Sunday, September 30, 2012

September facebook status updates

Saturday, September 1
My boys are helping with a local campaign today to earn some service hours and I love that my 13 year old said "I would do it anyway, even if it didn't count for anything!" We are so lucky to start the teenage years with him!

Tuesday, September 4
I've been trying to think about what I would have said to my dear friend Kendra Amrine on her birthday today and I think it would have been something like..."Thank you for being an amazing friend and example for the last 11 years, I miss you and I wish I could be with you to celebrate and I look forward to seeing you again!" My sentiment is still the same and I will celebrate her birthday today by remembering our good memories together!

Friday, September 7
Lollipop, lollipop! #disneylanddatenight

Saturday, September 8
First soccer games!

Tuesday, September 18
My little T watching a cartoon right now just said: "Do people care that animals are standing up and talking? It's weird!" 

Friday, September 21
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Saturday, September 22
Crazy snacks ready at 6:30 am, three soccer games, soccer pictures, too short but nice visit with an old friend driving through town, a baptism, and a date night with husband and company....I loved it!! 

Saturday, September 29
It was fun to see Sam's first venture into stand up comedy tonight and he especially rocked the improv, he is amazing at it!

Sunday, September 30
When I read this article a few months back in the BYU alumni magazine it had a profound impact on me, enough that it is still sitting on my bedside table because I was hoping to share it with others. When it was shared as our lesson in church today by our bishopric, it was just as poignant and I don't want to miss the chance to share it this time. It is such a great talk on how grace really works.

Cub Camp

Once again, only a few pictures and it was the last day of cub camp, family day, but Kolby had a ton of fun the whole week!  The boys helped wipe off the picnic tables before it got started and then they all got to make their own ice cream.

And there was an animal show to finish it off!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Cars Land

After the Borgia reunion we spent a little time at Disneyland.  We stopped by to see the family tiles!

And we had our first experience with the Cars Land rides.  I'm not sure if you can see my crazy expression, but you can also see Eden's hair next to me flying all around....we loved it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Borgia reunion

The Borgia reunion was down near us this year so it was fun to get to go and spend a little time with them.  I just have a few pictures from the beach day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I've been putting off this post because I want to get it right but how can you portray a very dear friend and an 11 year long friendship in one post.  I've realized that it is impossible to get it all so I want to just get posted what I have before I forget.

(I found this picture on her blog and this most matches how I picture her in my head)
On August 16, my very close friend Kendra Amrine left this earth.  It was very sudden and unexpected.  She is my age and leaves behind a 4 sweet children my kid's ages and an amazing husband.  For this post I want to share what I love and miss about her and later I'll share my feelings about going up to Sacramento to say good-bye.

(we had so much fun taking a little trip to the Oakland temple and Ikea 2003?)
In the year 2011 there were 5 of us young mom's that all ended up together in one great ward.  Kristi was there before us, Steph and I came about the same time and Kendra and Jody came a few months later.  Of course we had other friends in the ward and friends that became close in the years to come but for the first year or two especially we spent almost all of our time together.  We all had either one or two very young kids, 3 of us having our oldest the same age.  We did a park day together, book club, joy school, parties, field trips, and girls night's together just to name a few.  I think it was no accident that we all became close at that time, we all needed each other and we all had something to contribute.  We spent hours together especially every Friday at the park.  I saw another friend post on Kendra's page that she had told them you need three hours at the park, the first to get warmed up, the second to play and the third to start using your imagination.  That was so true for all of us and our kids grew up together with that mentality.  Even when we started moving onto other wards or bringing other friends, we had that core group that met together faithfully.  I can't even describe what this meant to most or all of us as we struggled to define our roles as mother's and wives and figure out who we would become.

