Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July facebook status updates

4 July Thursday
I was so amazed to see how many people turned out for our pancake breakfast at the church and I especially enjoyed seeing Sam perform the National Anthem in sign language and my son Jordan recite the Declaration of Independence from memory!
6 July Saturday
A Saturday with absolutely nothing on the agenda, Sam loves it, me, not so much
7 July Sunday
Just what I need to remember today!

7 July
Sam Farley made the perfect summer dinner tonight, ribs, corn on the cob, watermelon and cucumber and onion salad, delicious! And now a couple of hours later I'm enjoying a bowl of fresh strawberries that one of my children cut up and brought to me without being asked!
12 July Friday
Off to our first free meal of the day! #cowappreciationday #breakfastatchickfila

20 July Saturday
The leaders and parents from our scout troop and church put on their own scout camp this year and they did an amazing job, the boys had a great time, earned a bunch of merit badges, got really dirty, caught some fish, did some hiking and loved the food! Thanks to everyone that helped!
Rob Astle (my brother)
24 July Wednesday
Today would have been my Grandma Winkler's 90th birthday. You are missed.

25 July Thursday
I found a cheap and easy way to print the pictures from my phone, from a site/app called, I already tried it once, the first one is free and you get up to 100 pictures in a little book but they are also perforated if you want to pull one out. You can get one book a month and it's only $2.99 a month. Use my code FARLEY38 to get your first one free plus I get credit too.
(and I really am posting this, it's not spam or anything like that, I can send you a picture of the little book if you want!)

26 July Friday
I feel like I've been on vacation for a week even though I've slept in my own bed every night!

27 July Saturday
Sometimes the smallest gesture can mean the world! Thanks to the person who made my day today and may not have even realized how much it meant!

29  July Monday 
This is the last full week of summer with my kids home and we are going to be making the most of it, finishing projects and having fun! If I forget to take care of things or I miss something or everything seems crazy, I apologize, I'll try to get back to normal next week but in the meantime I'm not going to worry about it!!

29 July Monday
What a nice surprise I found on my doorstep today...some of my grandma's journals I have been asking about!!!! Thank you to my aunt Lula!
Sam posted this picture of his Grandpa Borgia that he got from his cousin back on Memorial Day and I wanted to make sure we included it in our blog book!

Wordless Wedneday - Ward FHE picnic in the park

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Huntington Beach

Last summer we went to the beach almost every week but it just hasn't worked out that way this year, so we were really excited to finally go again a few weeks ago.  This time we tried a new beach and the boys really enjoyed the waves for boogie boarding and Brady gave skimboarding a try for the first time.
Eden is still such a beach girl, she is in heaven whenever we are there!

Brady and Jordan started building a structure and soon had most of the kids involved.

Tucker decided he was finally ready to be brave and touch the water.  He wanted me to go with him but when we started to get closer he turned away, after a few minutes of watching me stand there, he finally got close and let his toe touch it and then started jumping in a little bit.  He turned to his friend and said "Brody I'm not scared anymore!"  I ran up to get the camera and as I was about to take the picture he tripped and fell when a wave came.  He was not happy!  He wouldn't go near the water again (this is him pouting as he walked away!)

The resulting structure!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Independence day

The Primary Presidency was in charge of the 4th of July Breakfast at church this year.  As we were planning it, we started hearing about a lot of people being out of town so we did not expect a lot of people and were completely surprised with the huge turnout!  I think it turned out pretty well, I was in charge of the program and we had a few hiccups but overall it was fine.  Of course I got my family involved, Jordan did an amazing job reciting the Declaration of Independence from memory and leading the flag ceremony.  Brady and Kolby helped with the flag too and Sam was the MC. Jordan and Kolby also led the kids parade and the funny thing is the parents started cleaning up but the kids kept right on following Jordan around the gym for another 10 or 15 minutes.

