Friday, November 30, 2012

November facebook status updates

Monday, November 5
It's my day with T at Disneyland!

Tuesday, November 6

Wednesday, November 7
Playing hooky! (at Disneyland)

Saturday, November 10 (Sam)
Date night with my beautiful wife...watching Top Gun on the big screen!

Thursday, November 15
A certain little 7 year old is not about to let anyone forget it is her birthday today! Add that to the cotton candy and donuts she ate for breakfast and her teacher is up for a fun-fulled day sorry to her teacher! Luckily she is still so sweet most of the time and we love her!

Saturday, November 17 We just finished watching our footage from the talent show last night....remind me next time that it more embarrassing to watch the replay than it is to actually do the performance!!!

Sunday, November 18
Sam performed a skit and a rap at our church talent show. For those of you that enjoy a little Mormon humor, you might want to check it out. (he memorized the rap from a tape when he was a kid and he found the comedy on youtube, but he is great at performing them!)

Monday, November 19
What happens when you tie the tiebreaker game? At Brady's soccer game, we are now in overtime!
Saturday, November 24
Ready to bowl!


 Tucker is crazy and wise beyond his years.  He is scared of everything and yet he could probably feed himself for a whole day!   He says the funniest things, I really should write more of them down.  He loves to play computer and video games and also barbies with Eden and jumps on the trampoline whenever he gets a chance.  He is super cuddly and will ask to cuddle or come give me hugs at all random times of the day.  He loves his preschool and they tell me he is really quiet which surprises me because he talks my ear off all the way to school.  Whenever he gets my phone when I'm in a meeting or something he takes a bunch of random pictures, mostly of himself or his shoes.

Lately he often says, "guess what song I'm singing in my head" and then looks at us with his mouth shut tight. Luckily I am right about half the time because he is often singing "I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone."

He even figured out how to play with the effects on Instagram and managed to post the next three pictures.  I thought it was odd that I was getting so many instagram comments when I hadn't posted anything in a few days!

He loves salad and will have it as a snack before preschool!

And he thought he was pretty clever when he came up with this "matching" outfit!

We find him sleeping in all kinds of weird places.

And we've also found him jumping naked on the trampoline.  (I'm  hoping no one is offended by the picture, he is only 4 and the picture is so small and I don't know how to photo-shop!)

We can't imagine life without our little Tucker.  He asks all kinds of questions like why is Tuesday named that and what will it be like when he is 16. He is fascinated by the age 16 lately and can't wait for Brady to get there first.  He loves Monster Trucks and Tow Mater from Cars and Kermit.  He says he wants to be a Vet when he grows up so he can take care of dogs like piper, but he also wants to be a monster truck driver and an interpreter like dad and a fireman.   He always asks Sam why he is doing a diet and lets him know when foods are not on his diet and he also talks about his own diet, as in whatever he is eating!  His little friends at preschool love him and he is always talking about the girls.  He also likes to make funny voices and he cracks himself up.  He is not a big fan of the chore thing, but will usually get the silverware unloaded pretty quickly.  He loves to do whatever Eden is doing and they have too much fun playing in their room at night when they are supposed to be in bed.  He loves the young women at church and can be very coy with them, but also calls them his girlfriends.  He has just such a decided personality and is so interested in everything and figures things out.  I'm excited to see who he will become!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School lunch

Every once in a while the school has a day where they will invite all the parents to join in for lunch.  The boys don't want me to do much more than say hi, but Eden still wants me to sit with her!  This day was so hot her teacher let us come eat in the classroom and it was fun to have lunch with Eden and for her to show me things around her classroom!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Double Disney Date

We were so excited to find out our friends got passes so we could go on a Disney date together.  We had so much fun even though we only went on two rides!!  (They are a little wet from the Grizzly River Run!). We stopped at Cafe Rio on our way and then had a fun ride through the parking garage but it was just fun to hang out and be kid-less and it turned out to be "Dapper night" (we wished we had known to dress-up!)
I always try to wear BYU apperal because we have fun counting the "Y's" at Disneyland as there is always at  least 15 spottings but after seeing this pictures, I've stopped wearing the shirt even though we somehow managed to be couple coordinated!

We've been so happy to finally have friends here to hang out with and we are so sad that they are moving away from us!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Food from heaven!!!

So it was not exactly heaven, it was an interpreting conference that Sam put on, but it was blessing still the same.  It was a budget-tight week, plus it was the last week of our Disneyland passes so we were trying to head Disneyland a lot and the leftover box lunches worked out perfectly.  Sam had a lot leftover and we were able to use them for lunch and dinner for a couple of days.  They were so good that the kids were happy to eat them for all meals, plus they were easy to pack into the park!

