Monday, December 26, 2016


These also loaded out of order, so we have our Christmas Eve pajamas, a nod to the David S. Pumpkins skit on Saturday Night Live.  Kolby's excitement of opening up his Christmas present with tickets to a 49er game on Christmas Eve along with all of Sam's pictures from that day.  Of course everyone opened their ornament on Christmas Eve as well, I'll describe those by each picture.  We had our traditional food when Sam and Kolby got home that night.  Christmas was nice, we did presents early before church because Sam had to work at Disneyland that afternoon.  We had the missionaries over for their phone calls home and then dinner with us. We enjoyed hearing little bits of their conversations with their families, hearing what they think of California and picturing those phone calls for us in the next few years!

I couldn't decide which ornament for Sam so he got a running shoe for his first half marathon and a teacher because he started teaching seminary and also start teaching college course again.

Brady and Jordan both got a little mouse playing volleyball, obviously because they made the Volleyball team this year.

The family ornament is a star made of a variety of license plates because of all the car drama we had this year.

Tucker started cub scouts this year!

I got a pair of Alaska cruise ships for our work on the cruise ship this year and my first trip to Alaska

Kolby's ornament is a big dog playing football with a little dog, because he has been so good playing with all the little kids that love him.  I especially enjoyed the time he played with our little friend Hyrum and Tucker's football game, for a few hours!

Eden got a Toucan for all her involvement at her school, especially as the school mascot, the Toucan.

Eden had determined weeks before that she would make cookies for Santa (even though we don't usually make a big deal about that and she had already informed me that she didn't believe anymore) so the night before Christmas Eve after I had gone upstairs for the night, she took it on herself to get out a cookbook and make sugar cookies even though she'd never made them before.  She also took the leftover gingerbread frosting and made several colors.  Sam came in and convinced her to just make the dough to save for the next day but first thing in the morning she was making the cookies!

I told them to each pick their three favorite gifts for a picture before we left for church. Tucker picked his pogo stick, Lego Star Wars set and some Lego Dimension characters.

Eden picked her "sew cool" sewing machine, her ipod case and these pajamas!

Brady had asked for pounds of candy as his main present so that's what he got plus his volleyball shoes.  I don't think he picked a third.

Jordan picked his wall art, his shirts and in the box is his office chair that he asked for.

Kolby has his Star Wars micro lego set, his stuffed sloth and a new memory foam pillow, although he would pick the 49er tickets over any of those!

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