Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Facebook Status Updates

Friday, January 4
Checkout my brother-in-law's metal art! He's pretty amazing!

The beast is done!!! Almost impossible to move but at least it's done

Sunday, January 6
Even though it was a little harder than i expected, it was also fun to share/remember some of my memories of grandma at the funeral yesterday

Wednesday, January 9
(Sam) 1 year ago today I started a new journey...with the inspiration of my Mom I joined Medifast...and 1 year later I have lost 140 lbs!!! Some New Years resolutions do work! I am now coaching people on Medifast, so if you are interested in learning more, let me know and you too can start your journey!

Friday, January 11
I'm declaring Feb. 1 to be my New Years Day this year, between having company in town, kid's birthdays, trip to Sac. for the funeral and now being sick all week since I got back, I don't feel like I've had that New Year fresh start yet!

Wednesday, January 16
i kept the little guy home from preschool again today because he has been sick but now I can here him rocking out to Rock Lobster on Just Dance 4 in the other room while I'm shivering sick in bed!

Sunday, January 20
(Sam) Nothing Finer than a 49er!!! Super Bowl Baby!!! Can you say #6!!! Who's got it better than us!

Friday, January 25
I think this guy explains Mormons well and our tendency to vote the way we do. Nice to hear from a non Mormon.

Saturday, January 26
He finished his first 5k (E ran the last lap) @samefarley

(Sam) Ran my first 5k today...and actually ran the while thing! 2013...the year of fitness!

I'm so proud of them!

We planned Sam's non-holiday work party for his employees at the private bowling room

Wednesday, January 30
This is pretty funny if you've seen episode 4 already, but DO NOT WATCH if you haven't seen it because it is all spoilers!

Birthday dinners

Because of all the family in town, we decided to wait and do the birthday dinners when it was just us.  Jordan requested steak and mashed potatoes and Tucker requested salad, perfect for combining to one dinner.   Kolby loves to peel potatoes and volunteered right away.  I'll enjoy it while it lasts!

Frog day

Tucker also got to enjoy having the family around for his birthday and he was very decided as to what kind of birthday he would have!  He insisted that he must have a frog party and that he should have a surprise party, which meant (according to him) that he would be upstairs and everyone would come downstairs and decorate and then hide and we would call him down and then we would all yell surprise.  So we did exactly that, although according to him, we didn't hide well enough! This time Kyren and Tyler were happy to decorate the cake/cupcakes!
And all the older kids got in on the decorating after the younger one's went to bed.  I was thankful to not have to do it myself!  Kyren was the tallest and worked hard to get that center up.  They tried jumping and various items until the soda bottle worked to push the tape up.

But still the ladder eventually had to brought in!

On a side note, Sam asked Tucker what he wanted for his birthday and he quickly answered that he wanted Sam's ipad!

Tucker loved opening all of his little presents from his siblings!
Everyone had fun with the blow-up Thor hammer from one of his brothers.

The kids all enjoyed getting to eat cupcakes for breakfast!

And Tucker was super excited to see his new bike!
Fast forward to 2 weeks later, we still needed to get ready for his birthday celebration at school.  He gladly helped by licking the batter bowl!
Sam and I worked on these cute Kermit cupcakes together (the eyes make them Kermit instead of just a regular frog)

And Tucker's preschool friends and teachers thoroughly enjoyed them as well!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our newest 12 year old

It is finally time to talk about Jordan.  He is an amazing student and I had to include this picture because he didn't want me to take his picture at the awards ceremony at school.  He only got high honors instead of highest honors so he didn't think that was good enough to show his award in a picture.  He really is so smart, he get's very interested in the things he is learning at school, he is fascinated with history and culture but also enjoys writing, drawing and math.  He was excited to have the highest score in 6th grade for the math field day test which now he and Kolby both get to be a part of.  He keeps us on our toes with both his wit and his understanding of people and the world around him.  He is our in-house comedian and loves anything to do with comedy.  He loves to perform and loves attention from people but also as he's starting to mature I find this sense of humble confidence in him.  He knows he has weaknesses but he never lets that bother him or worries about what other's think of him.  He is confident wearing suspenders to school or whatever he feels like and he can talk to anyone.  I often find him at church of after school chatting away with some of the younger kids.  He has also become more helpful in the recent years and is especially good at helping with cooking.  He loves to make himself eggs or whatever other food he is into.  He is definitely always into something, when he was younger it was all about Batman.  In more recent years he moved into Harry Potter and also Mythology.  Lately, he has moved into Dr. Who, but whatever it is, he is all in.  He also often has his nose in a book and is a prolific reader and was the first of the kids to finish reading the Book of Mormon this year!  We are so happy to have Jordan in our family and for his strong spirit and we are so grateful that he was able to become a Deacon. Sam was able to ordain him while we were in Sacramento for my grandma's funeral since so many of the family were there.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Jordan's birthday

The perk to a New Year's Day birthday is that you often get to spend it with others.  Jordan love's sharing his birthday with Great Grandma Borgia and having some of his cousins and other relatives around.

When I got a new phone he really wanted my old cracked one to be his ipod.  The rule in our family is that they have to be 12 to have an ipad and so he agreed to pay the difference after what we would have spent on his main birthday gift so that he could own it on his 12th birthday!  He also got a some presents from his siblings and we got him this silly drink helmet that he asked for! Nicki made the cake and Deia decorated it to look like a Tardis (from Dr. Who) and it turned out great!

The birthday twins!
(picture below added later: Grandpa Astle gave Brady all the change that he had when he turned 12 so now Jordan got the same thing.  Here they are counting out all the quarters and other change, it was a heavy box full!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

New Year's Eve 2012

Since we moved down to SoCal it has become a tradition to celebrate New Year's Eve with Sam's family and grandma since it is leading into her birthday and Jordan's as well.  Of course we must stuff our faces with food, the kids were in heaven with so many options.  We didn't stick to the traditional foods since most of us had done that on Christmas Eve, but instead we all just came up with a bunch of ideas and the pickle dip is now considered part of our New Year's Even tradition and was a big hit!

We were also able to get in some good scum time and spent time teaching Great Grandma how to use her new ipad.  The kids especially enjoyed introducing her to Gangnam style, while Sam showed her the video on the ipad, the kids showed her the dance!