Thursday, February 28, 2013


Laura got us the Headbanz game for Christmas, we have the Disney version and the adult version and the kids have been having a lot of fun with the Disney one.  They played a lot with Laura when she was here and then they played with Deia and Eli one time which is, of course, right up their ally!  The funniest moment was when Deia had the Stitch card and she could not guess it, it's most funny because that was her favorite character for years and she has a large Stitch collection!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 25, 2013

Split Personality

This is straight from instagram after I was tagged by Kiara: 

Tagged by @kifar26, 5 things you may not know about me:
1. I get genuine anxiety about making phone calls and being on the phone, I avoid it as much as possible 
2. When I was 5 I was obsessed with the movie Annie and I thought I sounded like her so I taped myself singing "Tommorrow" over her on our cassette recording thinking nobody would know the difference 
3. I have been told that I have an amazing memory, that is how Sam started hanging out with me....I was really good at scripture mastery in seminary so he sat by me so he could win licorice 
4. I was voted "most likely to drive on the sidewalk" in my sr. Yearbook, probably because I was in 3 car accidents during high school, two were minor but the one that involved an ambulance was not my fault,
 5. I've ridden on a camel behind the pyramids in Egypt at night and then the next day I went to the camel drivers home and ate camel meat and belly danced with his mom! I guess that's it, so now I tag:@magalley @campinasrm @livinglawge@pelagianpie @tylers1girl

Maybe I should add #6, I'm actually doing the splits in this picture, but most people already know I can do the splits at any given moment and I hated the picture so I cropped it and left it off the list! And yes @katelmer210 it is for reals!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Science Fair

One of my least favorite of all school projects is Science Fair and Kolby had to do it for the second year in a row.  I do try to steer them to very simple projects and this year he decided to test how smell influenced taste.  The fun part was that we all got to be his helpers, and even a couple of his friends at scouts!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Non-Holiday Party

Sam has a few employees that don't celebrate holidays, so instead of a Christmas party, we always do an end of the year party in January.  This year he rented to the private bowling room at that tacky bowling alley we've mentioned before and it was a lot of fun.  The pictures are not great since I was using my phone in the dark, but here are a few moments from the night!

We had a raffle station set-up and each employee got 10 tickets to either put in the door prize raffle that we gave out every 20 minutes or the gift card/kindle raffles that we did at the end. The picture below is blurry but just here to show what the room looked like!
You have to use their food so we didn't expect much, but were pleasantly surprised with the amount of food and taste options! We had quite a bit leftover (which the kids were happy about!)

Everyone got really excited when we rang the cowbell every 20 minutes and Sam got ready to read out the raffle numbers! Although when it got down to the last raffle prize, a large case of cheese-balls  I saw Jason make a face and of course he was the one to win it.  The boys were beyond excited when he passed it on to them at the end of the night after babysitting for him.  I think almost everyone one at last one thing and they all seemed to have a good time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, February 18, 2013


Sam has set himself a goal to focus on fitness this year.  His first big step was to complete his first 5k.  I was so proud of him for running the whole time.  He did say that his running was very slow but at least it was alway a run!  Eden and I showed up after it was started because we had to drop the older boys off to clean the church and then go to work on an Eagle project but Eden jumped in on Sam's last leg of the race.  Sam said it was funny that he would look over and Eden was just walking along sometimes while he was running! It did give him a taste for the race though and he has been looking into what he can do next!

It was sponsored by Chik-fil-a, Eden enjoyed using Sam's certificate for free chicken nuggets since Sam can't eat them anyway.  I asked Eden if she wants to do it next year and she said yes, but she doesn't want to wear one of their shirts because she wants to look cute, so she will wear her own clothes!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beach time

Laura wouldn't dream of coming down here and not stopping at the beach.  The first part of the week she was here we were having record low temperatures so we weren't able to make it there until Friday after school and Eden was the only one that wanted to come with us, but that's OK because Eden loves the beach and loves spending time with Laura and Laura loves to play and get in the sand just like Eden! I was still getting over being sick but it was nice to relax and watch the sunset over the ocean and there was hardly anyone around!
When I told Eden I wanted to take her picture, this is how she posed!