(I know you all might think I'm horrible posting a bathing suit photo, but we had such few photos of these types of things we did that I wanted to remember it, I can't tell you how many pictures I have of the back of her head or of all our kids, I wish I had more of us moms! 2004?)
We also spent a lot of time as families.  We would have her family over for birthdays and barbecues and vice versa.  We did date nights with her and Karl or family outings.  I remember one time we were dropping something off at her house and they said they were headed out to sushi so we took off with them and another time we all decided to go to the flea market for a Saturday morning date.  Sam and Karl got along easily and we had fun hanging out together.

Over time, a couple of us moved away and I moved away and came back but Kendra would still be close through it all.  She came to see me several times when I moved near Tracy where she grew up and then when I moved back she would always come to the things I planned at my house even if I was farther away.  I can picture many times during those years where we sat on top of the picnic table and chatted for hours just as if I had never been gone.  We were both the calm practical ones and we could just talk about our callings (we were both Relief Society Activity Leaders at the same time recently), our boys in scouts, she could answer my plant questions, update each other on our extended families, discuss schooling and books we read, and so much more, it was just so normal for us.

Even recently when I really moved far away, I would still plan on seeing her everytime I went to Sacramento.  In fact, I arranged to get together with our park group when I was just there for spring break and little did I know it would be the last time I saw her.  My most recent interaction with her was playing games on our iphone, it was so fun to have that connection even though I was farther away.  It is so hard to know that I won't be seeing her or interacting with her and I have moments of sadness about that and for her family quite often, but I'm so grateful to know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ I will see her again and her family will see her again.  I'm grateful I have a testimony of the Lord's plan and I know that what he sees is far greater than what I can see and even though it is hard for me to understand right now, I have faith in that plan and that Kendra's life is fulfilled.  I know she had a testimony of that also and I'm so grateful for the legacy she left and I know she is working hard up there.  I picture her working in the Lord's beautiful garden up there and using her amazing gifts!  I'm thankful for the 11 years I had the privilege of knowing her in the life and I look forward to the day I can meet her again!

And just to finish, this is what I posed on her facebook wall recently, but it is just another little view of what she was to me:
(such a great laugh!)

 I realized I was having a hard time with a lot of people saying the same thing about Kendra.  The things are definitely true, she was a wonderful mother, a great friend and spiritually in tune, but I feel like those are things that are said about a lot of people, and she was so much more than that to me.  I'm not one of those people that has a way with words and these are just in the order that I thought of them, and definitely not inclusive and is a work in progress, but here is just a little insight into who Kendra Amrine was to me.

Kendra was someone that loved warm fuzzy socks, and dark hot chocolate.

