Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - battleship

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sac weekend

We headed up to Sac for our high school reunion this summer with just Eden and Tucker in tow. We stopped to pick up some things on our way and Eden had to have these sunglasses, they matched her outfit that day so she bought them and there was wearing them most of the drive.

We stopped by to meet Jessica's new baby Blaze,  Eden and Tucker and I all took turns holding him but he was not having it! We left Kaylee there and Laura and I did some dress shopping while Sam and Eden and Tucker went to see the Spongebob movie.  

Eden and Tucker got to have a lot of fun with Grandma and Grandpa while we got ready and went to the reunion.  The were especially excited to see Inside Out!  We found them in the bed we were supposed to sleep in when we got back, they were even cuddling a little bit but Tucker rolled over before I snapped the picture!
We were also able to go to church with parents for Father's Day before we hit the road to head home.

We didn't get to celebrate Father's Day much, but we did manage to get Sam this 49er chair and Jordan made Sam this fun picture card to give to him from the boys when we got home.  

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Scout Camp

I only have the pictures that were posted, but Kolby had fun at scout camp.  When I first asked him how it was, he said "horrible" but he says everything is "horrible" and he went on to tell me about all the fun things he did.  His favorite thing of all was the food, our ward put on their own camp again this year so he really appreciated the two ladies who volunteered to be in charge of the meals!  He also enjoyed going to the beach in Santa Barbara everyday, and was proud of the fact that he was one of only 3 boys that managed to stay in their self-built shelter all night long to obtain the Wilderness Survival Badge.  I know he didn't love the heat and the 30 mosquito bites, but otherwise it sounds like it was a good experience.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

High Adventure

Brady and Jordan had a great time on their High Adventure for Boys Scouts this year.  They did some camping and hiking in Yosemite and they rafted the American River.  The first three pictures are the ones they sent me on the first day, most of the rest are ones that other people posted except the last 3 that Jordan took on his GoPro.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dance Recital

Eden had been begging to have some dance classes.  She tried a ballet class but the studio was kind of far and it was hard to come in mid-year but then we found out some friends had joined a hip-hop class and were willing to take Eden most of the time so she joined in for the last few months.  She was very excited to get her costume and have pictures taken....

....but I think she was even more excited to get all dolled up with full make-up!