Eden is lucky to have such a fun aunt!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Laura had scheduled to come down with my parents when Jordan's was ordained and then stay a week but when we changed the ordination to Sac. she decided to come anyway just to play.  I felt so bad that the whole time she was here I was sick with the flu but we still had fun and I did as much as I could and the kids had a lot of fun with her and hopefully she was able to just have some good relaxing vacation time too!  Tucker loved getting ice cream with Laura at the outlets and we of course did get several shopping trips in. Luckily the day I was the most sick, was the day she had already scheduled to take Jordan to Universal studios for his birthday.  As you can tell they had a lot of fun!!  This is almost like heaven for Jordan!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Zelda Brady Winkler

I spent many hours with my grandma while I was growing up.  We were fortunate to live close and that she watched us in the summers and sometimes after school.  My grandfather died when I was just a baby so my grandma was alone all those years but she didn't complain.  It was hard to say good-bye when we went up to Sacramento to go to her funeral but it was also a happy time to know that she was not uncomfortable anymore and could be with her loved ones that have passed on before.  She was a great example and friend to me and I will try and recap the things I said at the funeral as I go through these pictures.
I have so many fun memories with Grandmas when I was little.  We walked all over the place.  I remember her taking us hunting for egg rocks.  She brought an egg carton and told us we were looking for rocks that looked like eggs to fill the carton.   As we got a little older, we spent a lot of time walking over to the park in her neighborhood.  We would pretend to be pioneers and go through the trails and we had little stories and landmarks we always used.   Of course she always checked for cans first, to recycle! We also walked over to the pool in the summertime and she would float around and around in the pool on the pillow of a pool float that she had cut off and then we would race back to see who could get home first.  We also walked to the stores and McDonald's sometimes and I remember she would go back if she was overcharged by 5 cents.   She picked up things she found along the way and made use of them, a skill I think I carry on from her!   We played with her cool toys, the little people, her Stretch Armstrong, Noah's Ark, the flannel board faces, the odd shaped things that you put the little rope through the holes.  We also loved to see the leftover cologne bottles in the odd shapes and the fake fruit in the bowl.   We would look at old pictures that absolutely had everyone's names on the back (if you showed her your own pictures without names on the back she would remind you how important it was) and used her collected of old greeting cards.   I also remember all of these little wooden ornaments she had, I think they were like airplanes or something, but I remember her talking about her time in the Relief Society and all the things she had done including make all of these ornaments. From her stories I knew how important the Relief Society, the gospel and serving was to her and I knew she took her callings seriously.  She also told lots of other stories.  I know I heard many stories of her childhood and also fairy tales told over and over again and not in the Disney way.
Our favorite time of all was our birthday.  We got to go spend the night with grandma and she would let us make cookie dough just to eat.  She would put the leftovers in an old food storage can to save.  We would go choose sugar cereals at the store and walk to McDonald's for lunch.  I remember always being so excited for that weekend and saving things to talk to her about because I knew I could talk to her about anything, like telling her about getting my first bra or asking what happened to the Gold Plates after they were translated.   She never judged or acted like a should know.
Grandma always spent Christmas at our house.  She would spend the night on Christmas Eve and be just as excited about us when it was time to open presents, even when we got up way to early in the morning.  She was so excited to see everything we got and was amazed at what the world was coming up with next!   We always had scrambled eggs for breakfast and got a kick out of the fact that she liked to put ketchup on her eggs!