After the breakfast, we headed down to hang out with Grandma Borgia.  We had fun swimming in her pool and had a nice barbecue.  It was a nice 4th of July!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Library time

This is a sight I love! The kids usually read a lot but they seemed to have slowed down in the summer until they found out about the libraries reading program this year. It has some really great incentives so this is how I found them before heading over to the library one day!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another garage sale

It was the neighborhood garage sale again so we couldn't pass up a chance to get rid of our junk!  There were a few challenges this year though, the first was that I sent Sam golfing with friends for a birthday gift so the boys and I had to try and lug out all the heavy stuff.
 The next problem was that it was over 100 degrees that day, it was not fun sitting in that son.  The biggest problem was good and bad, there were probably 100 houses in our neighborhood with sales so it brought in a lot of people but it also made the supply really high.  We didn't really have any big draws this year, what we did have was sold in the first 20 minutes so a lot of people just drove right by.  We still managed to make a little profit and the boys were happy to earn some money from their video games but it was definitely less than other years.
It is our tradition to take some of the profit and go out to eat after our garage sales so we headed over to TGIFriday's this time because we had a good coupon!   Eden was being extra cuddly with Sam so I grabbed the camera and being just like her dad she hammed it up for the camera as soon as she noticed! I love these pictures!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cub Camp

This was our last year to send a cub to camp for a few years, but then again we both have callings involving scouts so we probably won't have a break!  Sam was the MC and the go to guy for the week.  He filled in for a class without a teacher the first day and then he organized the campfire for the last night.  Brady and Jordan helped, sometimes together and sometimes on different days. I just helped with registration and some set-up. I wasn't there the day Jordan helped on his own so I didn't get any pictures but I did get a few of Brady helping in the nature class and Kolby working on something for weebelos.

Sam was there helping on his birthday so he got sung to by all the scouts.  How many people can say they got to hear the Happy Birthday song by 130 scouts on their birthday?

It was a really fun camp, the people that plan it are in our ward at church so it gives us a lot more chances to be involved and they do a really great job.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sam's birthday

After the long day of switching the rooms we decided to go to Farrel's ice cream for Sam's birthday the Saturday before his birthday.  Sam had not had ice cream more than twice in the last year and a half but decided that after the boys hard work that day it would be a fun treat and he would make an exception for his birthday.  The rooms took a little longer than we expected and we didn't make it over there until 9:00 but the kids loved it.  It is a rare treat for them to get to go out at all and then to go to an ice cream place and be out so late was even more exciting.  Of course they made a big to-do for Sam in typical Farrel's style and the kids got a kick out of that too!

Eden and Tucker loved that the server brought them a bowl of cherries and a bowl of sprinklers when he heard them fighting for an extra cherry and then when Tucker mentioned he would like more sprinkles.   When Tucker was done he was shivering like crazy and then asking to go home and go to sleep.  The poor kid was so tired!
I don't have any pictures but Sam and I went out to dinner for his birthday one night and then he went shopping for a bunch of running clothes with his birthday money.

Also, Sam showed up to work on his birthday and his staff had done up his office.  It was a fun surprise!

Room switchin'

One day I got the brilliant idea to have the kids switch rooms.  Once we were in the middle of it I was so sure it was a brilliant idea anymore, but in the end we are glad we did it.  We started out the week by going through the stuff in Eden and Tucker's room and pulling it all out to the loft.  Eden had a lot of clothes to go through as she finally grew after 3 years of barely growing so she did most of the sorting.  I had to keep reminding myself that the mess gets worse before it gets better! Even though she had it spread everywhere, she was a good little helper!

On Saturday, the boys and I worked hard all day to get their things sorted and out to the loft as well.  Then we brought Sam and he and the boys moved around all the furniture including taking apart and putting back together the bunk beds.  It was a long hard day but in the end the boys said they felt really accomplished for all they had accomplished and we are very happy with how the rooms came together!

The loft was filled with stuff, see if you can spy a Kolby and a Tucker in these pictures!