Friday, February 28, 2014

January and February Facebook status posts

Wednesday 1 January
He wanted ice cream sandwiches instead of cake so we improvised! Happy birthday to the funniest, intelligent, easy-going, interested, clever, smart talking, friendly, riveted 13 year old I know! #2teenagersinthehousenow #luckytohavesuchgoodteenagers

Thursday 2 January
And our last one for our family birthday season....a certain little happy, funny, smart superhero turned 6 today! #heisabigkidnow #sadtohavenomorebabiesinthehouse#mykidsareallatfunages

Sam Farley
Friday 17 January
Got to run the Neverland 5k with my sister and her family today!!! So much fun...and I made Nicki run the whole thing!!! Go Nichole Farley Kitchen!!! —  at Disneyland

Sunday 19 January
I'm stealing this from my cousin until I have a chance to look through my own pictures, my grandpa passed away this morning, he would be turning 90 this year, I will always remember his homemade rocking chairs and chimes, carrying us out to the car when we were little and calling me beautiful when I came home from college! I'm happy he will be able to be back to himself now!

Sam Farley
Monday 20 January
I am finally going to get to see The Saratov Approach...and the theater is filling up!!! Looks like a great movie and get to support my old buddy Garrett Batty!!!! — withMelinda Astle Farley

Saturday 25 January
So fun to run into my good friend JoAnn at Folsom Lake checking out Mormon Island!

Sam Farley
Tuesday 28 January
I just signed up to run my first half marathon labor day weekend at Disneyland...(am I crazy???)...better get training!

Melinda Astle Farley
Wednesday 29 January
Out of town for 5 days and then sick on arrival for 2 days and counting does not help with the "to do list" at all. At least I came home to a clean house thanks to my wonderful husband and kids!

21 February · Edited

She wasn't going to go to the Father/daughter dance because of another activity and her dad possibly not being home in time, but very last minute she decided she must go and her loving dad obliged even though he was very tired and she was so happy!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sea World

We are so thankful that we had the chance to go to Sea World with the Kitchens when they were here!  The kids all cheered when we told them except Tucker who started crying.  He was scared of the whales and didn't want to go, but of course he ended up loving it and sometimes says the whales were his favorite part, that or the dolphin show!  When we finished watching the whale show he said "I want to be a whale."  The first ride we went to was the Atlantis water roller coaster.  Eden was a little nervous but of course she loved it

These two girls had a lot of fun with Eden's little video camera, they took a ton of pictures and videos of all the animals.

The older boys and the girls all wanted to sit in the soak section and Chad was nice enough to sit with them.  The girls only lasted one soak before they headed up to higher ground with the rest of us!

We took a little rest while the kids played in the play area!

And the sky view was relaxing as well! The older kids managed a ride on the roller coaster before it closed down and couldn't wait to get back there with the grown-ups, they all said that was their favorite for the day!  We had never been there before, but had a lot of fun and can't wait to go back again!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Deacon's Quorum Beach Campout

photo creds. to N. Petersen

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Purple Prom

For Sam's work party this year, they had the "Purple Prom", they used an empty office in the building, hired a DJ and set up "prom" pictures with the pose and all.  I was not super excited about it, but I ended up having more fun than I expected, I even danced!  His employees were shocked when Sam and I sung all the words to Ice, Ice Baby!  The best part was getting to hold the newborn baby that was there for a little while!  

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Neverland 5k

Sam, Nicki, Chad, Casey and Tyler signed up to run the Neverland 5K at Disneyland. We headed over there as soon as they arrived the night before to pick up their race packets.
It happened to be Chad's birthday so it was fun to celebrate with him, he wanted to return to 50/50 again so we had a fun dinner!
The next morning they left at 4 AM to get over to Disneyland in time for the race!
I think the rest of the pictures are in reverse order, but as you can tell they had a lot of fun.  Sam was impressed that Nicki ran the whole way and even came in ahead of him by a little bit in the end. They did make a few stops for some picture opportunities, they loved running behind the scenes and decided that their dad needs to sign up and do it just for that part! They were happy to earn their medals although now Sam has the Tinkerbell half as his next goal so he can earn the "real" medal!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Because of some mix up with the mail, Eden got some birthday card with a some money in it a little late....she couldn't wait to get over to the dollar store and spend it!  One of the things she was determined to get was some glasses.  I tried to tell her that these magnifying glasses are not meant for her eyes, that maybe she should get some sunglasses, but she was set on it and so I showed her which ones had the lowest magnification and she picked these.  She wore them for 3 days straight.  Sam kept saying that it would be bad for her eyes but I knew she would soon forget about it and I let her wear them!  She is pretty cute!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Disney with McKay

Heather and McKay and their kids were at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago so Sam and I met up with them for a few hours.  We had fun on some rides and had dinner with them and it seemed like Sam became Margaret's new best friend for a while!  We're glad we got to spend some time with them!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014