When I was a teenager I used to come and visit and sometimes bring Sam along.  She loved Sam and would tell me how cute he was.   Around that time she had a boyfriend for a little while and one time she was saying something about how she needed Malan to put another lock on the door because she said "How am I supposed to 'neck' on the couch with my boyfriend if people can just walk right in!"  She often said such funny things! She was also an incredible journal keeper.  She wrote down everything she did every single day in these tiny spiral notebooks with her erasable pens.  She had been keeping diaries since she was a kid.   When I was at BYU her nephew who works in the History department and the Library asked me to bring her diaries from the depression years so he could copy them and have them on record. She was nervous about it but let me take them and I was happy to deliver them back as her Christmas present that year.  
When I was getting married she wanted a new dress for the wedding, she let me go with her to Mervyn's and help her pick out this dress.   I love how excited she is in this picture as we were coming out of the temple.
When Sam and I were first married we were still living in Utah so we had the chance to go to the Brady reunion with Grandma that she went to every summer.   It was really fun to see her with all of her siblings and it happened to be a time that they were going through all the contents of her father's house.  I got to hear many stories of the different items.  I was able to keep some books and pictures and she was so happy to get her father's trunk and also a picture of a wolf that had hung in her grandma's house that I believe she lived with for a few of her teenage years.   She was so happy that we were willing to take the trunk back to California for her that she said I could have it when she was gone.  She refinished it and then gave it to me in the years when she started to get sick and left her home.  I now keep my sewing supplies in there because that also reminds me of her.  When I was a teenager she let me go pick a pattern and material and made a dress for me and oh how I loved that dress.  I wore it to the dances often.  She also made a little jacket that I would wear over my dress to the first prom I went to and we had lots of doll and barbie clothes made by her!
As I started having my own babies, I started to use some of her wisdom.  She was so excited to see and hold my babies, or any baby for that matter.  This is Brady above and Jordan below.  She would tell me how jealous she was of me sitting there nursing a baby.   She said that while you are nursing the baby, you can't be mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom.  I think she was partly just missing that stage of life, but also trying to let me know that I should just sit down and enjoy it and not worry too much about the other stuff.  She also said things like "give a baby a roll of tape and they will be happy for hours!"
As I said, she gave her all to whatever church calling she had.  I remember when she was called to do indexing or something like that in the earlier years of computers and she had no clue how to use a computer or type but she did it faithfully.  I also remember her as the librarian, but I especially remember her in the nursery.  She had that calling a few times in her older years and she loved it.  I know it was hard for her to get up and down but she would still get down on the floor and play with those kids.  And when my kids came over to her house, she would get down on the floor and pull out those flannel board faces and play with them again.  

The last few years when Grandma was sick or sometimes just not her same old self, there were still many moments when she was.  I didn't see her as much in those years as I was moving around and she was moving around but no matter she always loved to see my kids and told me how beautiful they were and told me who they looked like!

I did have to post the picture of this suitcase because it is so symbolic to me of everything Grandma was.  It turns out this was her temple bag.   I proudly took it to the temple this last weekend even though I think Sam was a little embarrassed by it and I got a few funny looks, but you see Grandma loved the temple.  She went as often as she could and loved to talk about it.  She was also super frugal.  I'm sure she walked over to Big Lots from her house and bought this because it was on sale or on clearance.  (even the picture of the toilet in the background is a little reminder for me but only family members will get that "solitary" reference!!!)
The last couple of times I saw Grandma were when I went up to Kendra's funeral and when we were there for Thanksgiving.  I remember we went to Red Robin and she said (with a wide mouth surprise that she always does) "$9 for a hamburger!!!!" but also she was concerned about Kendra's family and the funeral.   I hope they are able to meet up there and know how important they both are to me.  And then Thanksgiving was nice, she was more coherent and chatty that she had been at other time's I had seen her.   It was nice for her to be able to see the kids and to have Thanksgiving dinner together.   I did think that it might be the last time I saw her on earth but then again I thought that a few times in recent years, and apparently so did she, I guess in Utah my cousins would say something like "see you Thursday" and she would say "hopefully not!"  So it was her time.  I'm not really sad,  other than when I miss memories of younger years with her, because I know she is happy and has lived a full life and I will see her again.
The rest is pictures from the funeral and cemetery   Eden just wanted to get to that microphone so bad that I finally had to get a picture and I think grandma would have thought it was funny.  And of course, the nice thing about funerals is getting to see family.  I have a lot of cousins and we rarely see each other so it was nice to catch up with them and some of the aunts and uncles, it's sometimes awkward for me but I tried hard because I know that family is important.  It was also neat to see some of the records and things my aunts had of hers and I look forward to getting copies.

I'm so thankful that my grandparents passed on to my mom, the knowledge of the gospel and the plan of salvation so that we can have joy in this life and the life to come!