Friday, October 30, 2015

Beach Days

Because of our busy summer we didn't get near as many beach days as usual but we still managed to squeeze in a few trips.

Kolby also had a campout at the Beach and the older two boys did a scout day trip to the beach as well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sam had a birthday.....

Sam was interpreting all day on his birthday so we only had time to meet up for lunch at a Target half-way between home and his assignment but we still had fun!  We gathered all the gift money he had from various people and what I would have spent and upgraded his ipad which is all he really wanted but I was able to surprise him by actually getting it!   And then we had balloons when he got home that night for his own little party!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Utah and the Home Stretch.....

Sam took a lot of pictures at Deveren's because he loves his house, well really we all do, especially the kids, Eden and Tucker always talk about how they want to live there!  When we first arrived with played some games with their friends.

Eden and Tucker couldn't wait to play in the fun backyard or swim in the inside pool!

A game of Scum is required along with some candy from their candy wall.

Sam climbed onto Deveren's giant guitar sculpture

Of course we had to get away for a little while without the kids with some Brick Oven for lunch and a stop at the BYU bookstore of course.

Sam's cousin and her husband came over for a bit and I got to get some good newborn baby time with her cute baby and we did s'mores around the fire pit.

Deveren loaded the kids up with candy for the ride home, I don't think they minded a bit!

We stopped in St. George to see the temple and to see Deveren's current sculpture on display.

And then continued on was super hot in Nevada when we took this picture!
And finally, California!
We were all happy to be home but we really had a great trip.  We clocked in at 5,547 miles all together.   It was definitely worth it and will be a treasured memory!

Of course it wasn't all of us at home, we left the boys behind at Deveren's to spend a week at EFY at BYU Provo.