Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Around the worlds

He was copying Kolby during soccer practice.  Check out his little tongue as he does his "around the worlds"

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Easter dinner dance party

This post is just for us to remember our fun Easter dinner dance party.  We often end up dinner with a little dance party while Sam plays some music on his phone.  This time I snapped away as Eden in particular, showed us her moves, follow the pictures to see her in action (and Tucker and Jordan sometimes too!)

Easter morn'

Just some pictures from Easter morning! Eden went straight for her chocolate bunny after church and bit off the head!
The older boys were Easter bunny helpers this year both in preparation the night before and then in the morning.  Tucker was afraid to go out and look because their were a lot of snails.

I wanted to get a family picture but we only remembered as we were walking into a church so I grabbed a friend to take a picture real fast.

The little ones and I went out to take a few pictures after church too and Eden wanted to get a picture of her Easter dress.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sandy days

We were too busy relaxing to take many pictures, but we had our first official beach day of the year with ward friends during spring break.  It was still a little chilly when we first got there but the kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand and playing with their friends. The older boys played volleyball and other games with the net and also enjoyed going off on a walk with the other 11-13 years-old boys and girls and playing capture the flag and just being on their own.  I think I can also thank that day for being the reason so many people in Utah said "you must not be from here, you guys are so tan!"  I have to laugh because this is nothing, that is after only one beach day, wait until the end of the summer! I also love just sitting on the beach, watching the waves and chatting with friends, it doesn't get much better than that!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Easter egg hunt

A whole bunch of pictures and a few words at our neighborhood Easter Egg hunt

Eden asked for an Easter Egg on her face and Tucker asked for a Tiger but I guess they heard spider, he still liked it!

The big brothers helped the little ones fill their container with candy sugar

Time for the littles to hunt

The boys refused to try the climbing wall at first, but Kolby really wanted to do it, just not alone.  I finally told Brady he had to do it with Kolby and of course Jordan did not want to be left out.  They all did it and loved it.

Kolby was on his way down while Brady and Jordan were going up.

When Eden heard that her brother's were doing it, she ran right over because she will not be left out!  She climbed up fast!

Kolby had his turn to hunt and check out his loot.
And Brady and Jordan are off...
It's funny to see the big kids hunting with their baskets and there were not many of the big kids so they took in a huge haul.
They were especially looking for the golden ticket and Jordan found it!  He got to take him a basket filled with goodies!