Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Eden turned 11

Eden knew exactly what she wanted for her birthday. On the actual day, we had our normal busy schedule but she wanted to go to TGI Friday's for dinner so we squeezed it in between Sam finishing work and her dance class and we just brought her presents to the restaurant.  She was most excited about the silicone baby she asked for from Grandma & Grandpa Astle.

I had to snap these pictures of her when I dropped her off at school that morning because she really did look older to me!

Facebook showed me this memory from her birthday in 1st grade, it was hard to believe that there had been 5 years between those photos.

This seems like a good time to post some other recent pictures of her and Sam from his camera, one time she went on a run with him and more pictures from the activity day sock hop.

She especially knew what she wanted for her party, well, she really wanted to go somewhere but she also wanted to invite a lot of friends and that was not in the budget so she planned her own party they way she wanted it. She made her own invitations on the computer and she decorated for her pajama evening party.  She decided she wanted to do one of those mystery dinners where she don't know what you are ordering and she came up with names from her friends even though she didn't know what foods they would be. She also planned for nail painting, surprise prop acting, the tape ball game, and the candy bar game.  Some of her friend left saying it was the best party ever so I think it was a success, at least Eden had a great time! Sam and Kolby helped prepare some of the food before they left to watch some fights, but Brady, Jordan and Tucker were huge helps. They finished preparing the food and served it over all the courses which was no easy task!  

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