Friday, May 31, 2013

Facebook status updates

I realized it's been a while since I posted my monthly facebook status updates.  I don't think I post on facebook as often as I used to so monthly doesn't work as well anymore, I'll do a few months instead, this is February through May.

(from Yesika Piquet)
11 February Sunday
It's Great to be 8! A sweet group of kids. I'll be printing a copy for each one. It was wonderful and exciting to see them all there, thanks for coming! — 

12 February Tuesday
This is the life! I have one kid brushing my hair, one kid cleaning up and one kid making dinner for the family right now!

1 March Friday
This last week or two has been filled with people being an answer to my prayers and not even knowing it in mostly just small and seemingly insignificant ways...thank you to those people for being so in tune!

17 March Sunday
Tried corn beef and cabbage for the first time today thanks to my amazing husband!

16 April
Kendra has been gone for 8 months and her amazing talents are still manifesting themselves! Beautiful! Thanks to Karl for sharing.
You've been gone 8 months and your hands are still reponsible for this....

17 April Wednesday
Some people are blessed with such graciousness and some people are great at conversations, I'm not known for either of these or for giving the right reaction, but I'm grateful to people who are and I'm grateful to be blessed with the ability to think about it and put it in words to thank those people for making me feel special even when I don't know how to respond and even so much already before my birthday even starts! Thank you friends!

Sam posted toMelinda
18 April Thursday
I am so lucky to be married to my best friend! I love you more today than I ever have! Thank you for being my eternal companion! Oh yeah...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

18 April Thursday
It is really hard to write the date on your birthday, I can never remember what year to write because my hand wants to automatically write the year I was born!

18 April Thursday
What a great day, I got to enjoy roses, lunch with Sam, free car wash, shopping, friends stopping by with donuts and treats, birthday cards in the mail, lots of fb messages, emails and texts, homemade tacos for dinner plus still enjoying from yesterday, the flowers, cookies, cake, gift cards and nice notes and I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting! Thank you to everyone for being so nice!

22 April Monday
Hey family and friends! I'm helping my brother-in-law Dr. Nate Farley and his business partner Dr. Kent Howell start a facebook page for their website, If this interests you, join the discussion. If it doesn't, but you know someone in the dental industry, let them know!

1 May Wednesday
So proud of Brady for being inducted into the National Honor society tonight and he got a special medal for over 100 hours of service, the best part is he doesn't care about the award, he just loves to do service, such a great example!

2 May Thursday
Don't you hate when you have to find pictures for your kid's school project and you get all teary eyed realizing how much they've grown since those baby pictures! Kerri Ross Mahoney and Crystal MacHott I blame you guys for giving the assignment!

7 May Tuesday
There's something wrong with my phone, if you are trying to get a hold of me in the meantime, send me a message here!

Sam wrote:
8 May Wednesday
15 years ago today I got to marry my best friend and eternal companion. I love you Melinda!!! Happy Anniversary!!! — 

8 May Wednesday
Happy Anniversary to a man that still keeps me laughing and makes me feel special everyday, I'm a lucky girl to have spent the last 15 years with my best friend! 
shared Stephanie Cox Checchi's photo.
8 May
This has been posted here before, but in honor of our 15 year anniversary today I thought I'd bump up the photo of our first "official" date, homecoming junior year! So that will be 20 years ago this October! Sam Farley
Awww...and they ended up getting married!!!

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10 May
My sister-in-law has a photography friend that is doing a series on beautiful moms, checkout these great pictures she did of Nichole 

We got to spend Mother's Day with some great people including this lovely lady! — with Sam and Shirley Borgia.

21 May Tuesday
It looks like I'm home with a sick kid today, I've been so busy lately that it is probably not a bad thing for me to be home-bound for a whole day!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

the Professor look

 One Sunday Sam decided to wear Jordan's bow-tie and we decided to do a little photo shoot, of course Sam will always ham it up.  These are some of my favorites!  Isn't he cute?!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good-bye Utah and curls

After a great trip we headed home!  We tried to listen to some conference when we could, sometimes we could get it to come in clear through the radio so we all listened to most of President Monson's talk.  As soon as we got home Sam cut Kolby's hair, as fun as the curls are, it gets to a point where it just looks like a big mess all the time so I told Kolby he could keep the curls until spring break was over.  We are used to him with the short hair now, but it is always so funny to see him at first!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Kolby and me

While the Sam and the boys were at Priesthood, Deveren and Kiara let me leave the little kids with them and Kolby and I headed out for some time on our own.  We went to a Walmart that Kolby thought was cool because you put your cart on an escalator to go up to the parking lot.  We stopped at a DI and then we headed to the Planetarium that has a little science museum section.  Kolby had fun with the exhibits and checking out the store.

We also drove around the capital a little bit, since Kolby was doing his state report about Utah we tried to see some of the landmarks and take a couple of pictures. It was nice to get some special time just with Kolby!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Our plans for our trip to Utah all started with a tradition I planned years ago.  I wanted Sam to take each of the boys to Priesthood session in the conference center when they turned 12.  We ended up moving right because of finances and some schedule conflicts, Brady's turn kept getting pushed back to where he would finally go right after he turned 13 but then he realized he had a soccer game and scout camp-out that weekend that he really didn't want to miss so we offered him the chance to go the next time with Jordan at the same time who would be turning 12 soon and he liked that idea.  Then when we realized that it would fall during spring break and I had really been wanting to take all the kids to see BYU we decided to turn it into a family trip and I'm so glad we did, we had so much fun.  Of course, a highlight for the boys at the end of the week was getting to go to the Priesthood session.  Before we left, I talked to them about noticing how they will feel the spirit when the Prophet walks in the room and how it will be a strong feeling,  I sort of described it as a whoosh that will come over you.  We realized that I was making the same sound that Brady had used the other day to describe how our oven turns on when the gas whooshes in and we kinds of had a little laugh about that, but then Jordan said it was true, he felt that whoosh when the prophet came in.  I love that my kids got to have the experience of being the in the same room as a living Prophet on the earth today and that they both were able to feel the spirit in their own way!  They got there very early and had this great view and were able to learn from the mouths of the apostles and prophet!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Y mountain

One other thing I really wanted to do was hike the Y with the kids.  I did not remember it being as hard as it was, to think that my first night at BYU my friend Tyler and I just decided to hike it at 9:00 at night and just headed up there straight from campus is crazy, but of course I was in much better shape back then and wasn't walking with a 5 year old!   Sam and the 4 older kids made it up pretty fast, but Tucker had a harder time.  We stopped a lot but we made it and the older kids thought it was really fun and of course everyone felt accomplished when they made it to the top and enjoyed the view! We took a lot of pictures from a lot of different angles!

On the way down, the little kids searched for the perfect walking sticks.

Sometimes Tucker would just stop in the middle of the trail and sit and say that he couldn't go any farther but he eventually always got back up.

And just for reference for those of you unfamiliar with the Y, it is up on the mountain in Provo by the BYU campus.  These are pictures I found online to give you an idea of it's size and how high up it is on the mountain!

So here was are sitting at the very top of the Y.
 After we finished, we made a stop to visit Sam's childhood friend.  They haven't seen each other in person since they were kids but had reconnected on facebook and Sam had even had him speak to his classes via skype while he was teaching at the Art Institute.  Gaven works for Disney doing video game creations so it was also fun for the kids to meet him and hear what he does and I had fun getting to know him and his wife and hearing stories from their childhood.