Monday, January 20, 2014


Poor Tucker has the last birthday of our family birthday season and I'm just warn out from all the birthdays and holidays, but I figured it was finally his turn for a friend party. All the other kids had a friend party before they turned 6, some even had more than one!  I did decide to do everything on the day of his birthday and get all over with because I'm not a huge fan of hosting kids birthday parties! These pictures are all out of order so I'll just describe as I go.  The first picture is actually the night before when we were having Jordan's birthday dinner (Jordan wanted eaeser salad and Lasagna with no cheese so Sam made spaghetti with a meat sauce!) and Tucker is showing off his "What Does the Fox Say?" shirt that he got in the birthday box.
Tucker was excited to open this spiderman punching set!
Just a few days before Tucker's birthday I finally buckled down and figured out what I was going to do. I sent a quick email saying that we would have a very short, casual, superhero party at the park on Tucker's birthday.  Tucker had been telling all his friends at church at school that he would be having a superhero party so I invited a few friends from church and then couple of kids from school if I knew their parents already or could figure out their email address! Tucker dressed as his 2nd favorite, superman, because his favorite is his own creation, the "all powers" superhero but he doesn't have a costume!  Eden made up her own superhero and this is what I came out to in the morning!

We had superman cupcakes, I just ordered red, white and blue frosting and found these little supermen and the dollar store to put on top.

Later that night we headed to Islands for dinner because we still had gift certificates from the library summer reading program.  Tucker enjoyed his own special birthday dessert!

And back to the presents, he was ready for them first thing in the morning!

Back to the party, we had a bomb stomping game and I think the kids had fun!

Tucker said his favorite part was catching the Villain.  Eden and her friends led all of the kids on an obstacle course all over the playground until they found the Villains (Brady and Jordan) in the field.  Then they attacked them with silly string and tied them up with a jumprope.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kindergarten birthday

When your birthday falls during Christmas break you can either celebrate before or after and Tucker decided he wanted to do it before.  I came in to class and got to see his row doing their sharing (show-and-tell) first.  Then he got to wear the birthday hat while everyone sang to him and then we passed out some superhero masks and bracelets because they aren't allowed to bring treats.  Tucker was excited about those gifts!

Because I'm in the primary presidency, I also got to snap a picture of Tucker when everyone sang to him at church the Sunday before his birthday. Such a cutie!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We now have our second teenager in the house!  Jordan was excited to turn 13 and didn't waste a minute after the new year hit in opening his presents! I think you can get a sense of what Jordan is into this year between this and the Christmas pictures, it was all about Doctor Who! (notice Eli still getting his haircut in the background!)  The next morning Grandma Borgia wanted to get breakfast for her and Jordan's birthday and we tried to go to Carls Jr.  It turned out they weren't serving breakfast on the holiday and we had to get burgers for breakfast, the boys didn't mind at all.
Jordan didn't want a traditional cake so we used the ice cream sandwiches instead!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Bringing in the New Year

We had our usual New Years Eve celebration.  We had a few friends and the missionaries  and family over for some appetizers and the Christmas tradition foods since we didn't do them on Christmas Eve.  We had playing the game "Quelf" together which makes you do some crazy things like put foil on your hand, hold hands with other people and tape poems to your forehead! It was probably a little weird to hold hands with someone you don't know so well, but I still think everyone had fun, especially the kids!

We all gathered around the ipad with our cider to watch the countdown to the New Year and to Jordan and Grandma Borgia's birthday.  Eli was mid-haircut when that happened!