Friday, November 21, 2014

Run Disney

A couple of months ago Eden and I got up very, very early to head over to Disneyland with Sam for his first half marathon.   He had not had the time to prepare like he had intended so he was pretty nervous about it so we were impressed that he made it almost 8 miles before he was pulled for his pace.   I love that he someone that never gives up even when it's really hard.  He met up with his friend Eddy and we knew the interpreters but otherwise he was doing it all on his own.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

This little girl was very excited to get to sing in Sacrament meeting at church with her good friend.  They boy had been having voice lessons with someone from church and had been working on "I Love to See the Temple"
She was so excited to see her name in the program when we got to church, she didn't seem nervous at all and went straight up to the podium when it was her turn.   She told us afterward that she was really nervous when she stood up there but they both did great and didn't seem nervous at all.  So many people told me how impressed they were with her courage, confidence and singing and we were proud of her too of course!

I caught up with these two in primary and they recreated their singing poses so I could get a good picture!

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Brady and I were out running errands and he talked me into Pieology since his birthday was the next day....I was happy to oblige!  Notice he is also wearing his new shirt that he got for his birthday, if you don't understand it, it is a reference to the game Settlers of Catan which Brady loves!
He chose Hometown Buffet for his birthday dinner, his siblings didn't mind, especially the slurpees! Poor Jordan missed out because he was on a campout.

One of Brady's gifts was Risk so we stopped to pick up his friend after dinner because we knew he loved the game too!
The next night we had a party for Brady and they all seemed to have a ton of fun.  Brady planned a bunch of games and most of the kids wanted to keep playing and playing.  There was laughing and dancing and dramatic death scenes!  I was surprised that some of the quietest kids had the loudest and most dramatic death scenes of all.   In the game of Psychiatrist, Jordan was trying to diagnose the "problem" and everyone had to get up and dance every other time he asked a question!

These little sisters really wanted to get in on the action, but also had their own fun upstairs dressing up and playing with barbies!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bonnie Farley

We had a nice time celebrating Sam's grandma with most of his family.   We loved hearing about her life and her love of books and art and her family.  We will always be grateful that she allowed us to live with her when we were newlyweds and also helped us out during a challenging time.  Of course she also left a great legacy and it was fun to see everyone.  I snapped a few pictures at the luncheon and we also stopped by the park after.  The siblings were talking to Nate so they included him in the picture (Deia was on a cruise).   One fun thing was that the Relief Society provided milk and Oreo's at Grandpa Farley's request!