Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Facebook Status Updates

Tuesday, May 1
What two 4 year olds do on a rainy day while I'm setting up move stuff and they've already scattered the toys all over the room! They are so funny

Wednesday, May 2
The hardest part about moving for me is not the packing, it's the carrying on of regular daily life at the same time, feeding the kids, doing laundry, school projects, stuff like that!

Friday, May 4
Sitting at the beach for 3 days with 10 amazing, inspiring women!

Tuesday, May 8 
18 years ago today a sweet boy asked me to go "steady" with him, 14 years ago today a wonderful guy married me in the LDS Oakland temple and today I celebrate those anniversaries with the amazing man he has become! Thank you Sam Farley for being my eternal best friend! — with Sam Farley.

Thursday, May 10
Checkout my brother-in-law in the news...Dr. Nathanial Farley you look so official!!!
Dr. Nathan Farley joins News 8 at Noon to talk about the latest findings about the downside of sports drinks.

Sunday, May 13
In honor of Mother's Day...I'm thankful my daughter has a dad who loves her mother!

Tuesday, May 15
When it comes to packing I'm usually calm, relaxed and organized, but I also usually get to a point where I don't care anymore and start throwing it all in boxes...I have officially hit that point!

Friday, May 18
I did it! I finished my goal of packing the whole house by today!

Saturday, May 19
In the last three days I've volunteered at the 4th grade Gold Rush Days, Volunteered at the school carnival, participated in the cub scout fundraiser, finished packing my house, and had a garage sale....I think I'll take the rest of the day off!

Thursday, May 24
Was able to get almost the entire kitchen packed into my car, unloaded at the new house and unpacked into the cupboards in about 2 hours thanks to some amazing friends - Annette for helping unpack and Holly Waite for taking little T away so I could do it!

Saturday, May 26
Our whole move is complete in just two hours, thanks to our amazing helpers! 

Thursday, May 31
We are lucky to get to parent such a great kid...6th grade promotion plus so many awards!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012


We recently celebrated our 14th anniversary.  Sam planned a nice evening to the temple and to a nice dinner (thank you!)  Let me just post our facebook status updates for the day here to sum it up:

me: 18 years ago today a sweet boy asked me to go "steady" with him, 14 years ago today a wonderful guy married me in the LDS Oakland temple and today I celebrate those anniversaries with the amazing man he has become! Thank you Sam Farley for being my eternal best friend! 

Sam: Today I get to celebrate the start of my eternal happiness!!! 14 years ago today,Melinda Astle Farley agreed to be my wife and eternal companion. And it is true what they say...I love her more today than I did the day we got married...I can't even imagine how much more I will love her tomorrow...Thank you Melinda for all you have given me, and thank you for making me the luckiest man alive! I love you!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


The boys found this beetle crawling across our driveway.  I've never seen one this big anywhere except a bug display.  Is this normal around here?  You can compare the size to Kolby's shoe next to it but you still can't fully appreciate the size without seeing it in person!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tucker's moves...

*If you tried to click on this before I think it is fixed if you go to the second video, something is wrong with the first one and I can't remove it.
Tucker was upstairs watching TV while I was packing.  After a while I started to hear that he had turned on "Just Dance" on the wii and so I had to sneak upstairs and catch some video of his moves!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 14, 2012

Eden's turn

A few months ago the school offered a program to earn tickets to a minor league baseball game by keeping track of the books they read.  Eden was so excited about it and got her form filled out right away.  She was determined that she and Sam would go to a game.  When it came to the night of the game Sam asked Eden if she would rather go to Disneyland with him or the game and she was so excited to choose to go to Disneyland with just her dad! She is usually stuck doing the little kid stuff with Tucker so she loved getting to do whatever she wanted!  She really is our bravest kid and even though she was scared, she loved Tower of Terror.  You can see her hanging on to Sam for dear life in this picture but got off the ride talking about how fun it was!  They had a great time and she is lucky to have such an amazing dad!

Friday, May 11, 2012

On the move again...

I'm in the midst of packing in a hurry again so my posts will be sporadic but in the meantime, enjoy those cheesy school pictures that they school sends home and tries to get you to buy....

