Saturday, May 31, 2014


The first picture is these 3 boys at an awards assembly in 6th grade.  The 2nd picture is the 3 of them sitting in an orientation for the IB program for high school!  We weren't excited that Brady didn't get into the other high school since all of his church friends will be over there, but we are excited that he will get to be with these good friends again and that he will get to be in the International Baccalaureate program at this high school which is an advanced program for the "smarty pants" kids as my friend likes to say! It will be intense but Brady will do great!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Easter Eve

It worked out well for my parents to come down for my birthday because they also got to be here for Easter.  While my dad took the boys to see a movie, my mom, Eden and Tucker and I stopped at Pinkberry and the park.

When we all got home it was time to dye Easter Eggs. 5 dozen.

I showed the kids a picture of friend's "Y" egg on instagram so Kolby decided to make me one!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Birthday time

Last month was birthday and since Sam was out of town on my actual day, we had a whole month of celebrating.  Early in the month he arranged to have my hair done by one of his employees and I love it, even if I haven't been able to make it look like that since!
The morning of my birthday the kids made me breakfast and cards.  They made an omelet with zucchini and onions and toast on homemade bread that Eden made in the bread machine!
Brady used my name in the card and it was very sweet!
Tucker drew me and him!
This is the front of Eden's card with all my candles on the cake!
Sam had someone deliver beautiful flowers!
We went to Claim Jumper with my parents who came down because I wanted them to since Sam was going to be out of town! I also got to go shopping with my mom and we all went to see movies after dinner!

Eden's card made us laugh so hard we almost cried.  She wanted to copy Brady and use my name but she had her own ideas about how to do it!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sky High

Tucker recently went to a trampoline place for a birthday party and declared it the best birthday party ever. He wants to have his next birthday there.  We drove up there too early because Tucker couldn't wait to get out the door so we stopped at Dickie's to get my free birthday pulled pork sandwich.  Tucker loved getting ice cream, especially since it was two days in a row!

At first he was scared of the foam pit and didn't want to have anything to do with it, but after he watched his friends a couple of times, he got brave and loved it.  He probably spent at least half of them time, if not more, waiting in line for the rope swing!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Math Field Day

The three boys got to participate in Math Field day again, which is like a math olympics.  They each have a game they do by themselves and then they each have an event which they usually do in teams or partners.  Kolby was there with the elementary school and he got 6th in his game and 3rd in his event.  This is out of about 22 players.  Jordan and Kolby were on the middle school team and both the 7th and 8th grade teams took first overall.  Brady also got 1st on his game.  Jordan took 4th on both his game and his events.  I didn't get to see Kolby's awards because it was at the same time as the middle school but a friend took the last picture for me.  Also, Tucker was a troop waiting with me while the awards were 2 hours late.  At least the boys had snacks to share with him and he wanted me to take pictures of him!  Even if it had it's challenges, I'm grateful to the teachers who took time to do this with the kids.  Kolby went in early to school 2 days a week and Brady and Jordan gave up their lunch or 5th period 3 days a week to go in and practice.  I think I need a shirt that says "I love my math nerds!"

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sibling Day

There was a thing going around facebook for sibling day so I decided to join in.  I thought this was a pretty cute picture!  The comments I got from a lot of people were about how much Eden looks like me.  I always knew she looks a little bit like me, we have a similar hair color and we have the same smile, but after that I didn't think so, so I pulled up some pictures to do a side-by-side comparison.  My conclusion is still the same, I think I have a rounder face and she has Sam's eyes, teeth like Deia and different noses!  Feel free to comment!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Random Happenings

Date night sitting in the theater before we felt the earthquake!

I got this trampoline for $5 at a garage sale, everyone has been having fun with it, especially Tucker who wanted to show off his fancy jump and dance moves for my picture!

Tucker was supposed to make a collage and he spent a lot of time (with Eden's help), going through magazines to find pictures and he also looked at the pictures I had of him to see which ones to print.  While I was gone one time, Eden helped him put them together.  I guess he couldn't choose which ones were his favorite so he used them all and they wouldn't fit on one page so he used both sides!

Eden wanted to bring her baby to church with her and wanted me to take this picture.  I told her that her baby could wait in the car for her!
Our friend with 4 daughters said she was giving a bunch of clothes away and invited us to come over and look through them.  Eden had so much fun going through all these piles of clothes and picking out all the new outfits to wear in the following weeks!
Kolby had a major project to work on over Spring Break.  I was not happy about this, especially since he spent well over 20 hours on it all together and still lost 20 percent of his grade because his partner didn't do the labels.  I don't blame the partner, it was a huge project, they had to create a zoo and than make a large scale map with lots of particular and no enclosure could be the same perimeter or area. Kolby had the whole family working on it and he still barely made it, but he did complete everything he had agreed to do and did it well, I was just frustrated with the teacher for having such high expectations in such a short amount a time and over a vacation when they are only 6th graders.  Over all, this program he has been at school had been great for him!