Kolby's turn

Kolby is the sweetest and most stubborn kid I know and we love him!   If he gets something in his head there is no moving him even though he will almost always admit after the fact that we were right.  He will usually assume he won't like something but then ends up loving it so much more, like foods or rides, or books or activities, and luckily he will admit it!  He loves the big rides at Disneyland and he loves food.  He is great at playing with his younger siblings and puts extra and exact details into any projects he works on.  He loves anything his older brothers loves and he can also make fun out of even the most mundane.  He his quite an imagination and Jordan likes to joke that he can turn anything into fun, even a piece of fuzz will become an imaginary character.  His favorite chore is to wash the big dishes because he loves to fill up a big bowl or pot with soap and water and play around with it for an hour while he is cleaning.   
He pretends not to love all the attention he gets from his curly hair, but he really loves it and besides just the curls, kids are just drawn to Kolby without him even trying.  He is especially sweet with the little kids that all seem to love him! He loves the dog more than anyone else and thinks all dogs everywhere are so cute.  He is so sweet to the people he cares about and misses his "best friend" a lot.  If we are in a store and sees something his friend would like, he is ready to spend his own money to get it for him.   Even though he spends a long time on his homework at home, his teachers say he is great at school and he received highest honors for getting straight A's this last trimester.  He is a smart, stubborn, imaginative, friendly, loving kid and we are happy to have him in our home!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Leave no trace

Kolby did not want me to take his picture, but between me and the other leaders I managed to get a few!  We did a clean-up in an area near our house for cub scouts.  I think the boys may have collected more junk for themselves to keep than actual garbage, but they had a good time.  They especially liked finding all the golf balls!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wordless Wendesday

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This is at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor a few months back, but I was just impressed with how these boys all looked in their scout uniforms! Such great, honorable young men!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween festivities continued

Tucker was excited to dress up for preschool.  One of the other mom's caught this hand holding picture.  It was this little friends last week and her last day she walked up to Tucker and gave him a hug and then after hugging everyone else she came back to Tucker and they were just standing there holding both hands.  After school I asked Tucker if he wanted to give her a hug good-bye and he said "no, she already gave me lots of hugs today!"  I never knew about this little friendship, her mom told me she talked about Tucker all the time, but the funny thing is he always talks about the girl in white!!!
Eden went to the association's fall carnival with the neighbors and got her face painted.  She wanted to sleep with it and keep it for church the next day, of course I didn't agree to that but I told her I would take this picture before we washed it off at bedtime.
The night before the ward Halloween party we got Eden's hair ready for her costume.   It took a good hour to get all the braids done and twisted up!
These are out of order but on Halloween I made these mummy english muffin pizzas for dinner.

And the kids took in a ton of candy!  Some friends came over to trick or treat with us and the older boys ended up going out on their own.  I stayed home with Tucker to pass out candy because he didn't want to go to scary houses.  He loved passing out the candy!  And I heard Sam had a great time chatting with the other dad and Eden and her friend Xander were running from house to house.  I think they got more candy than the older kids!  I usually let the kids pick out 10 or 20 of their favorites to save and the rest goes in the big bowl.  This time they talked me into 30 so this is the candy that was left over after they picked out 150 candies!  The nice thing is I was able to sort it out and store a whole bunch to share with Santa and maybe even the Easter bunny!

And back to Eden's hair, after sleeping on the knobs, she dressed up in her Halloween outfit and headed to school.
After school we went to Tucker's little carnival and one of the teacher's painted their faces. Soon after this photo, I had the perfect image of a black spider imprinted on the bottom of my white shirt!

A little frizzy after we pull out all the knobs!
And then add some red hair spray and we get a little orphan!

Jordan's first costume for the weekend was a TV, he did the whole project himself but he was frustrated at the party that it would stay up so he ended up going as a preppy kid to school and Arnold Schwarzenegger for Halloween night!

Kolby just wanted a costume where he could wear a beard, so a lumberjack it was!

We also had a grown-up party to go to.  I'd actually planned for over a month to dress of as Psy and the yellow suit guy from Gangnam Style but when we heard that someone else was also doing that (and would most definitely have a better costume than us) we switched to our new idea and luckily the Galley's were willing to jump on board!
We went as sister wives (and a husband)!  Sam was one of the wives and he almost one for scariest costume, but in the end we one for most creative or unusual or something along those lines!