Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July Facebook Status Updates

Monday, July 2

 Sam just might be having even more fun than the kids at the science center! 

Wednesday, July 4
Sparkler time! 

Thursday, July 5
Pool party in the back of the truck at the drive-in 

Monday, July 9
Radiator Springs 

Monday, July 9
I had the third highest score for the day at Disneyland on Buzz Lightyear! 

Friday, July 13
Cow appreciation day...yeah for free breakfast! 

Monday, July 16
Do you have random guys walking their pet goat on a leash in your park? 

Tuesday, July 24
I just finished an aquafit (read Water Aerobics) and I loved it and I'm going to do it again...does that put me in the old lady category?


We also took a day to head up to Sedona and had fun looking around the shops. 
Sam felt welcome in Arizona!

We had to take some pictures with the bear statue because it was titled "Power Hungry" and the reason we had to cancel our camping trip for the reunion was because of some recent bear attacks on campers in the area!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Science Center

Warning: Tons of pictures!  While in Arizona we went to the science center to celebrate Brooke's birthday.  The kids had a ton of fun!

Eden on a bed of nails!

Jordan and Sam had a lot of fun building!

Some wheelchair races!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Arizona, the beginning

We are still loving the fact that we are now closer to the Arizona family.  Our reunion was scheduled there this year but we decided to head out a little early and do some hanging out!  
I like to call this picture above, the drawing club and the second is the chess club.  These kids really do enjoy playing games together!
Even the younger kids had their game station set up!
We did take a few moments to share some funny videos...always a hit!
And when Jason heard that Brady was a champion he even decided to take Brady on, but Brady can still be called the champion!
Meanwhile Mandi and I had a lot of fun on our own. She had recently learned of this amazing accessory store called "Charming Charlie" and so we just had to check it out (along with a few other shopping trips for the week).  The best part was this huge section we found that had all just been put on clearance.  We spent way too much but we did get a bunch of amazing deals and our both now very stocked up on jewelry!

Sam took on french toast duty even though he couldn't have any...

...and there was a lot trampoline jumping all week!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Balboa Island

Yes, you are probably tired of beach pictures, but just keep scrolling, this one actually has more to it! We did have the normal beach day at first with Eden making silly faces and the boys hanging out with their friends!

Eden convinced a young woman friend to bury her in the sand and now she expects it over and over again everytime!

But here is the difference...we decided to stay longer with some of our friends and head over to Balboa Island.  I know it is totally out of character for me to be so spontaneous, but we had a good time! We stopped first to have some pizza for dinner

And these three were being really cute!

We took the ferry over to Balboa Island

We took a very long walk around the island to get where we were headed....

...to try the famous Balboa Bars for the first time!

And I think they all agreed it was worth it!