Kendra could somehow make the strawberries she cut up and put in a bowl extra tasty. 
Kendra always yelled out "Amrines...Load 'em up and move 'em out" when she left somewhere like the park.  
Kendra was a friend that bought tickets with us to go see "So You Think You Can Dance" on tour.  
Kendra had the best backyard that she mowed herself, had an amazing garden and chickens in it and had everyone over to play often.  
Kendra was someone that did the best birthday parties always including amazing cakes. 
Kendra was someone that had long, drawn out labors with her babies, but loved them tremendously and always had one on her hip even as she worked around the house.
Kendra was someone that knew every bug, tree and plant on the planet and any other scientific topic you could think of, she could explain. 
Kendra was someone that loved to read and spent many hours in fun conversations in the last 10 years at book clubs. 
Kendra was a friend that visited me even though I moved all over and even when it was far to see me and was always available and constant when I came back from. 
Kendra was a friend that listened when it seemed everyone else would be judgmental. 
Kendra was super crafty, she made fun gifts like crocheted baby socks and crafts for herself like a necklace to remember her grandma and crafts for the kids to give as gifts and she really knew how to give good gifts.  
Kendra was the kind of person that even if you show up for book club and she has forgotten it was at her house, still manages to pull it off with a dessert included. 
Kendra was someone who shows up at the park on April Fool's day with cake that looks so much like grilled cheese sandwiches that my kids refused to eat it!
Kendra was someone who lets her kids run around in mud puddles at the park with the rest of our kids while the other mom's are keeping their kids away.
Kendra was a friend that can get away to the temple and Ikea all in one trip to have an amazing day with friends.  
Kendra spent hours and hours and hours at all the different parks, chatting and munching and watching the kids, often while sitting on top of the picnic table.  
Kendra was a person that gave her all in whatever calling she had at church, whether it was Primary President or Primary teacher, Young Women's or Relief Society activities, Relief Society teacher of Visiting Teacher, she did her best for all of these. 
Kendra was someone that shared from her amazing garden, she shared with me baskets of cherry tomatoes that she knew I loved. 
Kendra was someone with fun things in her house, the coolest bird clock that made bird calls on the hours, a coffee table made from benches, a church pew in her dining room, nativities at Christmas time and much more. 
Kendra was a bread making queen, she made great bread often and shared with many how to do it. 
Kendra was someone that preferred to sit on the floor!  
Kendra was someone that understood the process of reusing, she turned extra pumpkins into snowmen and an empty laundry detergent box into scrapbook paper storage. Kendra was the kind of person that knew how to teach to kids, she did super fun creative lessons for years in joy school and other ages, one time she was teaching the story of "The Very Hungery Caterpillar" and brought all the foods for the kids to try.  
Kendra was someone that was always helping her extended family, having them over or doing whatever needed to be done.  
Kendra was someone that played games on her cell phone, only recently did we finish up a series of "Hanging with Friends" and "Draw Something" and she stumped me with a Q word that has no "u".  
Kendra was a person that was going to Trader Joes before it was "cool" to go Trader Joes, I realize that I have thought about her for years every time I enter the store without realizing it until now.  
Kendra was someone that did everything for her family and husband, especially when Karl was physically unable, she worked that much extra so willingly.  
Kendra was a mom who acted fast when her daughter would start to pass out from crying, at first it was scary, but she became an expert at catching it before it happened. Kendra was someone that was practical in everything she did. 
Kendra was someone like me that didn't know pop music and singers, we always joked about how we had that in common. 
Kendra was someone that kept her house cold in the winter, she trained her family to be used to that and they all got along just fine.  
Kendra was a friend that would show up for last minute planned activities like seeing Despicable Me at the Drive-in or visiting a restaurant that had water spouts at the table.  Kendra was someone that like sushi and introduced me to some new favorites. 
Kendra was a mom that let her baby play with rice or water while she cooked dinner and really wasn't afraid to let her kids make messes.
Kendra loved putting her little girls in striped leggings.
Kendra was someone who found out she needed a few more college credits and signed up to take a drama class with my husband while very pregnant.
Kendra was a person that invited people over to her house even though she just moved in and had almost no furniture
Kendra is someone that decided to paint colorful stripes on her baby girls wall and was able to do it free hand.
Kendra was someone who could easily get dressed up with a little bit of jewelry (that she probably made) and look even more beautiful than she already did.
Kendra was a person that loved animals and nature.
Kendra was someone that was really good to her neighbors, often getting to know and helping the elderly ones in particular.
(10 year anniversary of book club)
 (one of many, many, many girls' nights out/game nights)

 (good-bye party for Jana, Kendra was always so great at having things at her house)

 (a baby shower at Kendra's...I think it was Kristi's)

 (this is from when Steph was moving away, I heard she had this picture hung up by her sewing things)

(she probably wouldn't love a backside picture but it is just so her....carrying a baby on her shoulders while we headed out for some strawberry picking!)
Kendra was an amazing friend that was a mom just like the rest of us with good and bad days but also with a quiet sense of service without fanfare and the perfect friend for the time of my life when I needed her most and to stay constant in the changing years that came. She is so much a part of the person and mom I have become and we shared so many years and hours of our life that I will be forever grateful to have experienced.  I look forward to seeing her again when my time is through and letting her know that my life is better because I knew her.