through, well I decided to do those first this time and that was a big mistake....way too many fun memories to slow me down plus I'm now quite homesick for my Jerusalem days. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cousin beach day

Sam's parents and Nicki's family were able to come stay for Easter Weekend so we planned an afternoon at the beach! (I will add more pictures when I get the other ones from Nicki)
Brady and Eli decided to brave the cold water with the boogie boards...
...and both ended up completely soaked! Brady was completely flipped over under the water and had tons of sand in his hair.
 I always end up with a picture of a kid running from the waves, this time Kolby
Chad and Sam both got in some boogie boarding time
and Kolby thought about it but never got up the courage!
Eden covered herself in sand as usual
And I believe this group was labled "the old people" because they sat there and hid from the sun
Eden and Courtney spent the whole time looking for shells
and it wouldn't be a beach trip without burying someone and giving them a mermaid body!

Brody had a funny little beach run, hard to see in a picture but this will remind those of us that were there.

The boys also dug a big hole and Brody had fun playing in it.
This last picture was actually first, but Nicki and Chad provided a picnic lunch and all the kids sat dutifully on their towel waiting for their food before they went to play.
It really was a beautiful beach day and the kids were so happy to spend it with their cousins and family!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Primary Hunt

The primary had an Easter Egg hunt during spring break.  The older kids had fun helping set-up the hunt and Eden had fun hunting with her friend that she brought. The candy was basically all gone by the time we got home, but the kids all had a fun time!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Spring Break Disney

We all decided to head over to Disneyland that Wednesday.  Because it was a little crowded we decided to try to do some things a little less popular that we haven't done before (or in a long time for me and Eli).  The kids had never been to Tom Sawyer's Island so we had fun exploring although Tucker was really scared to go on the raft until he realized it wasn't a big deal at all.
Eden, Tucker and I separated from the big kids for a while and headed over to Toon town, they had been asking to go to Minnie's house ever since we last went to Mickey's.  It was the most crowded place of all so we took this picture and left but came back later with Sam when it was less crowded in the evening.
The kids also went to the explorer place in CA adventure for the first time. You can't tell but this is all three boys doing the tire zipline thing.  Poor Eli was too tall for it!
When we first got to Disneyland, Eli and Brady found some Mickey gloves in the bathroom so they turned them into lost and found and were given a whole bunch of fast passes for any ride for up to 6 people.  We used them to go on Toy Story Mania, the boys went on the Grizzly rapids, Kolby and Eli went on Screamin' over Ca and then when Sam got there we left Tucker with him and we all went on Soarin' over CA.  This is Eden and I in line.  We decided we needed a picture because we were matching with our blue nail polish and pigtails!
After that we separated again and Jordan came with us.  We were heading up to Central Station to take the train but it was closed and we soon realized that we had the best viewing spot for the parade up there.  I think that will now be our parade spot!
Eden was waving at all the characters!

And then we finally made it to Minnie's house!  I heard some kids say as we were leaving..."Mickey and Minnie must be divorced because they have different houses." 
By the time we left on the tram that evening, everyone was worn out!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


We all love when Eli comes.  The idea had come up for Eli to stay with us during the second week of spring break but then we heard he wasn't going to be able to.  The boys were seriously so disappointed but then plans changes and he was able to come after all as a surprise to the boys.  One day we had to leave the house because people were coming to look at it.  We tried to find people to meet us at the park but no one was available so we just hung out on our own.  The kids found these trees to climb on and Eli sat there and told them all stories.
Tucker and Isaiah had fun pretending these branches were boats and horses and whatever they could think of.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

French Fries and Cheese

The day the kids and I got home from Sacramento, Sam invited the missioniaries from the Deaf branch over to dinner.  I had wanted to plan a fun dinner for April Fool's Day for the kids but it didn't work out with traveling so I talked Sam into doing something for that dinner.  He tried to do the meatloaf to look like a cake but it ended up being too big of an undertaking but we did still have these fries and cheese for dessert! (pound cake and yellow frosting!)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sac friends

So I guess I didn't take many pictures of all the different friends I saw during the week, but I had a lot of fun catching up with everyone.  I went to Zumba with Shamay, another friend that we can always pick up right where we left off, and then I spent a couple of hours with her and Jake catching up.  I met up with my friends from the old playgroup and with several friends from our time in Lincoln.  It's so nice to know I have so many wonderful friends up there and I'm so glad we can catch up even if it is not enough time!  Everyone I visited with has impacted me in some way for good in my life to make me who I am today.  And as I sometimes struggle where I am now and don't feel that close to anyone yet, it helps to remember all those amazing people back at home.  Finally the kids met up with their closest friends on Friday night.  Really, they were waiting all week for that night!  Kolby got to go spend the night with his best friend Ethan and Eden, Jordan and Brady got to spend the night with the Zambrana's and the boys' friend Patrick (and I got to spend some time hanging out with my friend Marie, their mom).  They were all in heaven being together, it is amazing that they all became such bosom friends in the year or two that we knew them!

Tucker and I left them there and went back to my mom's.  We met up with Laura in the morning and went shopping at some thrift stores and out to lunch before I picked them up.  When I picked them all up, they thought it was way too soon!  I wish I didn't have to take them from their friends but I'm glad they have such good friends to come back to!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My family and Pixar

We had a lot of fun spending time with my family during Spring Break.  The first day we scheduled with McKay to go down and tour Pixar again since they older boys had never been and my parents thought it would be fun too! Tucker wouldn't get to close to any characters but hopefully I get some other pictures from my mom to add here that include him.
They boys really enjoyed the tour but Eden and Tucker still say their favorite part is the endless cereal bar!
One of the nights we went out to a Chinese restaurant.  After Brady went to Priesthood session with my dad  they met up with the rest of us and Laura and Jessica.  Sadly, the only picture I took was of this fortune but it is pretty funny, it says "Ignore Previous Cookie!"
We also met up with Laura at her work to eat at the buffet.  Jordan had a huge piece of Chocolate cake and some ice cream for dessert....and a huge mess!