Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tiny baby

I went to see my cousin that I hadn't seen in 13 years and to meet his wife and new baby while my aunt was in town.  They only live an hour away from us so it was nice to finally connect and espcially to hold their teeny, tiny baby. She is two months own but she was a tiny premie so she is still so small and sweet!

Thursday, October 6, 2016


Thank goodness the youth, mostly the girls, take pictures! These are some of the fun times I found from them and a few of our own, some are old, but it is obvious they have fun together!

Youth activity/dance

They all decided to give blood together, Brady gets to faint for that but Jordan and I were able to go. They all race to see whose blood is the fastest. Jordan was the last one to go and disappointed his competitive friend by having the fastest time!

More at the youth activity/dance

old beach pictures I found on Sara's page

and one from Brady's Eagle Project

Twin day (or squad day or something like that), they all had on their youth conference shirts

Brady hacked Josh's snapchat

Homecoming game

Kolby went to a freshman party to watch the BYU game, he wanted Y's on his cheek

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Random September

Brady was trying to throw peas into Kolby's mouth and this one landed right in Kolby's nose, we all laughed so hard!

Kolby had a part in an Eagle Court of Honor

One Sunday Sam made us cookies!

Sam took the boys to get new suits, I like to point out that a Priest, a Teacher walk into......the church

It was our community garage sale day and Eden was determined she would sell things.  She ran around the house and the garage trying to sell things and in the end she sold some my little ponies for $3 which she promptly used to buy goodies from friends having a bake sale.  She did also sell a door mat for me that I had in the garage in her attempt to find something, anything to sell!

Rare moment above when these two were getting along and Jordan was even being sweet and below Tucker is playing with my hair, he and Eden have taken this on as a new activity during Sacrament meeting and I don't mind at all!

One night at the church Tucker and I were bored waiting for everyone in their activities so we played with the snapchat filters! See if you can guess who the face swap ones are!

Cuddle time!