Friday, September 30, 2016

Eagle Scout #1

Brady is officially an Eagle Scout. He had his Eagle Board of Review a few weeks ago and he was extremely nervous. We also arrived without his book that we didn't know we needed so that stressed him out a bit too, but after they talked to Sam and I, Sam ran home to get it.  Of course Brady is very qualified but he worried about stumbling over his words. He did great of course. First they left Brady out of the room and asked us about what Brady was like. When we came out we found out that Brady heard the same thing and he seemed shocked when he said "you guys said some really nice things about me" but we only spoke the truth!  We are grateful for all the people that helped him to get to that day!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Eden ran for Mascot as part of ASB last year and won but never actually had a chance to do it because they never had a costume.  This year she was finally able to be the Toucan for the first assembly. She then went on to run for it again this year and won.  Some of her brothers love to get involved in her projects and tried to help with posters. It turned out that she and Kolby couldn't agree so she fired him and did this green one mostly herself.  She actually picked 3 off of pinterest that she wanted to do so I helped her with the google one and Jordan was excited to work on the last one for her.  I guess we weren't very original though because there were two other google posters and one other "Look" poster but she still had fun, especially passing out the stickers we made with her face on them! I think she would have been happy, win or lose, she just loves the process! (but first Eden and Tucker wanted pictures with the googly eyes we used on the poster)

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Brady's birthday

Brady's 17th birthday was on a Monday and we knew that day would be busy so we decided to celebrate on Sunday. Sam barbecued some burger which may have been a little charred this time judging by those flames!
Kolby wrapped and wrapped his present to Brady in seran wrap.
The only thing Brady wanted was a phone but I don't think he was sure we would be able to pull that off and especially not a brand new one so he was pretty surprised when he started opening it and it rang!

Kolby made him rice krispie treats because he didn't want cake

And I found a bunch of baby pictures to post on instagram!

Rob was 17 here, the age Brady is now

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Temple Blessings

I got to go back to Utah the next weekend because my aunt and uncle were sealed in the Timpanogos Temple.  It was so neat to be there.  When I was a kid and I heard that she had decided to leave the church I started praying for her that she would go back and I prayed off and on over the next 30 years for the so it was so neat to see my prayers answered in the Lord's time! I especially felt that my grandparents were there with us in the temple so excited for this day they had been waiting for.  I was so emotional the whole time as I thought about my grandma.

My mom had 3 of her four siblings there plus some aunts, uncles and cousins I got to know a little better.

We spent the afternoon with Marla and Reid and headed to Red Lobster where I ran into a sister who had been a missionary in our ward and had dinner with us at least a few times.  Crazy place to run into her and her new husband!

Monday, September 19, 2016


These seem to be in reverse order so most recent is here first.  The boys decided to go to BYU Volleyball camp so the kids and I all headed out for a week in Utah. After I posted about dropping them off on Monday I got all kinds of comments from friends who had their kids there at various camps as well. The most fun for the boys was their best friends from Lincoln, that they haven't seen in a few years, were there for EFY. Jordan insisted I find a way to see them so I texted with their mom and arranged to pick them up when EFY was finished on Saturday for some breakfast before we hit the road for him and they hopped on a bus to visit some friends in Ogden.  It was so fun to see them all so grown up and mature!

Volleyball camp ended on Thursday and we found out that my parents and Rob's family whom they were visiting were all coming down to Thanksgiving Point on Friday and I had that on my list to do that week so we were able to meet there. First stop there as the Musuem of Natural Curiosity.  The kids had a great time there, even the older boys seemed to have fun, and could have stayed there all day.  The 2nd stop was the Dinosaur museum.  I think Tucker and Tyson enjoyed it the most, I'm not sure what everyone else thought, but the older boys and girls got to go see the movie with grandpa. The kids were getting a little burnt out at the end but we were a little early for dinner so we made one last stop at the petting zoo.  I think they kids enjoyed it, especially riding the ponies but the older boys were not too interested!

Jordan did a lot of snapchatting through the children's museum so I took some screenshots of those.

We ended up at Golen Corral for some dinner.

Rob testing his wing flapping abilities

While we were in Utah we were able to visit the Godfrey's and Kolby was able to stay with them for a few days.

I dragged Eden and Tucker around to visit a lot of people but mostly they just wanted to get back to Deveren and Kiara's and play with their cousins.  They have so much non-stop fun together.  They spent a good amount of the week making up and performing skits and some cub scout skits.  I believe they were doing a hokey pokey skit here but I took several pictures of them throughout the week in their various performance and their traditional wedding they must have when this set of cousins get together!

Of course there must include a stop or 2 or 3 at the BYU bookstore.  I love this shot of them on the steps in the Wilk.

All week Tucker kept talking about getting a picture in front of the football stadium so we finally got one on Thursday and he was happy!

My cousin Felisha had moved to Provo and I don't think I had seen her in 10 years so we met up at a trampoline park and then some lunch.  It was so good to get together and catch up, we spent all our time together as kids and I was just so impressed with how strong and beautiful she is despite some challenges she has dealt with.

(We made a stop at the creamery after we picked up the boys)

One morning Eden, Tucker and I headed to Temple Square, we were able to walk the grounds, visit the Joseph Smith building and the Church History Museum and we also ran into a boy from our ward who is serving in the Family History Library. It was funny, we were walking across the street and I was telling the kids we were going to go in and see if we could find him and Eden points out that there he is walking right past us in the crosswalk. His mom was very happy to get a picture of us with him!
The camels were in the kids area of the Church History Museum

After temple square we headed out to my friend Sarah's house, but first I told the kids we were going to stop to eat somewhere that wasn't at home so we stopped at Arctic Circle.  I told them about how my mom let Laura and I walked to the one behind our house when we were 4 and 5 and they were amazed. Tucker also discovered that he likes fry sauce.  Anyway, we headed to Sarah's and I had a great time visiting with her, it's so fun to get together with these friends that we have so much background and memories with and we decided we need to plan a get together with the girls form our group in our ward growing up. She even gave me old bikes to take back to Deveren!

Kolby was so happy to get to spend time with Porter!

Kiara and I took all the kids to a splash park.

Kolby even got in on the action and played with the cousins a little bit.

The kids just love all the fun things they can do at Deveren and Kiara's from the basement to the pool to the backyard and especially the cousins!

Apparently they felt bad about waking up too early or staying up to late or something like that so they created a little party for Kiara and I complete with treats, cards, decorations and special seating.
Back to the beginning of the week, I dropped off the boys and their friend Sam, who rode with us, at Helamen Halls. I just love it there!
After I dropped the boys off, we headed up to my friend Jody's house to meet with her and Steph and we had such a great time catching up as I always do with them.  These two are so dear to me and from such an important time that I needed them in my life and I still feel just as comfortable with them as always, I can truly be myself and they are such great examples.
It's a bonus that are kids get along well too! It was really their older siblings that used to be friends and play together!

I took these kids to experience Brick Oven for the first time for dinner.

the dorms

the "wedding"

On our way into town we drove by the new Provo City Temple