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, May 7, 2012

Back in the day

In going through some boxes in the garage to get ready to pack I found some fun memories, way too many to even describe here but these are a few I pulled out to show the kids so please excuse my while I reminisce for a few minutes!  In 4th grade we read the book "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" and then got to make our own book.  For some reason I really loved that and I have remembered it all these years so it was fun to find the book above and show the boys.
This picture is just one of my favorites of Ang and I at EFY.
I used to write letters to my future daughter for her to open at the same age I was when I wrote them, I found this one that I'm supposed to give to Eden when she is 11, it's so fun to think that I wrote this when I didn't even know of her existence and to realize who she is now!
I found this book of poems I wrote for school, I'm thinking it was 5th grade but the boys thought it was fun because they've done the same thing at school.  I thought it was fun because I had a whole poem about the New Kids on the Block!

I put together these pictures after my freshman year at BYU and kept it on my wall for the rest of my years there.  Obviously these were the things I wanted to remember most and they still bring a smile to my face, I really had a great year that year.

I had an amazing roommate who lifted me up and taught me a lot, we were different in so many ways and yet we became like family.
It was fun that Wendi and I ended up in the same ward and we had a lot of adventures together too, like our first skiing trip ever!

We used to go up to the temple grounds on Sunday afternoons when the weather was nice and visit and read scriptures and write in our journals.
It was so fun when Steph came to visit and we got to show her around our lives in Provo.  This was when we hiked the "Y"

Wendi and I spent a lot of hours with these guys at the library.  We would sign up for a study room and stay until the music came on.  I do have memories of someone dancing on the table to the music and these were the same guys that sent Sam a fake "dear John" letter on my behalf that got there the day before my explanation letter!
Not too long after I started school a group of us planned a camping trip and at the last minute the couple of other girls that were going canceled.  I was really anxious about how it looked being the only girl going but I didn't want to miss out on the fun trip so I went anyway and we had a great time!
I believe this was the last night at the dorms with some of my friends.  Tyler on my left was one of my first new friends that year and the two of us decided on the first or second night at like 9:00 to go and hike the "Y", I remember thinking that was so spontaneous for me!  And Ben (on my right) and I used to study every week after our Book of Mormon class every week.  I learned so much that year from so many neat people!
If I remember right, Wendi and I knew that our friend Byron was going to be driving to the air so we decided to surprise him by shoveling out the snow behind his car, the only problem was that the California girls that we are had no idea how to shovel snow!  And Dan in the picture below was one of the few people I knew left in Provo when I decided to stay for a spring term so we got to hang out a bit.
These are pictures from our hall in the dorms, we really had so much fun!
And back to childhood, this is a piano song a made up when I was probably around 10 years old, I'm not sure why the picture came up upside down, but the boys tried to play it and found it it is not very good!
The boomerang came to me in the mail from a missionary in Australia.  Shamay had a friend or cousin there so I decided to write to him and mentioned that I had always wanted one.  Low and behold, one arrived in the mail a few weeks later!  It made me day!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Another year older

So it happened again, I had another birthday!  I had a nice birthday I was pleasantly surprised to find these flowers with a treat the day before my birthday from a friend, it really meant a lot to me! Also Sam tricked me into thinking that he had to stay in Long Beach the night before so I was really not looking forward to my birthday without him there, thinking it would be just like any other day.  But when I got home from zumba the night before he was there with these Roses for me.  
He still had a lot of work to do from home but he stopped to make me a yummy breakfast with the kids and also to make me lunch which he replicated a recipe I've been loving at a restaurant lately! We still had a lot of normal Wednesday stuff to do that day but we decided to ditch out on scouts that night and Sam and I ran over to Disneyland and had a great time.  We ate at Big Thunder Ranch, I was a little disappointed in the dinner but we still had fun. The first picture is our own attempt at a picture, Sam made me go and get the birthday button so every worker said "Happy Birthday" to me all night.
The 2nd, better picture, is the one the waitress took for us!

We also celebrated a week and half later by going to "Battle of the Dance" in Anaheim.  That was our original plan but with all the scout stuff going on, it took us a while to find a time to go.  I had really hoped to have a group of people to come and celebrate with us but we still had a good time.  The show was fun and we enjoyed making fun of some of the cheesiness!  I'm so thankful that I have an amazing best friend that always take care of me on my special day and all the time!