Friday, November 25, 2016


The three older boys had parties to go to on Halloween, Kolby was with the Freshman and Brady and Jordan with other friends and they all went trick r treating!

The boys also had the annual spooky dinner with the youth at church. This year they all had parts in the mystery theater written by one of the youth.  Jordan was a high school drop out working at a fast food stand.  His PePe costume (from a bunch of meme's I guess) had nothing to do with that so he threw on a hot dog hat and a shirt with hamburgers and hot dogs. Kolby was the cop so he decided to use that for his costume this year and originally they talked about doing a village people theme and Brady was going to be a construction worker so he just stuck with it but his part was Valedictorian.

Tucker picked out this dinosaur costume to ride on and he loved all the attention he got for it!

The 6th graders always perform a dance on Halloween and they also performed at the school trunk r treat.  This year for Eden's turn they did Ghostbusters and Eden was really excited about and she really got into it. Sam's comment was "why does she know how to move her hips like that?"

One of these elders was going home and he liked Jordan's costume so we took a picture to send to his mom after they had dinner at our house.

I helped in Tucker's class Halloween party.

Everyone had fun with their friends at the ward trunk r treat, except Kolby who decided to go to another ward's activity!

Eden got to pick a friend to come do the dance after the 6th grade performed for the school so she picked our little waffle friend.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kolby's bday

Kolby turned 14! He is such a sweet and stubborn kid, but he is so good and kind much of the time and is having fun with the other freshman from the stake this year! He only asked for a watch so he loved all the extra things he got including the smartwatch that we surprised him with!

He really wanted to see Mrs. Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children since he read the book so the three boys and I headed to Buffalo Wild Wings and the movie.

Brady asked for some old pictures of Kolby so he could post something so these are a few we pulled up!