Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Facebook Status Updates September -December

Sam Farley
you want to know the secret to life...find your best friend, and never let them go! I am lucky to be sealed to my best friend for time and all eternity!

Sam Farley
Sunday 8 September
Nothing finer than a 49er!!!
Foraging for plants at the trail head to make a last minute extra shoe (6th grade project), PTA meeting, park time, lunch with friends, school pick-ups, babysitting, read a whole novel, kid's homework, soccer practice, dead car, and work...it was a crazy, but great day!
First goal of the game again! #sooppositeofme

I have the best husband ever! He went somewhere with me that I wanted to go even though he didn't feel like it just because he loves me!
Ever have one of those days where you are just doing everything wrong and saying all the wrong things and forgetting important things? Where's the reset button?
Sam Farley
Saturday 5 October
Race done...challenging...muddy...but had a blast!!! Now got to get ready for Tough Mudder next Month!!! 
Out of all the great breakfast possibilities, I'll never understand why most of my kids pick donuts and bacon for their birthday breakfast, but that's what we are having today to kick off Kolby's 11th!
Saturday night when you have a bunch of company coming to town means a cleaning/dancing/belting out songs party with the kids (and to the family, this is the only chance we have to do it so whatever gets done tonight is it! Sorry if you notice anything we missed!)
I am so proud of my amazing husband, he completed a tough mudder today! Despite major leg cramps, he completed every single obstacle working together with his amazing brothers! — with Sam Farley.
Sam Farley

I accomplished the hardest thing I have ever done...I finished the Tough Mudder! But I could not have done this without the amazing help of my brothers and bro-in-law! I am still sore and can barely move, but it was worth it!!! If you have never heard of the tough mudder...jut go to youtube and look up some videos....it is pretty freaking insane!!! So to my brothers, Nathanial Farley Deveren Farley McKay Farley Chad Kitchen, thank you!!! I love you all so much!!!
"How great shall be your joy!" This girl (Eden) is ready for her baptism today!

Sam Farley
Wednesday 11 December near Riverside, CA
Guess what I get to do today??? Why is it that when we are super busy something is always there to make it even more crazy!!! I have so much to do...and this was not on the list!!! (Jury Duty Badge)
Merry Christmas from the Farley kids!

Sam Farley
Tuesday 24 December near Newport Beach, CA
This is how we do Christmas Eve!!! 
Christmas Eve California style!

Sam Farley
Sunday December 29
2013 was a year filled with challenges and goals. My wife gave me the best ornament to memorialize 2013...did my first 5k, first Mud Run, and finished the Tough Mudder! Time to set goals for 2014!!!

Christmas Day in pictures!


Christmas Eve wouldn't be complete without our traditions.  We all opened our ornaments.
Tucker had a 49er snowman because he has been super excited about football and his (dad's) team this year!
Eden has another soccer ball because this was her big year with all her goals but it also opens up and their is a white flower for her baptism, a piano charm because she loves piano and a mini artist charm because she loves writing and drawing and painting.
Kolby's is a map of Utah in the shape of a shirt because of the fun time he and I had going around Salt Lake in preparation for his Utah report.
Jordan's is a "C" in honor of his love of the show Studio C on BYUtv
Brady's is a playing card because he spent so much of the year playing scum with his friends!
I'm holding the family ornament, a BYU stocking to remind us of our trip to Utah during spring break, and especially our tour of the BYU campus and hike to the "Y"
Sam's ornaments are a reminder of his great accomplishments with running this year!
For pajamas the kids got simple black sweats to go with the shirt I was really excited to make for them.  I forgot about the fact that when I ironed on the Studio C words, they would be backwards.  I tried to play it off saying I meant for it to be that way so it would be right when they looked in the mirror but Brady and Jordan saw right through me!  They still thought it was fun though!

And of course Christmas morning they were lined up on the stairs waiting to come down!

California Christmas Eve

Our next stop on Christmas Eve was Balboa Beach which seems to have become a tradition!  The weather was beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun playing in the sand and water!  Then we drove onto the ferry and headed over to Balboa Island to get Balboa bars.  It was a perfect California Christmas Eve!