Monday, July 22, 2013

Sam's birthday

After the long day of switching the rooms we decided to go to Farrel's ice cream for Sam's birthday the Saturday before his birthday.  Sam had not had ice cream more than twice in the last year and a half but decided that after the boys hard work that day it would be a fun treat and he would make an exception for his birthday.  The rooms took a little longer than we expected and we didn't make it over there until 9:00 but the kids loved it.  It is a rare treat for them to get to go out at all and then to go to an ice cream place and be out so late was even more exciting.  Of course they made a big to-do for Sam in typical Farrel's style and the kids got a kick out of that too!

Eden and Tucker loved that the server brought them a bowl of cherries and a bowl of sprinklers when he heard them fighting for an extra cherry and then when Tucker mentioned he would like more sprinkles.   When Tucker was done he was shivering like crazy and then asking to go home and go to sleep.  The poor kid was so tired!
I don't have any pictures but Sam and I went out to dinner for his birthday one night and then he went shopping for a bunch of running clothes with his birthday money.

Also, Sam showed up to work on his birthday and his staff had done up his office.  It was a fun surprise!

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