Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - whittling

Monday, July 28, 2014

EFY, metal bow ties and other exciting adventures

I sent my baby off on a plane!  He's not a baby so much anymore, but it was his first time on an airplane by himself.  I realized it was the first of many send-offs.  He wouldn't stand up by the window to let me take his picture so this is the best I could get in the airport! It was funny, after he completely refused, two boys came for the flight who seemed to be headed off to EFY also and their mom had them stand at the window to take a picture! The rest of these pictures are out of order but Brady had a great time at EFY and spending time with Deveren's family in Utah and we are so thankful they could show him a good time!

Each session at EFY had their own hashtag on instagram so I could spy on Brady and Eli and see all the fun stuff they were doing on the BYU campus and luckily a kid in their group liked to post pictures plus Eli posted a few and Kyren ended up in their same group.  A lot of these are the screenshots of the instagram pictures.

Kiara posted this one, they attempted to hike the Y with Mandi's family, but a few of them including Brady didn't make it all the way up because of little kids or in Brady's case, he was feeling sick.

Deveren took them on a little bike ride!

Brady sent me this picture when they got to their dorm room.

This was the first picture I found, I was excited to see Brady and Eli in the front row!

Brady is in the back trying to peak over the tall kids!

He was so excited to tell me that on the last night their whole hall stayed up for several hours having some great, deep gospel discussion!

After Efy, Deveren told them he was asked to create a set for Studio C for Stadium of Fire.  They were not upset at all about helping with their favorite show, but Jordan was very jealous from home!  Along with that, Deveren was able to get a bunch of VIP tickets so the could all see the show on the field.

Deveren also taught them to weld. Brady and Eli each made a bow tie and they also got to go tubing.

At Stadium of Fire they were only a few rows away from the Studio C actors so they got to meet a few of them!

This picture is from a friend of mine that was there up in the stands.  You can see the Western Town Set that Deveren built and the kids helped paint and transport.

Brady loved EFY and can't wait to go again next year and Jordan especially can't wait, their already saving their money!   The big discussion from the week was who had COW's (crush of the week) to or from!  Brady actually admitted to us after he was home that he had one but he wouldn't tell use who!  I'm so glad this great experience is available for my kids and that they have a nice aunt and uncle who let them hang out before and after!

Sunday, July 27, 2014


We decided to get Brady a real haircut, instead of Sam's usual buzz cuts, since he was headed to EFY.
Eden is always talking about how she wants to grow her hair long but while we were there she decided she wanted a cut too, so here are our haircut pictures.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Fiesta Island

Jordan got to go to a really cool scout camp this year, it was at Fiesta Island in San Diego. They were right next door to Sea World so they got to see the fireworks every night! I only got these two pictures from one of the leaders, but Jordan had fun small sailboating and canoeing among other things!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunnyvale and around

Sam's grandma probably doesn't have a lot of time left on this earth so he and his sisters wanted to make sure and get a trip up there to see her.  They also stopped at Pixar to meet up with Mckay and have a tour and then met up with their parents for lunch and to see some of their old stomping grounds in Palo Alto.   Then of course they had a nice visit with their grandparents.  Sam said she wasn't able to communicate much but she did smile every once in a while when they told stories and they were all able to go on a walk. They also got to see some cousins and aunts and uncles and they made a stop at their Grandpa Borgia's grave.  These are all the pictures I got between the three of them.