Sunday, May 15, 2016

Power outage

We had a day a few weeks ago when the power went out for about 4 hours.  The boys had Josh over hanging out and they were just playing cards and games so it was not a big deal until it started getting dark plus we all got hungry. I was just in the middle of preparing Chicken Curry and ready to put it in the oven when they power went out. We waited a while but finally realized that it would take a while so I headed to the stores but they were all out too so I headed 9 miles farther to Costco to get some pizza. It was a little bit of an adventure but the kids had fun with flashlights and shadow puppets!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Completely random

Even though there is 5 years difference, these two love to hang out together and Charlotte got her haircut to be like Eden! So sweet.

I tried to talk Brady into wear the yellow suit to Mormal but he was not interested!

They wanted pizza so bad, they paid for it themselves!

Party people!

She put together this pull-up bar herself because she was tired of waiting for dad to do it.

Eden's science fair project about which stall in public bathrooms is used the most.  I love that her teacher had her do all the work at school!

She learned about making a cupcake look like spaghetti and meatballs at the Stake Activity Day so she wanted to re-create it right away even though we didn't have all the ingredients so the pretzels are filling in for meatballs!

Silly Jordan....
Eden went to the beach last minute with her friend.

Jordan is never one that likes to organize so I was surprised when he organized all the magazines on the table in the living room.

When water came pouring out of the cabinet under the sink, Kolby went right in and saved the day, super calm and practical.  It was a great help!

Final get together before their friend Noah headed off to Germany again.

It was our turn to pick up pizza for the snack bar at the volleyball game but it took a while.  I thought Eden was cute reading her book there while we waited.  She was reading the book for her biography project at school and couldn't put it down.

Another version of her spaghetti and meatball cupcakes above and then below she tried to make cinnamon rolls but she didn't really ask for help so she didn't understand how to roll them.

Kolby showed off some of the cool things from his tech class including the 3D printer he was building with a partner picture in the foreground of the picture.

They begged to swim one early April day!

New haircut that she begged dad for, it took a few weeks and an understairs closet cleaning for him to finally give in.

Tucker and I had a date to see Zootopia and then lunch with dad at his office.

BBQ day at school, I didn't go so a friend sent this picture.

Award time again

Volleyball fundraiser

haircut and muscles
Rainy day play and snail villages

Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Garage Cleaning

It was a very slow and relaxed spring break so I made the kids clean the garage!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Randomly Me

Deaf Event

Got my passport but had to wait in line at the post office, sometimes for a very long time, because of mail theft problems in our neighborhood!

Nadine saved me at soccer practice when I ran over a nail dropping Tucker off at his practice, my tire was deflating so fast, you could hear it all the way from the field. She called AAA for me!

For some reason I took a picture of the stew I made, maybe because I really liked it?!!!!

We do our Visiting Teaching at breakfast, I so look forward to it!

I helped at Sam's Legal Interpreting Workshop and it was also my Deaf Event.